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Your business needs accounts payable software to manage payables. Volopay's Bill Pay feature with accounts payable automation efficiently manages all vendor payments and expense reports.

You can keep track of all due payments, report on those that have been handled, and even set up advance payments to avoid missing deadlines. Automate your AP process to save a lot of time and money.

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Streamline and process invoices in a flash

Submit an invoice on the platform and automatically generate a bill. Review invoice payments by a multi-level approval mechanism in our accounts payable automation software to ensure that there is no mismatch between what needs to be paid and what is being issued.

As soon as the payment is made, receipts are attached, and all data is included in the expenditure reports.

Simple and smooth invoice processing

Expense reporting system integration

As an all-in-one solution for your financial management, Volopay offers robust expense reporting and AP automation tools for your invoice management. Get real-time invoices and updates along with bill payment records, automatically logged and stored directly on your system.

You won’t need several separate clunky processes. Process your invoices, make your payments, and directly create expense reports through one platform.

Expense reporting system integration

Gain insights into spending patterns

Take advantage of the real-time log updates of your bill payments. There’s no need to wait until the end of the month to collect all your payment receipts. Get rid of time-wasting and confusing processes.

With Volopay, you’ll be able to view all your transactions in just a few clicks at any time. Use the tools available on your dashboard to gain insights into your spending patterns.

Spending analytics

Real-time invoice tracking

You can accurately track your invoices from anywhere, at any time. Centralizing your processes with the help of accounts payable automation software allows you to easily view your invoice status whenever you need to.

Get notified of when an invoice has been approved. This can be done for every level in your approval workflow, so keep a close eye on your invoices!

Invoice tracking

Streamline your AP process for enhanced efficiency

Efficiently manage vendors

You can easily manage and add vendors with automated accounts payable software. Vendors can create their own accounts so you don't have to ask for payment information every time you need to make a payment.

Early payments give you discounts and savings, making due dates much more reasonable. Reconciliation and vendor tracking on a single dashboard.

vendor management

Approve invoices on-the-go

Say goodbye to late payments because of process delays. Volopay offers better software accessibility via our mobile application. Use it from anywhere at any time to review and approve your invoices.

You’ll be automatically notified when there is an invoice that needs attention. Set up mobile alerts so that each approver can get alerts after an invoice is routed through your approval workflow.

Multi-level invoice approval

Simple and fast vendor payments

You can create and assign virtual corporate cards that will expire once the payment is received by the vendor. If you're making a recurrent payment to a vendor, you can set up a reload cycle on the card as well as a payment limit to avoid any losses. Payments can also be arranged in advance using Bill Pay wallets.

Fast vendor payments

Supercharge your AP process with our advanced software solution

Track all spending in real-time, instantly

When you make a payment to suppliers, it is immediately logged on to the platform. Everything happens in real-time, whether you're paying with one of your Bill Pay wallets or one of your created cards.

All vendor information is grouped in the accounts payable software so you can filter and examine it whenever you want. It happens instantly, from the PO to the ultimate receipt.

Real time payment tracking

Invoice validation with customizable workflows

Create multi-level approval workflows to streamline and simplify your invoice validation process with Volopay. All it takes is a few clicks to automatically route your invoices through their respective approval workflows.

Avoid confusion in the office and make it easy for everyone involved to process and approve invoices. You can also customize your approval workflows according to your current company policies.

Invoice validation with approval workflows

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily

AP automation software for enhanced efficiency

Streamlined workflow

Streamline your accounts payable workflow by centralizing end-to-end invoice processing using accounts payable software.

Get rid of manual data entry tasks to achieve a simpler process for every employee involved.

Reduced manual labor

Empower your team by cutting back on the tedious, manual administrative tasks they previously had to do.

A reduced workload means they’ll have more time to focus on other tasks that require higher levels of attention.

Regulatory compliance

You don’t have to worry about non-compliance when you use Volopay’s accounts payable automation features.

Let the system automatically flag all suspicious invoices and payment requests, sending you automated notifications to ensure double-checks.

Reduced paper usage

Be environmentally friendly and join in the sustainability initiative by making the switch to an accounts payable automation platform.

You’ll significantly reduce your paper usage, which also saves you costs and storage space.

Detailed transaction logs

Each transaction made on your Volopay accounts payable software will be automatically recorded, allowing you to easily view your logs.

Get all the details from your transactions presented to you in just a few clicks.

Faster invoice processing

No more wasting time on slow, tedious manual administrative tasks during your invoice processing.

Speed up the entire process to ensure you always make timely invoice payments by using AP automation tools.

Discover the benefits of streamlined processes and improved efficiency

Step-by-step process of using an AP software


Onboarding and setup

Before you can start using your accounts payable approval software, you’ll need to set it up and onboard your accounts payable team.

Customize the settings according to your business processes and requirements. Good automation tools will help make existing processes easier.


Invoice receipt and capture

Use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan your invoices and quickly capture data. You don’t need to manually perform data entry with accounts payable software.

By scanning your invoices, you’ll automatically record your invoice data. All it takes is a few clicks!


