Company-issued corporate cards for employees

There’s no reason to deal with the burden of reimbursements, cheques, and petty cash. Not when you have the option to equip your employees with corporate cards. These corporate cards come with proactive controls for every single card. Set them, load them, spend with them. Track expenses without worrying about having to reimburse. 

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Proactive business expense controls

Multi-level approval policies make managing expenses a much more transparent and convenient process. Our corporate cards allow admins to assign approvers for fun reloads and spends.

Instead of reconciling expenses or running out of a credit limit, you can securely add funds to employee corporate cards and track them in real-time. 

employee corporate cards

Real-time tracking for all spending

Unlike a traditional corporate card Singapore offering, you don’t need to wait for an end-of-month statement with these cards. Instead, transactions are recorded as and when they happen.

Every line item on the spend-tracker can be supplemented with the place of purchase, time, amount, as well as details and receipts added by the user. Transparent management of finances made entirely possible.

Track Spending

Virtual cards to manage subscriptions

Say you’ve got a remote team and don’t see the need for physical cards. That doesn’t mean your employees don’t still need access to funds. That’s where a corporate virtual card helps out.

Create unlimited cards for burner use or even recurring cards to manage online payments. You can even generate vendor-specific cards for better reporting!

Subscription management with virtual cards

Physical cards with your brand language

Company funds needn’t always be a difficult-to-procure commodity. The days of passing around a single company card are gone.

Furnish multiple corporate cards for all your departments and employees. In fact, you can even customize their look and feel to reflect your company’s branding. Your own logo to set your cards apart from any other corporate card Singapore option.

Branded physical cards for your team

Expense reporting streamlined

Expense reporting should be insightful and dynamic. Instead of it becoming a dreaded task with tons of paperwork, the Volopay dashboard simplifies everything by automating spend tracking.

Card spends are updated automatically whenever a card is swiped. This reflects on the mobile app, too, making reporting accessible. Not a single penny unaccounted for.

expense reporting

Financial stack for business

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Corporate Cards

Empower your employees with physical and virtual cards

Expense Management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company

Business Bank Account

Open a global account with multi-currency payments.

Accounts Payables

Manage vendors, approve invoices and automate payments.

Accounting Automation

Save hours daily, and close your books faster every month.


Integrate with the all the tools and software that you use daily.

Benefits of corporate cards for your employees

Easy reimbursement process

Employees who constantly travel hate the reimbursement process due to its complications. It’s equally challenging for employees, as they can’t keep tabs on employee expenses. But corporate cards make the process simpler for all.

Employees don’t have to spend their money or collect and hold receipts for longer durations. With readily available funds, employees can book tickets earlier and save money.

Improves cash flow

Cash flow challenges mainly arise due to improperly planned finances. With Volopay, you can stay up to date with current spending and forecast future expenses. In-app credit also helps in balancing current expenses without reaching for emergency funds or savings.

With additional funds, your growth plans and strategies can easily pan out, bringing more revenue.

Reduced expense frauds

Unauthorized spending, producing fake bills, and submitting the same expense report twice are some commonly occurring expense fraud. To save your money, you must have a transparent system that allows expenses and make the data available to every authority.

Thus, your employees can enjoy their allowed privileges while finance teams can remain vigilant to prevent misuse and fraud.

Improves business credit score

The only way to build credit from scratch or reverse a damaged credit is by borrowing responsibly and repaying on time. You can apply for Volopay credit, use that during the spending period, and repay at the earliest.

It takes over two to three years for businesses to build a positive credit score through business loans. With monthly credit, you can improve your business credit score in lesser time.

Ensure seamless business travel

When employees have to use their personal funds to make business travel arrangements, limited fund availability can delay that. Also, employees are required to promptly collect receipts and bills till they come back and apply for a reimbursement.

With corporate cards and added credits, both drawbacks are excluded, and employees can travel stress-free. They spend less time organizing bills and focus fully on their trip.

Simplifies vendor management

A significant part of your business funds go for vendor payments. If you want to streamline and track them, corporate cards can help you. Each vendor can be assigned a card through which their payments can be made from time to time.

You can tag the vendor to the respective department. Now finding how much you have spent on the vendor and department-wise vendor payments will be quicker and more accurate than ever.

