Best payroll and accounting software for small business

Apr 05, 2024

It’s one of the biggest milestones of a business to emerge into a big team of employees from a handful. The first and foremost challenge here happens while processing their salary payouts.

It’s as simple as making an account-to-account transfer but to a broader number of recipients. It’s a huge inconvenience for employees to receive wrongly processed or delayed wages.

Additionally, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore requires employers to distribute itemized payslips. To save you from these complications, luckily, there is many best payroll and accounting software for small businesses.

Best payroll software in Singapore for business

The following software is the best-rated, popular payroll software in Singapore, suitable for small businesses. They are also best for creating MOM (Ministry of Manpower) approved itemized payslips for your employees.

1. Talenox


• Multi-currency payroll to pay your foreign employees

• Integration with major accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, Volopay, and banks like DBS

• Employee profiles and leave management

• Payroll report generation


• Has both free and paid versions

• The paid version starts from SGD 42.80/month

• 30 days free trial available


• Can upgrade to the paid version and cancel it anytime.

• Automatic tax estimations. Talenox has partnered with IRAS, the tax body of Singapore. Hence, you make your tax submissions right here

• With custom filters, it’s easy to search with fields other than names

• Can create itemized payslips with a detailed breakdown of CPF contributions, extra-pay, deductions, and other segments

2. Simplepay

Simplepay falls under one of the best HR software in Singapore. Even HRs with no previous payroll systems experience or legislative knowledge can use this.

This is great for small businesses with lesser employees and doesn’t have a big budget for payroll automation. Simplepay is an online software that requires zero initial setups.


• Employee profiles and leave management

• Staff loan tracking

• Automated deduction setup

• Authorized by the IRAS, this software lets you download tax reports that are automatically calculated. This can be downloaded and uploaded to the IRAS website


• Their pricing plan is so different from other providers. They don’t want to stop you from accessing all features based on the plan you choose

• They, instead, charge for every user/employee you add. It is SGD 4 per employee


• Tax norms changes are automatically uploaded. This helps you stay 100% compliant all the time

• Self-service portal for employees to manage their leave requests and payslips

• Automated data backups. No need to download and store them as reports

3. Singroll

Singroll deserves mention in the list of the best payroll and accounting software for small businesses. Created for the welfare of small businesses in Singapore, Singroll gives access to an online platform that simplifies and streamlines payroll activities.

Other than offering free software, Singroll also provides a free marketing platform for businesses to display their ads.


• Attendance and leave management

• Payroll management

• MOM itemized payslips and payslip customization

• All-in-one HR management

• Ability to connect your payroll files to banks like DBS, OCBC, UOB, and other renowned business banking providers of Singapore

• CPF contributions

• Health declaration and leave encashments

• Ability to track overtime


• Singroll is a free software created for small businesses to have access to localized software. You can add unlimited employees and use every feature available for free


• Receive the latest updates from MOM, WDA, and CPF

• Can access it from both desktop and mobile

• With the Singroll phone app, employees can submit leave and claim requests instantly

4. Payday

Payday is a Singapore-native, cloud-based HR and payroll management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use and highly reliable. You only need internet connectivity to access and manage your employee leaves and payroll systems.

As their operations are based out of Singapore, they are constantly updated on government policies on payroll administration.


• Payroll and employee data management

• CPF e-submission

• Report generation (Payroll, CPF, payment listing, leave adjustment, etc.)

• Leave request submissions and approvals

• Itemized payslips generation 

• View IR8A tax forms


• They have a pay-as-per-you-use pricing model. Pricing changes depending on the number of employees. The starting price is SGD 25/month for 1 to 5 employees

• They also have a 30-day free trial period available


• Accessible through Android and iOS mobile apps 

• Can integrate with other ERP and TMS systems

• Hybrid model software that can be managed both with an in-house or outsourced team

• Data protection

5. Justlogin

Justlogin is a payroll software Singapore has which follows the employee-first approach. Their HRMS solutions can be accessed via the cloud and come with integration facilities.

