Multi currency account in Singapore for businesses

The secret of any successful business is simplifying expense processes – why should it be any different for your business bank account? Eliminate the need for multiple bank accounts with a single multi currency account Singapore truly needs.

Volopay’s multi currency business account streamlines deposits, payments, and expense tracking, with no minimums, low fees, and no upper limits.

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Trusted by finance teams at startups to enterprises.

Meet our customers

Global multi currency account

Managing our solo multi currency account is easier, faster, and significantly less costly than setting up a traditional business bank account.

Unlock unrivaled efficiency with Volopay’s global multi currency account Singapore entities require for effortless international transactions. Hold money in different currencies and avoid paying sky-high exchange rate fees. Move money across borders seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Multi-currency Global Account

Locally transfer money with ease

Transfer money domestically as vendor payouts and salary compensation to employees, all within a few seconds.

Make unlimited local payments with our multi currency account which facilitates secure business payments that can you can track, manage, and control – all from a live dashboard with real-time updates.

Domestic Money transfers

International money transfers

Make cross-border B2B payments and remittances faster and at super low FX charges. Volopay’s business account Singapore offers automated invoice payments to transfer money internationally across 180+ countries swiftly and transparently.

We reconcile your diverse international payment methods on one unified platform to save on high exchange charges on all FX transactions.

send and receive money

Want to switch to Volopay from your traditional business bank account?

Corporate cards for all

Empower your teams with modern corporate cards for hassle-free international payments. Choose the best multi currency account Singapore needs that comes equipped with departmental budgets, multi-level approvals, and submission policies configured into the software for easier compliance.

Manage subscriptions with unlimited virtual cards, and issue physical cards for making payments on the go.

Corporate cards

Streamline your AP process

Never miss out on a single receipt with Volopay’s streamlined multi currency account payable process. Consolidate and categorize all your invoices onto a unified platform. Surface early payment discounts to save up on vendor costs.

Set up automatic one-time or recurring payments and efficiently manage a veritable network of vendors – all from a single business account.

Accounts Payables

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily

Volopay vs traditional business bank account

Business Bank Account
Every transaction linked to an employee
Pre payment approvals
Unlimited virtual cards
Real-time spend tracking
Mobile App to manage cards
Accounting Automation
Automated expense reports
Vendor management
Flexible credit lines

Learn more about our business account

Volopay is an all-in-one financial control center for modern businesses, integrating a smart business account, multi-level approvals, corporate cards, expense management, reimbursements, and accounting automation.

Domestic money transfers

You do not need two different bank accounts to pay vendors and manage salaries. Volopay lets you transfer money for vendor payouts, salary compensation, and reimbursement from a single dashboard. We facilitate domestic payments at no extra cost or hidden charges.

International money transfers

Make money transfers around the world – settle invoices and payroll using our multi currency business account. Unify payment platforms and manage expenses at the lowest FX charges imaginable.

Global business account

Become a global entrepreneur with Volopay’s robust multi currency account. Hold money in major global currencies and save up on exorbitant FX fees traditional banks usually charge. Replace multiple bank account setups with a unified platform for all your multi currency expenditures.

Accounting automation

Close your books 10x times faster than any other company with Volopay’s streamlined accounting automation. Swiftly integrate with leading accounting software and update your books in real-time. Every single card swipe and approved expense gets automatically recorded, making manual data entry obsolete.

Business credit

Facilitate seamless business operations with our super flexible business line of credit. Get credit up to $500K at no personal guarantees, customized billing cycles, and minimal documentation. Efficiently manage your credit limit with an in-depth analysis of your credit utilization.

Accounts payable

Submit, process, and track bill payments, vendor invoices, and receipts all through our unified platform. Collate necessary documentation for faster reconciliation and a smooth auditing process. Promote transparency in your accounts payable workflow with Volopay.

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FAQs on business account

How can I open a Volopay business account in Singapore?

Book a demo with Volopay to open your business account. Our team will demonstrate how our cutting-edge products and features may be effortlessly integrated into your current business processes in real time. For KYB purposes, you will need to provide paperwork such as an ACRA document, an ID, and the POA of your company's assigned POC. We'll create an admin account for the POC designated by your firm once your account has been authenticated. Your account is now operational.

Read Guide to opening business bank account in Singapore to know more.

How secure will my funds be with Volopay?

With Volopay, your money is always safe. DBS, Singapore, holds your funds in a trust account. Volopay never uses customer cash for its own operations, and they are always kept separate to ensure that your money is always safe and accessible when you need it. Even employee information is kept safe because all data is encrypted.

How is Volopay different from a traditional business account?

Unlike a standard business account, Volopay allows you to:

1. Maintain various currencies in your account.

2. You can load money to unlimited virtual cards.

3. Sync data to your accounting tools automatically.

4. Instead of an end-of-month statement, get transactional information in real time.

5. Save money by paying a cost that is far lower than that of a business bank account.

6. Avoid having to keep a minimum balance or paying high transaction fees.

7. Make domestic transfers in a flash.

8. Transfer money internationally faster than using wire transfers and at low remittance and FX rates.

9. Apply for a flexible credit line with no collateral.

Can Volopay's multi currency account help save on foreign remittances fees?

Yes, you certainly can! Because the SWIFT network involves funds flowing from bank to bank, each bank charges for holding the money, wire transfers can be costly. With a Volopay account, the process is expedited and the fees are significantly reduced. Furthermore, unlike higher conversion rates offered by banks, our FX rates are competitive.

How do you qualify for a business account?

There are numerous question business owners have to answer while and before opening a business bank account like which bank account is best for business? what are the requirements to qualify as business account? how much would it cost? etc. However, before all this you must know that to qualify for opening a business bank account you must have all the needed legal documents and other formalities in place and at immediate accessibility.

Can I open business account without company?

To open a business bank account in Singapore, you must have a company. This means your business must have director(s) and authorized signatories, who essentially need to be present to sign the paperwork of the account opening. There might be some rare exceptions as well.

How long does it take to open a business account?

It usually takes up to 4 weeks to open a business account. The process begins as soon as your application form and the required documents are received and to avoid any delays make sure that the directs and the authorized signatories are physically present for signatures.