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Volopay helps transform your accounting department by automating your entire business expense management process. Take control instead of chasing lump sump payments and paperwork at the end of the month.

With our business expense management solution tailored to your business needs, you can automate, simplify, and streamline your financial processes.

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Manage business expenses with corporate cards

Departments and financial teams spend a lot of time approving expense claims. Equip your staff with smart corporate cards that are integrated with your expense management software instead of tracking every penny spent from a single account. These cards have their own ledger categories so you can readily categorize them as soon as a card is swiped.

Smart corporate cards

Unlimited virtual cards

Manage online payments by creating unlimited number of virtual cards. Customize to a vendor, an employee, or even a department. Volopay virtual card have the same functionality as a physical card, with the extra benefit of being immediately useable. Limits can always be set to keep your spending under control.

Physical cards

Issue customized physical prepaid cards to your travelling employees. With built-in expenditure rules, you can keep track of every payment and automatically collect unpaid receipts in real time.

Streamline employee reimbursements

Simplify the dreaded reimbursement process for employees with our corporate expense management software. Employees who make one-time out-of-pocket payments can submit reimbursement requests immediately through the platform.

Approvers can promptly authorize an expense claim by attaching receipts and details. Employees can also get reimbursed for their mileage!

Out-of-pocket expenses

Manage software subscriptions efficiently

Our business expense management solution lets you easily manage global subscriptions. SaaS payments are significantly easier to administer remotely using virtual cards. Cards can be generated for both one-time and recurring payments.

Simply load the payment gateway and enter the card number. These cards keep track of spending as they happen and can be refilled as needed. With individual cards for each subscription, accounting becomes even faster.

Subscription management with virtual cards

Automate your business expense tacking

Automate expense tracking and reporting to maximize efficiency
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Set custom multi-level approval workflows

Set up unique, multi-level permission policies on Volopay business expense management solution to effectively manage your business expenses. Maker-checker systems allow you to set up multi-tier approvers (up to five tiers) to ensure that spending is tracked.

For requests above a specific amount, auto-decline rules can be defined. Furthermore, these approvals can be done remotely and instantaneously, reducing the amount of time spent waiting.

advanced multi-level approvals

Sync transactions and spend data in real-time

Stop expecting your end-of-month statement to surprise you. Sync expenses in real-time to keep track of your spending as soon as a payment is made. It might be from one of the AP accounts or a card. 

For better expense reporting, expenses are logged quickly and synched to the ledger. Transparency regarding payment frequencies and amounts becomes much easier to implement with our expense management system.

Track every spending in real-time

Control spend before it even happens

Forget about having to overpay. Specific controls and expense policies allow you to keep track of your spending before it happens.

Volopay - The only corporate expense management software in India to give you the option to set company-wide spending policies, with departmental customizations.

Payments that exceed specific thresholds can be subject to auto-decline restrictions. Multi-level approvers also allow you to delay and double-check payments before they go through.

spend control

Impose a smarter spending culture

Control and policy awareness go hand in hand with better expense management software for business. Allowing approvers, policies, and live-tracking of all expenses makes it easy to secure your company's funds.

Your employees, too, have a certain level of accessibility. Receipts can be directly submitted to the site, and reimbursements can be claimed. Employees can request funds for their cards at any time and from any location through our corporate expense management software.

Spend smarter with proactive control

Keep your business expense under control

Experience hassle-free business expense tracking with Volopay
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Effortless accounting software integration

The best corporate expense management software in India offers seamless integration with popular accounting software available in the market.

This integration allows for smooth data transfer between systems, ensuring that expense records are automatically updated in the company's accounting books.

This not only simplifies the process for finance teams but also keeps both the expense management and accounting system in sync with one another. 

Accounting software integration

Automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation is one of the standout features of top-notch expense management software.

By integrating with company credit cards and bank accounts, these systems can automatically match expenses with corresponding transactions. This saves considerable time and effort in manual data entry, eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing and reducing the risk of human error.

Businesses can now enjoy faster and accurate accounting processes, enabling better financial decision-making.

Accounting with automated reconciliation

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments.

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments.

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month.


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily.

Real-time expense tracking with Volopay

Identify spend policy violations

Expense policies are made to regulate employee expenses related to the business. But some employees voluntarily misuse this to gain more.

Having a transparent payment system helps in preventing such instances. Your money won’t be wasted and employees will know the repercussions of surpassing a policy knowingly or unknowingly.

Insights into duplicate expenses

Duplicate payments are the same payments that are made twice. Such payments will be a common occurrence if you don’t have expense management software. It’s even harder to recognize them when they happen.

Volopay corporate expense management system gives a real-time view of your payments. Also, the whole invoice processing is automated, leaving no way for a payment to get duplicated. 

Reduce fraud risks

Small businesses are always prone to both internal and external payment fraud. It’s either an insider who tries to attach falsified records and process payments higher than required, or an external vendor sending invoices for goods that are never delivered.

To save your business from perpetrators, you need an extensive corporate expense management software, which makes Volopay the right choice for your business.

Better supplier evaluation

Maintaining a good relationship with suppliers is necessary for your business continuity. An expense management platform not just aids this by expediting vendor payments but also contributes to vendor evaluation.

