Volopay virtual cards for growing businesses in India

The only method to manage your company's payments effectively is to use virtual cards. Using smart virtual cards for business from Volopay, manage your payments efficiently by making contact less payments at merchant checkouts as well as online. Empower your employees by allowing them to make company purchases without having to pay using their personal funds.

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Subscription management with virtual cards

By creating multiple business virtual cards, keep your SaaS payments under control and ensures that no numerous or outdated subscriptions get in the way of money management.

Keep track of budgets and payouts for each SaaS billing by creating a one-time or recurring payment card, or allocate a card particular to a vendor.

See how it works
Virtual cards for subscription management

Safe and secure online payments

Our virtual credit cards in India are complaint with all the regulatory guidelines in the country. Issued by VISA, Volopay virtual business cards have the same encryption and security as any other bank-grade credit card. You won't have to share cards and worry about data leaks since you can generate an infinite number of virtual cards.

There is no risk of fraud because virtual credit cards are not linked to your company's bank account. For peace of mind, you can keep your cards organized and separated, load or freeze as needed.

The safest way to pay online

Real-time spend visibility

Since your business virtual cards are linked to your Volopay account, any transactions or expenses made with business virtual credit cards are updated immediately in your Volopay account. Every swipe and transactions made is recorded in real time.

You can track your spending data at any time and from any location. There's no chance of data loss, as you'll always know how much money is leaving the organization.

Real-time spend visibility

Set precise spending limits

Set spending limits for each card so you can keep track of how it's being used. Company spending policies are enforced by default, and any transactions that exceed a specific limit set by you will be declined automatically.

Also budget and an expiration date can be applied to cards. You have the option of having the funds refilled every month or just using them once.

Set precise spending limits

Multi-level approval workflows

Create five levels of approvers, each of whom is responsible for reviewing spending and funding requests. This is a one-time setup, following which push alerts and fast payouts ensure that everything works smoothly.

Non-compliant virtual card transactions are automatically rejected, saving approvers time and effort.

Multi-level approval workflows

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments.

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments.

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month.


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily.

Benefits of issuing your employees with virtual cards

Reduces reconciliation burden

Virtual card payments are easy to track and comprehend since these payments come with labels and codes. Finance team don't have to chase for receipts and explanations from the accounting team. 

Also, these payments gets synced with the main ledger automatically and manually, thereby eliminating the need for human labor to reconcile card payments.

Easier vendor management

Depending on the number of vendors, create as many virtual cards as you want and assign them to individual vendors. You can easily monitor each card payment, make online payments quickly, and track separate department and vendor expenses hassle-free.

As you start working with more vendors, create more cards and make on-time payments.

Faster payment

Making business payments like ticket bookings, reservations, and fuel card recharges is quickest with virtual cards. Enter your card details and complete the payment without having to wait for approvals.

As virtual card payments are different from wire transfers, both cross-border and domestic transactions can be completed quickly.

Why choose Volopay virtual cards?

Compliance & security

With bank-level security and double encryption, Volopay is committed to protecting your data. 

Easy to create

Create your virtual cards and get them assigned to a spending category or employee with just a few clicks.

No hidden fees

With no hidden fees charged during local and international payments, Volopay offers the best competitive exchange rates in the market.

Maximum control

You can create an unlimited number of virtual cards through your Volopay account, thereby making it an ideal solution for your business' growing requirements.

Unlimited virtual cards

Create unlimited number of virtual cards from the Volopay card management system, thereby making it an ideal solution for businesses to meet their growing requirements.

No need for personal guarantees

You don't have to submit your personal credit score or statements. We only need your business credit score, statement, and spending history to access your eligibility for virtual cards.

Keep your business spend in check with virtual cards from Volopay

Create individual virtual cards

Time-consuming expense reporting process can become tiresome for employees. Issue virtual cards to your employees to help them make business spending by themselves. 

You can create unlimited virtual cards and assign it to each of your authorized employees. It can help manage and control employee-related and departmental expenses better.

Individual virtual cards
Set separate budget

Assign and manage the budget allocated to each department by internally linking your virtual card to a departmental budget.

Additionally, you can keep track of expenses related to a particular department and spot overspending. By directing departmental funds to card payments, you will get greater control over how company's money is used.

Set separate budget
Keep track on employee expenditures

With virtual cards, employees can handle their business expenses without having to rely on accounting teams every time.

It also help accounting teams monitor employee spending patterns, making it easier to stay compliant with the expense policies. Any irregularities in expenses can be identified and notified earlier.

Expense analytics
Set spend limits

Issuing individual virtual cards to employees empowers them to spend on their own. At the same time, you can limit their spending by setting spending limit.  

You can also create virtual cards and only set needed limits in situation where expenses are uncontrollable.

Set spend limits
Set multi-level approvals

Card owner can request for more credit if the expense needs exceed the set limits. 

To authorize these requests, set up multi-level approvals. This will ensure that employees follow the spend guidelines of the company.

multi-level approvals
Automate subscription payments

Managing subscription payments can be challenging. Any failed or missed payment can result in you not being able to use the product further. Automating subscription payments with virtual cards helps eliminate such issues. 

Once this is configured for a particular vendor, a fixed amount is sent automatically every month at a fixed date and time.

Automate payments

Get complete control over your business expenses

Learn more about Volopay

Volopay is a centralized business financial control center that combines innovative solutions such as smart corporate cards, AP automation, efficient automated accounting, approvals, and employee reimbursements.

Subscription management

Create payments and schedule them using our virtual cards for subscriptions to avoid late payments and service interruptions. Real-time tracking can help you avoid making numerous payments. Block and freeze options also protect you from spending for SaaS models that you no longer use.

Real-time visibility

Our business virtual cards allow tracking payments. Our expense-reporting system is entirely open and transparent. All of your transactions are updated as soon as they happen, providing you a complete picture of your cash flow. Everything is precisely documented immediately away, whether it's accounts payable or a simple swipe of a card.

Business credit

We offer a flexible business credit line for managing business investments, payrolls, and day-to-day office needs. These are really easy to secure, and you won't have to wait as long as you would for traditional commercial bank loans. Increase your revenue by spending intelligently.

Multi level approvals

Instill a sense of accountability by using maker-checker processes and approval levels. On the platform, you can set up up to five tiers of approvers, each of whom verifies and confirms that payments are right and nothing is done arbitrarily. Due to pre-set constraints, non-compliant transactions are immediately rejected.

Accounting automation

From the first card swipe until the closure of the books, accounting automation can greatly benefit your account structure. The world's most popular accounting software list seamlessly integrates with our platform for smooth reconciliation and data analysis. There's no need to sync manually. Simply connect the two systems and observe how they interact to keep your data up to date.

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