Product announcements - What's new at Volopay

Invoice management and processing
Streamline your invoice management with OCR-powered Magic Scan

Get to know about the Magic Scan by Volopay which enables users to easily upload receipts, which are then auto-filled against related expenses.

Volopay expense management
A new and improved Volopay for your business

Take a look at some of our features and find out how the upgraded platform can help you improve your experience.

Payroll management
Payroll module to manage employee salaries

Switching between different platforms to make all your payments? Switch to Volopay to manage your salary and vendor payments at one place.

Money transfer with business account
Virtual accounts for businesses in Australia

Want to conduct business with customers globally? Open a business account to eliminate the several touch-points in the payment process.

Multi-currency account
Multi-currency wallet for global businesses

Volopay’s multi-currency wallet allows you to hold money in more than one currency and empower your business to grow internationally.

Volopay mobile app for card management
Manage your expenses better with mobile app from Volopay

Gain better visibility and manage all your business expenses on the go with Volopay's mobile app.

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