Eligibility criteria to get a corporate card with credit line in Singapore

Your business must be registered with ACRA, and you should have a valid UEN number.

To be eligible for corporate cards with a credit line in Singapore, you should have a minimum of 15 employees. Major corporate card providers only issue corporate cards to companies with 15 or more employees. 

It doesn’t require you to attach your personal credit score. Your business credit score, bank statements, and past repayment history will be required to process your application. 

The minimum annual turnover of your company should be more than $4 million, and your yearly expenses should be $250,000 or more. 

Empower your team with smart corporate cards

Factors to consider when choosing a corporate card provider

Type of card offered

Corporate cards can be used in many ways. Depending on the use, they can be one-time cards, recurring payment cards, virtual cards for travel, physical cards, and many more.

When you choose a corporate card provider, make sure you get the type of cards your business needs. If you have many monthly subscription payments, cards that process recurring payments should be considered.

Fees and other charges

Corporate cards generally have an annual payment structure. Research the payment plans of different card companies and choose based on your needs.

Some corporate card companies also have hidden charges that they charge when you make payments. Others might only offer a limited number of free payments and will start charging you after that.

Ease of applying

Lengthy application forms, endless document requests, and physically appearing in the bank location can be a waste of time. Gathering old documents can take time and further delay the process.

Opt for corporate card providers that offer online applications you can fill in minutes. This can save time for business owners.

Integrations with financial software

Accounts payable applications synchronizing with ERP software can minimize manual data entry tasks. To make the data transfer happen automatically, you need to choose software that offers integration facilities.

By connecting two applications, syncing your payments in real-time with the accounting applications becomes simple. 

Why should you choose Volopay corporate cards?

Card security

As one corporate card isn’t dependent on another, each card can be isolated from the network by freezing or blocking it, thus making it safer than regular credit cards. 

Physical and virtual corporate cards

Get whatever suits your business. Volopay has both physical and virtual corporate cards which can be operated within the same platform.

Multi-currency wallet

Don’t waste pennies and time on international payments. Volopay has multi-currency wallets, where you can load money in a different currency and pay using that.

No personal liability

Bad personal credits won’t ruin your chance to get qualified for credit and corporate cards. Volopay only analyses your business spending capacities, credit score, and repayment history.

In-built spend controls

Budgets and departments will ensure limited spending. Set limits on corporate cards above which it will require approval.

No hidden fees

Volopay offers unbeatable exchange rates in the market. You won’t find hidden fees lurking in your domestic and international payments.

Volopay corporate cards vs business cards

  • Complete control over your budgets
  • Budgeting
  • Unlimited cards
  • Configure each card and set budgets
  • Integration with accounting Software
  • AI to detect savings and frauds
  • Auditing ease
  • Hassle free quick on boarding
  • Automated recurring payments
  • Requirement for manual inspection of receipts
  • Requiring manual data feed

Learn more about our corporate cards

Every single expense management needs collaborated into a single spot. The same expense management center for all admins, employees, and accountants. From cards to approvals, reimbursements and accounting, we have a solution for all.

Physical cards

Allow your employees to spend smarter and wiser with the help of corporate physical cards. Issued with the security and quality of VISA, these cards can be used for various merchant portals and offline transactions. They make expense tracking much simpler, without forcing employees to dip into personal funds.

Virtual cards

Unlimited virtual cards at your fingertips. These cards can be created for employees, departments, or even to manage payments to specific vendors. Functioning the same way as physical cards, they’ve made contactless and online payments much more efficient than before. 

Business credit

Need a credit line so that you can take care of important purchases and daily business expenses? You don’t have to wait for months applying for business loans. We offer a business credit line with flexible billing cycles and more affordable rates - all without jumping hoops. 

FAQs on corporate cards

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Business spend management
Keep your business spending in check with corporate cards

When it comes to managing business expenses corporate cards with real-time tracking of spends, automated reconciliation processes and controlling features like approval policies and budget settings have become the go-to choice for most businesses.

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Corporate card policy
Understanding what is a corporate card policy for businesses?

This document serves guidelines for card usage as well as preventing possible misuse for all the stakeholders in the company. Having a concrete corporate card policy in place is important because it outlines what counts as misuse and can thus help prevent fraud.

19 Jan 2023

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