Integrate your transactions with Tally for seamless accounting

There’s no need to spend hours manually reconciling and syncing transactions in real-time. Integrate with Volopay and enjoy automatic categorization, bulk updates, custom fields, and automated receipt gathering and matching.

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Directly Integrate transactions into Tally

This direct integration offered by Volopay would sync all the business transactions you make from the platform and will be automatically categorized and entered into TallyPrime bookkeeping and accounting system. Volopay-Tally integration also helps with accounting in real-time and automatically syncs card and bill pay transactions. 

accounting integration

Experience seamless accounting with Tally

TallyPrime offers facilities to generate GST-compliant invoices within a span of seconds, and also all your GST return filing becomes accurate. Not only this, but using IRN and QR codes, your company can easily generate and print e-invoices. Manage everything from TDS and TCS to payroll and PF with TallyPrime.

accounting automation

Complete control over bookkeeping

All transactions made on Volopay can be automatically synced to Tally, This means that everything can be auto-categorized; category, supplier, and transaction tag input fields in the ledger can be set according to the rules you set in compliance with your business needs.

bookkeeping integration

Close your accounting books faster

Reconciliation is one of those processes that can take a lot of time and effort to complete. Volopay automates this process through accounting automation and autoclassification features. All transactions made from the Volopay platform get automatically synced with Tally and is kept up to date in real-time.

Automate categorizations

Smart way to reimburse expenses

Every reimbursement made on Volopay gets automatically synced with the tally integration. This reduces the time and money invested in manual expense reporting. Every reimbursement claim is updated in real-time and is visible to the company admin and the people involved in the approval flow.

Reimburse expenses

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments.

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments.

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month.


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily.

Automated Accounting. Almost magical

Volopay syncs beautifully with the accounting software you use daily. Use custom checks for each expense to prepare and sort transactions, verify information, and export to your accounting software.

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