Invoice approval

Make sure that you verify your invoice sources, as this helps you eliminate any fraudulent and fake invoices. Route your invoices through an approval workflow to ensure that all of them are accurately paid for.

You can do this automatically with accounts payable automation.


Invoice processing

Process verified invoices so you can make sure every invoice gets paid on time.

It’s recommended that you perform 3-way matching with the help of your AP automation software to guarantee better accuracy and faster turnover time.


Payment processing

Once an invoice is ready for payment, the next step is to process your payment. This involves creating and scheduling a payment, getting it approved, and authorizing it for processing.

Volopay’s accounts payable automation software will manage every step through a single dashboard.


Reporting and analytics

Get automation features that allow you to generate accounts payable reports quickly. Take advantage of your software’s dashboard to present your data.

You want to make use of the system’s automatic expense tracking and regularly analyze your spending patterns.


Vendor management

With invoices to pay to multiple vendors, you’ll find that it is difficult to manage invoices without proper vendor management.

Use AP automation software to automatically list your vendor details and save their information on a single platform for easy access.


Archiving and compliance

The last thing you want is to lose your accounts payable records. Establish a standardized archiving process to ensure that you’re always audit-ready.

Your accounts payable software will help you store all the necessary information in one place, making compliance much easier!

Learn more about our accounts payable software

Our accounts payable automation software India offers you to manage everything from invoice management and processing, and vendor management and payouts, to corporate cards, reimbursements, approvals systems, and accounting automation in a single consolidated dashboard.

Invoice management

With this seamless, modern accounts payable software, you can keep track of your bills. With enhanced invoice verification and payment synchronisation, you can make payments to any vendor in any country.

Invoices can be manually uploaded, emailed as attachments, or transmitted directly from accounting. The use of OCR technology speeds up the procedure.

Vendor payouts

Volopay corporate cards and the accounts payable automation in India makes it easy to pay vendors. Manage several currencies and make payments from anywhere in the world with ease.

On-time, at a lower cost, and with real-time data for easy reporting. Nothing goes unnoticed, and everything gets reconciled more quickly.

Automated accounting

Eliminate switching between different accounting systems. You can sync the accounting software of your choice with the Volopay platform smoothly. As a result, all of your recorded expenses are automatically uploaded to your accounting system for easier reconciliation. Manually collecting data, statements, and sheets takes longer than closing books.

Our accounts payable automation software makes it easier to use interfaces with Zoho, Tally, Xero, Deskera, Netsuite, Quickbooks, and MYOB, you can close books almost 10 times faster. 

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Volopay provides your business with the perfect financial control centre. Don't take our word, let our customers tell you how we empower their organisation.

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Volopay helped BukuWarung in managing their expenses across different countries.

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Volopay helped Deputy smoothly integrate with an accounting system.

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Using Volopay, AdCombo eliminated the hurdles of cash flow management.

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FAQs on accounts payable

Is two-way or three-way matching possible with Volopay?

Volopay offers two-way and three-way matching verification systems for accounts payable transactions to reduce incorrect data and fraud. To guarantee that everything is in order, invoices and bills (and, if necessary, receipts) can all be matched. POs can also be attached to the fourth level of verification as supplemental papers if desired.

How can Volopay improve the efficiency of our AP department?

Volopay enables you to speed up each component of the accounts payable process, resulting in a more efficient overall process. You can automate expense reporting, record invoice data, set up payments, create approval lists, and capture invoice data. Furthermore, using a credit card allows make FX transactions cheaper. Your system is not only better, but it is also more cost-effective. Above all, a well-functioning accounts payable software has a beneficial impact on your vendor relations.

What accounting systems does Volopay integrate with?

Integrate with leading accounting software in India like Zoho and Tally along with other accounting systems like Xero, Netsuite, Deskera, Quickbooks, and MYOB. If you don't use any of the accounting software, you can still export the files by creating templates that match your software's requirements.

Does Volopay support automated invoice capture?

Yes, Volopay's software incorporates OCR (optical character recognition) technology. The line data from any invoice supplied to the system is automatically entered into the report, eliminating the need to manually transfer data from the receipt image/file to the data fields. If your accounting software receives invoices directly, you can integrate it with Volopay so that the data is captured from there. If you receive invoices as email attachments, you can have them automatically transferred to Volopay for upload.

How long does it take for a vendor to receive my payment?

Vendor payments made through our platform are far faster and less complicated than bank wire transfers. Domestic payments and payments made without using SWIFT (from accounts housed locally) are handled within a few hours. International payments made over the SWIFT network may take up to two working days to process, depending on the vendor's country and bank. To minimise any last-minute headaches, you can set up advance payments.

Does Volopay allow me to make payments to vendors outside India?

Yes! You can use Volopay to make payments within India and also overseas. You can choose to activate a multi-currency wallet, which allows you to store funds in currencies other than INR. Furthermore, our corporate cards can be used to make overseas payments. These choices will save you money on foreign exchange and remittance fees, plus you'll be able to send money to over 130 countries.