Open a global currency account in Singapore

With a global currency account, you can unlock your full potential and keep money in all major currencies. The only global business account in Singapore to offer super-low FX charges on all foreign payments.

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Foreign currency business account

With unrivalled convenience, open a foreign currency business account! Hold money in up to 11 different currencies and save a lot of money on international money transfers like vendor payouts and remittances.

With the best global business account in Singapore, you can open your local firm to a world of foreign prospects.

Foreign currency business account

International B2B payments

Pay your vendors wherever they are. Make cross-border B2B payments across 130+ countries utilising SWIFT and non-SWIFT payment alternatives at the lowest FX rates ever with our global currency account!

Send and receive money

Corporate cards for multinational teams

Using corporate cards, let your staff pay anywhere in the globe with ease. Our global business account in Singapore comes equipped with corporate cards that are VISA-powered and safeguarded by 3-D secure authentication.

To handle suppliers, SaaS subscriptions, travel bills, and more, issue real and unlimited virtual cards. Using a centralised platform, track and evaluate all of your employees' expenses in real-time, no matter where they are in the world.

Corporate cards

Automated integrations for flawless accounting

Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Deskera, and MYOB are among the world's most popular accounting software, and Volopay provides best-in-class integrations with them. Create unique mapping rules for all expense types and use Triggers on our platform to automate specific accounting data for any person, vendor, card, department, or GL code.

Accounting Automation

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments.

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments.

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month.


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily.

Learn more about our multi currency business account

The era of spending management on paper is finished. With a consolidated worldwide multi currency business account in Singapore, Volopay connects corporate cards, approvals, invoice processing, reimbursement, and automated accounting.

Domestic money transfers

Use the most reliable payment system to pay your local vendors or staff. With only a few clicks, you can transfer money instantaneously. To make verification easier, create multi-level approvals. From our user-friendly, live dashboard with real-time updates, you can manage all of your vendors and keep track of every single transaction.

International money transfers

Send money to employees and merchants all across the world. Select the best global business account in Singapore to track, manage, and control all of your transactions in seconds from a single dashboard. For the quickest international money transfers, pay the lowest FX rates possible.

Accounting automation

Experience the fastest end-to-end automatic accounting integrations with custom mapping rules, triggers, and one-click sync, from swiping a card to closing your books of account. Our cutting-edge connectors enable smooth integration with the most popular accounting software.

Business credit

It's now easier than ever to keep your financial flow in check! Start a new line of credit for your business of up to $500K with customizable billing periods and start spending with Singapore's most efficient global currency business account.

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