Apart from payroll, this software also has an extensive range of performance-tracking tools for HR professionals. Designed with their 20 years of first-hand experience, this app is to keep your payroll fully compliant, automated, and error-free.


• Mobile application to access payslips, report leaves, submit expense reports, and get notified when salary is released

• Real-time workforce management

• Custom report generation

• People management

• Multi-currency and country support


• They have two packages, essential and growth. Essential with leave and payroll management features, and growth is for extended expense management options and security features


• ISO 27001 certified; hence your data security is guaranteed

• Dedicated customer support team who are available 24/7 via phone, message, and email

• Can integrate with hiring, accounting, and ERP software

• More staff benefits and seamless experience can help teams reduce the administrative burden on employees

• Compliant with IRAS, Singapore’s employee act, and CPF

6. Kayaroll

Kayaroll is a free, popular payroll software in Singapore that’s best for small businesses. This software is crafted with one goal, to empower small businesses with the tools they need to manage HR activities efficiently.

Created by and for Singapore professionals, this software gets tuned as per recent government reporting norms.


• Automated end-to-end payroll management

• CPF calculations

• IRAS integrations available

• Simpler tax calculations for foreign employees


• As a launch offer, Kayaroll is ready to offer the software at a free price for the first 100 registrations. Companies with employees lesser than 100 can use this offer


• Quick-to-setup and easy-to-use platform that requires minimal training

• Swift customer support 

• Designed to promote timely pay distribution for employees

7. ADP

ADP has gained its space in the list of the best HR software in Singapore. It provides a set of tools required to manage talent, payroll, and other HR tasks in the simplest way.

Their payroll software is suitable for companies with any range of employees from 5 to 1000. As year-end is approaching, they have offers running. Upon signing up, you can get three free months.


• Employee self-servicing mobile app

• Automated payroll tasks and tax payments

• Integration with time-tracking and HR applications

• Automated reports creation

• Insurance, retirement, and other people management tools.


• They have four different packages for two different sets of companies (with employees lesser than 50 and employees higher than 50).

• The starting price range starts from SGD 59 per month.


• Can connect with payroll experts 24/7 for any queries

• Pricing plans are classified based on the number of employees as well as available features.

• As the software is updated often to stay compliant, you can avoid potential penalties.

Volopay for your payroll needs

Businesses are ditching traditional ways of payments and moving towards smart solutions. Smart solutions, as in convenient to use and less expensive than other methods.

Remote employee management adds to this, as employers are supposed to make payments in multiple currencies.

To suit these needs, payroll solution providers constantly modify their programs and increase the features available. But this also forces them to increase the price, that’s harder for small businesses to bear. 

Payroll is also an expense. Why can’t they be managed within your expense management software? You very well can.

Volopay offers a flexible and advanced expense management solution that can automate your outgoing payments, including salary distribution. This solution very well fits small businesses with remote teams.

Create unlimited corporate cards with Volopay and be able to pay your employees on your own terms. Your employees can also submit expense reports or receive credits for business trips on these same cards.

They are portable and convenient as they only have a virtual format. As one card is independent of another, they are safe to use and discard.

Other than your payroll and recurring payments, Volopay forms an excellent platform for making day-to-day business transactions. You can integrate Volopay with other ERP solutions and work collaboratively.

Managing all finances together under one roof is a lot simpler than juggling too many applications.


Which is the most affordable payroll software for SME businesses?

Singroll is the most affordable payroll solution for small businesses in Singapore. It is free to use and created by a group of like-minded SMEs who wanted to simplify payroll processing without spending much.

Do all payroll software give information about MOM, WDA, SPRING, and other organizations?

Most Singapore-native payroll software can give information about MOM, WDA, and other regulatory bodies of Singapore that regulate payroll.

Does Singapore have a payroll tax?

Employers and employees must make CPF contributions together of 17% and 20%.

Is payslip mandatory in Singapore?

Yes. It is mandatory to distribute itemized payslips to employees in Singapore.