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business bank account
How to open a business bank account for startups in India?

In India opening, a bank account for startups can be a complex process. We have listed down some easy and best practices in this article.

adoption of fintech
Fintech vs banks: Why do businesses prefer fintech in India?

The fintech sector in India is filling the loopholes and gaps left by traditional banks. Hence this is leading to higher adoption of fintech in India.

petty cash transactions
How to manage petty cash transactions for Indian businesses?

Manage petty cash transactions by disbursing petty cash funds digitally, customizing card limits, and Controlling unauthorized spending.

Expense management
Business expenses - Types, examples, tax deductibility and management

Get to know the most common business expenses, its tax deductibility and how to keep your business expenses under control.

Expense reimbursement
What is an expense claim, its types and how to manage it?

Get to know the expert tips for an effective expense claim management process. Take control of your reimbursement process with our comprehensive guide.

business bank account
Opening a corporate bank account in India

To open a business bank account in India, you need a company pan card, address proof, and certificate of incorporation and much more.

recurring payments
Simplify recurring payments in India for businesses

RBI has come up with a new mandate to regulate recurring payments in India. Learn more to see how you can simplify your recurring payments.

corporate credit card
Corporate credit card benefits for Indian businesses

Corporate credit cards benefit from zero personal liability, an easier reimbursement process, Improved cash flow. Explore this article.

accounts payable automation
Best accounts payable automation software in India

Best AP automation software offers your business great benefits. In this article, we have reviewed and suggested the best AP automation software.

employee saving schemes
What are employee savings schemes in India?

Employee savings plans and schemes are established by governments to help workers secure their financial future while employed.

cross border payments
How cross-border business payments work in India

Cross-border payments have seen a paradigm shift in India with the advent of non-banking finance companies. Learn how exactly they work.

zero balance current account
Guide to zero balance current account for SMBs in India

Zero-balance current accounts are those accounts in which they do not have limits on transaction volumes, minimum balance etc..

subscription payments
How do RBI guidelines affect subscription payments?

Read to know how Volopay can help you regulate your SaaS subscriptions without the intervention of RBI guidelines.

vendor payment automation
Guide to vendor payments automation for businesses

This guide talks in detail about how businesses can achieve vendor payments automation and help maintain good vendor relationships.

Benefits of travel and expense automation
Benefits of travel and expense automation for Indian businesses

Travel and expense automation software automates employee expense reporting, minimizes administrative efforts, and much more.

corporate credit card
Guide to corporate credit cards in India

This guide will walk you through documents, working process, and features to consider when getting corporate credit cards in India.

corporate tax filing
Guide to corporate tax filing for small business in India

Read this simplified guide to learn everything about small business tax filing and how to navigate the complexity of tax season in India.

statutory compliance in payroll
Guide to statutory compliance in payroll for India

This statutory and payroll compliance guide is everything you need to know to be up to date with the current labor laws in India.

Nodal vs Escrow vs Current account
Nodal vs Escrow vs Current account - Key differences

This article is a comparison of Nodal vs escrow vs current account to assist businesses with dealing with mind-boggling business payments.

link credit card to UPI
Reasons behind RBI's move to link credit card to UPI

RBI announced that soon people will be able to link credit cards to UPI platforms. Read this article to know reasons and benefits of this decision.

buy now pay later
6 benefits of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for businesses

Buy now pay later benefits businesses in drawing new customers, Increase sales, Diminish cart abandonment, and much more.