Streamline your vendor invoice management process

To track bills, you don't require separate vendor invoice management software. Volopay is a single-platform expense management solution that collects, tracks, and pays domestic and foreign bills.

Automate recurring payments and never miss a payment deadline again. Additionally, early invoice payments can help save money by avoiding a late payment fee from your vendors.

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Submit, approve, spend

Say goodbye to the jumbled mess that comes with paper-based invoice processing. From submission to payment, keep track of all invoices. Volopay is a complete and automated invoice management system that allows you to handle invoices as soon as they arrive. 

Use our optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan an invoice and let the system automatically detect fields and amounts. Make scheduled or immediate payments.

invoice management

Sync all transactions in real-time

The days of manually updating invoices in your books of accounts are long gone. Volopay's best-in-class integrations with popular accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, and more will empower your accounting team.

Sync all of your paid invoices to your accounting system in real time. Furthermore, experience the beauty of automated accounting by auto-categorizing expenses with the appropriate vendor.

accounting automation

Manage vendor-specific subscriptions

You can manage all of your vendors from one central platform. According to your business needs, our vendor invoice management software creates structured payment approval workflows. 

Assign virtual burner cards to certain sellers for one-time internet purchases. Recurring virtual cards can be used to manage subscription invoices from SaaS-based businesses. Set customizable reload frequencies, and assign cards to specific departments or projects for easier accounting.

vendor subscription payments

Create custom multi-level approvals

You should only pay what you owe. Set up highly customizable, multi-level approvals in our platform, allowing maximum transparency and accountability. Only pay for invoices that have been verified and have been cleared.

Merchant controls ensure that blocked merchants aren’t paid (or only certain merchants are allowed), while spend limits prevent overspending.

Set multi-level approvals

Track expense in real-time

Keep track of the progress of all your invoices. Track your spending on the move, anytime, anywhere, from submission to payment. You can unify all of your different payment channels onto one single platform with Volopay.

Track purchase orders, invoices, and receipts to understand who, what, when, where, and why each transaction is made. Unlike any other accounts payable system, you'll get complete transparency.

Track every spending in real-time

Borderless invoice payments

Allowing limits to get in the way of maintaining your vendor roster is a bad idea. Check bills against deliverables and make payment arrangements with both domestic and international vendors.

Through our Bill Pay feature, Volopay is an effective vendor invoice management software that allows you to pay for merchants in over 130 countries at the best currency rate possible.

Pay with a single click

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily

Learn more about our invoice management software

Volopay is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built expenditure management solution that brings together the advantages of bill payments, corporate cards, reimbursement, and automated accounting into a single platform.

Virtual cards

The most effective method for making internet payments. Change your company cards to one of Volopay's limitless virtual cards, which provides unparalleled security and simplicity. Create one-time payment or trial subscription VISA-powered burner cards, as well as recurring cards for repeat SaaS subscriptions.

Vendor payouts

Volopay makes vendor payouts simple, fast, and safe. Bill Pay allows you to schedule automated payments and make cross-border B2B payments in a matter of minutes. Early payment reductions are available.

Multi-level approvals

Increase accountability and transparency in your expense management system with Volopay. Configure your company’s expense policy right into our platform and design custom multi-level approval workflows to verify invoices and receipts, and enforce compliance. Manage reimbursements, fund requests, and invoice processing.

Automate accounting

Remove the tedious and time-consuming task of manually entering expense data. Volopay has the fastest integration with major accounting software around the globe. Integrate our app with your Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Deskera, or MYOB account to export expense reports with a single click.

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FAQs on invoice management

Is it possible to change/update once created invoices?

Yes, on the Volopay app, users can freely edit the invoice details. However, please bear in mind that any changes will be applicable to what will appear on the invoice only and will not reflect any modifications in the account level i.e. the company name and billing info.

How can Volopay manage duplicate payments on an invoice?

All invoices on our platform are automatically classified based on a variety of factors, including payment status. To avoid any duplicate payments on an invoice, all paid invoices are automatically gathered and uniquely documented in this manner. If payment is accidentally recorded twice, our software will display a warning pop-up by comparing the invoice number to your database.

Is the automated invoice capture feature available in Volopay?

Absolutely! Volopay collects invoices from a variety of sources, including emails and accounting software, ensuring that no bills go unpaid or incur late payment penalties. Users can also email their bills to /, and we'll take care of the rest. If you have a paper invoice, you can use our optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan the invoice, and the data is automatically captured by the system.

How long does Volopay take to process an invoice?

While traditional invoice processing can take weeks to complete, Volopay's end-to-end invoice processing can be completed in only a few hours. Send, approve, and pay invoices as soon as they arrive, or set up a payment plan.

How secure is it to use Volopay for invoice processing?

For all invoice management reasons, our software is completely risk-free to use. To speed up reconciliation, create bills and attach invoices. Your funds are not held by Volopay directly. An e-wallet, similar to an escrow account, is used to keep all of your allotted funds.