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How to apply for a business credit card in Australia?

Apr 06, 2023

Business credit cards are essential payment tools for businesses. This is because they provide much-needed access to capital and the tools required to help fund operations and growth.

They also help small businesses build their credit score, helping them qualify for larger and more favorable financing in the future. Additionally, business credit cards offer a host of rewards and benefits.

However, if you are a growing company, knowing how to apply for business credit card is crucial information to keep in mind.

Why should businesses get a business credit card?

Employee cards

You can also use business credit cards as special cards for employees to help manage their spending and reduce out-of-pocket expenses. You can assign individual physical or even virtual cards to employees who might be frequently spending on behalf of the organization.

Streamline expense management

Business credit cards can be beneficial to the expense management system of organizations for several reasons. The digital tools they come with enable businesses to track and monitor spending easily, consolidating all expense data on one platform for easy management.

Differentiate business and personal spending

Financing the operations of your business with your credit card is not a good idea. Doing so can make it extremely difficult to keep a distinction between your personal and business spending. Having a separate business credit card for business finances makes much more sense.


The rewards, offers, and perks offered by business credit cards can improve the purchasing power of organizations. By offering discounts with particular vendors, cashbacks on spending, travel benefits and points, and a host of other perks these cards can help businesses recover money by spending money.

Cash flow management

By providing businesses with a constant source of credit, business credit cards can help with the organization’s cash flow management.

By having such a card at your disposal you will be able to make purchases without actually using any cash immediately. This way you can plan more effectively for future cash flow needs.

Are you looking for a business credit card for your organization? Our guide on best business credit cards in Australia can help you choose the best one that suits your requirement.

Eligibility requirements for applying for a business credit card in Australia

While the eligibility criteria for the business credit card application process in Australia may differ from provider to provider, some of the general requirements include:

● You must be a resident of Australia.

● The minimum age of the applicant must be at least 18 years.

● You must maintain a good credit rating history. Generally, a score of 600 is considered a minimum requirement.

● You must be able to produce a valid Australian TFN or Tax File Number.

● Some form of identification proof must also be provided, such as a driver’s license or passport.

● The applicant must have a steady income source, either via self-employment or employment.

● Recent bank or financial statements may also be required as proof of your financial capacity.

● You will also need to have an ABN or Australian Business Number.

Documents required for applying for a business credit card in Australia

The exact business credit card application requirements in terms of documentation are likely to differ from provider to provider. However, some of the documentation that is generally required includes:

● Business registration documents

● Bank or financial statements

● Business credit history documentation

● Proof of identification documents

● Proof of business ownership documents

The application process for a business credit card in Australia

Choose provider

The first step in how to apply for a business credit card is to choose a provider. Identify the right business credit card provider for your business based on a comparison of various factors such as features provided, cashbacks and offers, fees, interest rates, and so on.

Gather documents

Obtain and gather all documentation required to apply for business credit card such as registration documents, proof of ownership and identification, ABN number, and credit history.

Submit documents

Finally, once you have gathered all required documents and chosen your provider you can proceed to fill out the application form of your chosen provider. After the application process is complete you will receive your card within a short time.

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