Corporate card for startups and enterprises

Don’t waste your time worrying about how to easily make business expenses. There's no cause to worry about reimbursements, checks, or petty cash. Use Volopay corporate cards to streamline your payments while exercising utmost control over your company funds.

Just like corporate credit cards, you can set them up, load them up, and spend with them.

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Trusted by finance teams at startups to enterprises.

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Multi-level approvals and controlled card spending

Manage card spending with advanced multi-level approval policies that bring a new level of transparency and ease of use. With the comment feature, it’s easy to communicate spending queries. 

Admins can set customizable transaction limits to easily non-compliant transactions. Automatically flag expense requests based on inappropriate amounts, categories, or merchants. All card settings are easily customizable through the Volopay platform.

See how it works
expense approval policy

Faster and simpler payments

No need to stress about making business payments – it’s all easy and quick with corporate cards. Order, activate, and start using cards, all through an intuitive dashboard interface.

Stay alerted of all expenses made with your Volopay cards. Create predefined criteria and automatically get notifications when certain expenses meet them.

Faster payments with corporate card

Virtual cards for subscriptions

If your remote team doesn't feel the necessity for physical cards, you can still empower them with the same benefits as corporate credit cards. Create and assign multiple virtual cards to your employees for burner use, or even recurring cards to manage online payments. 

For improved reporting, you can even create vendor-specific cards. Link cards to whichever department or project you wish to so that all spends are routed to the correct approvers and reconciled efficiently.

Subscription management with virtual cards

Real-time spend tracking

Don’t wait around for the end-of-month statement, unlike with a standard corporate credit card. With Volopay, you can get real-time tracking of all your expenses. Transactions are documented as they occur.

Every line item on the spend-tracker can be categorized according to your needs, and given details such as the time, merchant, purpose, and receipt. Auto-approve trusted merchants, link every expense to its appropriate department or project, and access insights into your spending.

Spend analytics

Make secure and convenient business payments with corporate cards

Easy-to-use dashboard for all your needs

Get an intuitive dashboard interface that every employee can use with ease. Use a single platform to flag suspicious transactions, start expense discussions in comments, and request repayments for non-compliant expenses.

Volopay makes it easy to split expenses into multiple line items when recording them. It’s easy to get all the necessary card expense details in just a few clicks.

Volopay dashboard

Reconcile expenses, ensure compliance

Never miss a single rupee used by your business. Take advantage of Volopay’s card history feature and view every expense on every card.

Customize merchant category controls. Block transactions in categories that don’t comply with your policies, or only allow transactions for specific merchants. Ensure every expense is clear by communicating through comments, right on your dashboard. Reconciliation and compliance have never been easier!

Reconcile expenses, ensure compliance

Robust accounting integration capabilities

The days of wasting time on manual data entry are long gone. Make accounting integrations easy with Volopay, complete with direct sync of all your card expenses.

Split expense line items for every transaction. With easily customizable advanced rules, setting up automated accounting triggers for seamless accounting synchronization is hassle-free.

Accounting system integration

Simplified expense reporting

Make expense reporting dynamic instead of dealing with dreadful paperwork. Volopay streamlines the process by automating spend tracking. The appeal of corporate credit cards in India is the speed of real-time updates. Volopay offers you the same.

Swipe our corporate cards anywhere and the spends are updated automatically. This is reflected in the smartphone app, which makes reporting easier. There isn't a single rupee that hasn't been accounted for.

Expense reporting

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily

Discover the benefits of corporate cards

Easy reimbursement process

Reimbursement process can get complicated sometimes, especially for those employees who constantly travel. Keeping a tab on expenses can be quite challenging. 

Corporate cards from Volopay make the process of reimbursement a lot easier. With Volopay cards, employees don't have to worry about spending their money or holding receipts for a longer duration.

Improves business cash flow

Poorly planned finances can result in cash flow challenges. With Volopay, anticipate future expenses while keeping track of current spending. Smarter fund planning lets you build a healthy balance with current expenses without having to use savings or emergency funds.

With properly managed funds, your growth plans and strategies can easily pan out, bringing in more revenue.

Subscription management

Manage SaaS subscription payments without hassle. Instead of dealing with overdue invoices, you can ensure timely payments so that your team is never cut off from the software they need.

Use corporate cards, physical or virtual, to safely and securely make SaaS payments without needing to transfer a singular corporate card across multiple teams.

Reduced expense frauds

Among all the expense frauds, unauthorised spending, producing fake bills, and submitting the same expense report twice are some of the most common ones. Having a transparent system helps you save money and makes the data available to every authority.

Your employees can thus make use of the privileges that are granted to them, while your finance teams can watch out for any misuse and fraud.

Seamless business travel

Using personal funds to make business travel arrangements can result in delays due to limited fund availability. Also, employees have to collect receipts and bills until they return and submit a request for reimbursement.