Measure your vendor’s performance (quality of goods, customer service, cost, financial stability, etc) against the payments you make and decide the effectiveness of your partnership with Volopay.

Scan and capture receipts with Volopay

Certain suppliers still send manual invoices to their clients. If you are one of those clients, fret not about how the software can accept your input.

Our corporate expense management system comes with an AI-based technology called OCR that recognizes your manual document, fetches the data, and uploads it into the expense management system.

● Policy checks in real-time

It’s not possible for your employees to remember the entire travel spend and expense policies. But the system should be careful enough to only let through expenses that meet your company policy.

Volopay does real-time policy checks and only processes expense reports that match the updated guidelines.

● One-click expense reporting

For employees who travel frequently, reimbursement and expense reporting are a major concern.

Help your employees submit one-click reimbursement requests and upload scanned receipts right there. Volopay lets them do this anywhere, even when they are traveling through the desktop suite or mobile app.

● Automate expense approvals

When a request is submitted by an employee, it automatically gets transferred to the first level of approval.

Upon single or double authorization, it further travels and makes it to the settlement stage. Approvers are notified to promptly authorize the request waiting in their queue.

Approval policies to streamline reimbursement and expense approval

Pre-approval policy

Be proactive about your employee expenses and save time that’s wasted on request raising and approvals. Set pre-approval policies and approve definite expenses before even they happen.

This will require your employees to share the expense report with you before they go on the business trip. It also prevents employees from wasting money on non-eligible items.

Auto approval policy

There are a few expenses that don’t require approvals at all. Under the pre-approval policy, they qualify for the direct settlement of payment without going through approvals.

For starters, you can add categories, spending amount, authorized person/department to spend, and duration till which they can be auto-approved.

Multi-level approval policy

This is the ideal policy for small businesses that want to double-check and ensure details before settling claims or credit requests.

Here you can set up to five levels of approvers depending on the severity of the expense. And there is no rule that you should choose a fixed number of approvals for all expenses. 

Maker checker policy

This is an approver workflow where there will be a maker and a checker. The maker will be the person creating the request and the checker will be the reviewer and approver.

Any errors or policy violations will be caught by the checker and sent down for settlement or further processing.

Streamline your expense management

Drive business growth through effective and streamlined expense management!
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Why choose Volopay business expense management software?


Get accurate company spending reports

Cut down the effort your finance team puts into creating spending reports and analysis. If they have the ready-made data in their hand, making analysis and financial decisions is easier for them.

Volopay can help them achieve this and generate up-to-date and accurate accounts payable data time and again. 


Makes expense reporting a breeze for employees

Employees spend up to a day to get their expense reporting sorted after a trip. Following that, they have to get in touch with different teams to get status.

Instead of being clueless, they can use Volopay expense management system to submit expense reports in a few steps and track them periodically. 


Better compliance and accountability

Accounting is constantly regulated by compliance and governance policies. For smoother tax returns, you need to stay compliant with your tax authoritator’s requirements.

Volopay business expense management solution helps you with staying compliant and updating any changes implemented. 


Manage company spending with business budgets

Make your budgets work for you by practically connecting them to your expense management software. You can update your company budgets and track departmental expenses and make budgeting work in real-time.

With higher controls and limiting options, you can curb unnecessary expenses and open doors for a positive cash flow. 


Instant reimbursements for employees

Happier employees lead to the happiest and most productive workspaces. If you could make reimbursements easier for employees, they can focus better on tasks that deserve their real attention.

They can submit reimbursement requests on the go and receive payments quicker. Corporate cards reduce the burden by facilitating pre-approved spending.


Integration with preferred accounting software

Volopay can be connected with any accounting software you use. This connection enables safe and encrypted data transfer from Volopay to the destined application.

Your accountants will no longer juggle multiple windows and transfer data manually. 

Learn more about our expense management software

Switch from having to use multiple tools and systems to a single, more modern, organized, and consolidated expense management software for business. Bring approvals, corporate cards, account payments, employee expense reimbursements, accounting automation, and many more under a single roof.

Multi-level approvals

Multiple approvers ensure that no single individual is liable for an expense and that all payments are well-checked and thoroughly verified. Payments, reimbursement sanctions, policy enforcement, and card reloading can all be assigned to up to five approvers on Volopay.

Before approving, they can also seek information or flag errors to ensure that no data is missing during the accounting process. The only expense management software in India to redefine the way businesses gain complete control over every rupee being spent.

Employee reimbursement

Enabling employees to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses on the employee expense management software makes the process much easier to manage, rather than allowing them to be intimidated by week-long procedures.

They only need to file a receipt and include payment information; approvers must then check and approve the refund. Money is immediately transferred to their bank account, thereby making the entire process easy and quick.

Subscription management

Virtual cards can be generated for each vendor so that you can precisely allocate funds and identify who was paid how much money with just one glance at an expense report.

This also allows you to handle cross-border vendors and halt payments for subscriptions that have been forgotten. One-click solution to all SaaS subscription management situations that businesses struggle with.

Real-time visibility

Admins, accountants, and managers can see the movement of your business funds as they happen with real-time insight. You always have control over how your company's money is spent, so you don't have to worry about shocking expense reports or significant debt.

Before it's too late, know every detail of every rupee spent, approve it fast, or freeze it. 

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