Having a corporate card helps solve both challenges. It helps employees to travel stress-free without having to worry about spending and organizing bills.

Simplifies vendor management

A major portion of your business funds go for vendor payments. Volopay corporate cards for startups and modern businesses can help you track and streamline these expenses. Each vendor can be assigned individual cards through which payments can be made. You can even tag each vendor with its respective department. 

This makes it easier and more accurate to determine how much you have spent on each vendor and department-specific vendor payments.

Be on top of your business expenses with corporate cards

Why should you choose Volopay corporate cards?

Card security

Each corporate card is independent of the others and can easily be isolated from the network by simply blocking or freezing it, making it safer than traditional credit cards.

Real-time monitoring

Keep track of your business spends in real-time through our dashboard, empowering you to stay informed and in control.

Easy accounting

Take advantage of our accounting integrations. Sync your ledgers with your accounting software of choice, and all your card payments get reconciled in a compliant manner.

Dedicated support

With our dedicated customer support service, all your queries gets addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience with our corporate cards.

In-built spend controls

Project and department controls will ensure that spending is always kept to a minimum. You can also set spend limits on corporate cards, above which approval is required.

No hidden fees

Volopay offers the best competitive payment rates in the market with no hidden fees or inflated transaction costs, allowing you to pay seamlessly. 

Volopay corporate cards vs traditional business cards

Volopay corporate cards vs business cards

  • Complete control over your budgets
  • Budgeting
  • Unlimited cards
  • Configure each card and set budgets
  • Integration with accounting Software
  • AI to detect savings and frauds
  • Auditing ease
  • Hassle free quick on boarding
  • Automated recurring payments
  • Requirement for manual inspection of receipts
  • Requiring manual data feed

Learn more about our corporate cards

Every aspect of expense management must be brought together and accessible for everyone - all admins, employees, and accountants - in one place.

We provide a solution for everything, from physical and virtual corporate cards and business credit to approvals, reimbursements, and accounting.

Physical cards

Your employees no longer have to use their personal cards or make out-of-pocket expenses. With the help of corporate physical cards issued with bank-grade encryption, security and quality, employees can be spend at a variety of merchant portals and on offline transactions. Enjoy simplified expense tracking with spend analytics.

Virtual cards

You have access to an infinite number of virtual cards. Assign to individual employees, departments, or even to keep track of payments made to certain vendors. With virtual corporate cards, make contactless and online payments more efficient than ever.

Business prepaid card

We offer business prepaid cards with built-in spending limit controls that you can assign to employees. With these prepaid cards, you can easily track all expenses in real-time and reconcile your account in a matter of seconds.

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Customer stories

Volopay provides your business with the perfect financial control centre. Don't take our word, let our customers tell you how we empower their organisation.

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Volopay helped BukuWarung in managing their expenses across different countries.

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Volopay helped Deputy smoothly integrate with an accounting system.

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Using Volopay, AdCombo eliminated the hurdles of cash flow management.

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FAQs on corporate cards

How to qualify for a Volopay corporate card?

There is no minimum criteria to qualify for a Volopay corporate card.

Each business is vetted for their financial health and stability based on the documents they provide. We use this to determine whether a business is eligible to get access to Volopay cards.

Are Volopay corporate cards accepted everywhere outside India?

Our corporate cards in India are provided by VISA and can be used to make both domestic and international payments. Cross-border payments can be made with both physical and virtual corporate cards and employees can also make payments in other countries using cards assigned to them via the mobile app. A truly user-friendly and convenient approach to corporate spend management.

Can we use Volopay corporate credit cards for business travel expenses?

Yes, this is one of the most common ways for companies to financially empower their people. If your team travels regularly both within India and overseas, consider providing them with a recurring corporate card that is reloaded on a monthly basis. You can provide an employee a card with a limited budget and an expiration date if they have a one-time travel need. If additional funds are needed at any moment, they can be sought and approved directly from the dashboard.

Can we set spending rules on the cards we generate?

All of the company's expense and accounting regulations are applied to corporate cards automatically. Department-specific rules can be used in addition to the basic defaults. You can also determine who the approvers are, what the reload cycle is, and what the maximum budget allowance is when a card is generated. The ultimate control over every rupee that leaves your company and over who spends it provided by the only corporate credit card India has to offer.

Is there a way to track and review all the card expenses?

Yes. Card transactions and expenses are synced in real time as and when they happen. This transaction ledger is accessible from both the website and the mobile app, making it simple to track and review card spends. Admins and approvers can also, if necessary, request extra details for a transaction.

How do I order a physical card?

You can order a physical card directly from your Volopay account. You do not need to follow any additional processes.

Can I withdraw from ATM using my physical card?

Our physical cards support ATM withdrawal on the prefunded model.