American express corporate cards comparison for businesses

Apr 05, 2024

The American Express corporate card gives simple cost administration and commendable service to assist you with carrying on with business operations.

There are various advantages of utilizing the American Express business Card. It acquires visibility of all business spending and sets aside cash, and expands the savings of the suppliers.

The American Express corporate cards diminish desk work, save time and decrease the expense of handling invoices. It smooths out representative obligations and deals with the Card program across a host of various nations.

Overview of AMEX corporate card

American Express Business Card programs are intended for the necessities of ventures and medium-sized organizations, offering a range of devices and tools to assist you with effectively overseeing costs, further developing efficiency, and driving organization investment funds.

American Express corporate cards are intended for business use, so trying not to use one for your personal expenses is ideal. 

In the event that you blend your business and individual purchases, it could turn into a migraine at compliance and accounting time, while you're attempting to sort out which costs you can deduct. 

Aside from annual income in the millions, criteria for an American Express corporate card normally include:

At least 15 clients of the corporate record inside the organization.

Projected credit card charges of $250,000 or more a year.

Registering either as a C partnership or an S enterprise.

American Express business cards are notable for their reward programs and liberal advantages, particularly with regard to travel.

Likewise, American Express offers a couple of 0% intro APR cards that can be extraordinary private venture credit card choices for new companies and new organizations.

The cut-off for American Express corporate cards is ten. It appears to be that most Amex cardholders will be confined to at most four Amex customers or business credit cards and, probably, 10 Amex credit cards opting in.

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American express corporate cards comparison

1. AMEX corporate gold card

American Express Business Gold card additionally acquires you an extra 10,000 Membership Rewards points when you make a payment of $20,000 per quarter. That is a potential 40,000 extra points per year.

Furthermore, procure one extra point for each $1 spent when you book your flights, inns, vehicle, or meetings through American Express Travel. You can then utilize your points, your Card, or a mix of both to pay for your booking including any expenses and taxes.

As the Primary Cardmember, refer a companion or relative for an American Express corporate card.

You could procure a reference reward of 9,000 Membership Reward points for each endorsed reference up to a most extreme yearly reference reward of 90,000 Membership Reward points.

You're safeguarded when you utilize the Card to book your travel, with Travel Accident Insurance up to $250,000 and Travel Inconvenience Insurance up to $200.

On the off chance that you purchase a genuine product on your Card and it's taken or harmed in the span of 90 days of procurement, the card issuers take care of the expense of fix or replacement for the damage up to $2,500 per qualified product.

2. AMEX corporate green card

Out of the American express corporate cards comparison, the American Express Corporate Green Card is the ideal instrument for business travelers. With the opportunity to make payments essentially anywhere, liberal inherent security, complete spending visibility, guaranteeing compliance, it's the only the card you require.

The yearly expense for the Corporate Green Card will be charged to the Card Member's account yearly.

Foreign Transaction Fee: 2.5% of every exchange after a change to U.S. dollars

Late Payment Fee: $39.00 or 2.99% of any past due Pay in Full sum, whichever is higher.

Authoritative Suspense Fee (90 days past due and charge honors suspended): $25.00

Restoration Fee (on the off chance that Card is dropped due to non-payment): $25.00

3. AMEX corporate purchasing card

A corporate purchasing card (p-card) is a business credit card that employees use to purchase things for the organization. These cards are otherwise called purchasing cards, acquisition cards, and charge cards

This American Express business card is intended to smooth out the purchasing system by providing you with a solitary method of payment for all intents and purposes of your acquisition costs.

The Card can help you in reducing your desk work. The American Express Corporate Card gives simple cost administration and model service to assist you with carrying on with work.

4. AMEX Singapore Airlines business credit card

As an American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card Member, you can apply for up to 99 Supplementary Cards, including 2 free ones. It offers some business rewards that include:

In the American express corporate cards comparison, the American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card gives you;

30,000 HighFlyer points when you spend S$5,000 in the initial a half year

5,000 HighFlyer rewards when you enjoy S$500 with Singapore Airlines Group in the initial a year

15,000 HighFlyer reward points when you enjoy S$10,000 with Singapore Airlines Group every year. 

As an American Express Business Card Member, you will acquire 8.5 HighFlyer points per S$1 spent on Singapore Airlines Group. Cardholders can enjoy simple reclamation on Singapore Airlines Group flights without any covers and no blackout dates.

HighFlyer rewards are substantial for a very long time, so you can transform the costs of doing business into reserve funds and reclaim them in a more promising time to come.

Volopay corporate cards for your business

A corporate card is one of the most powerful tools a business can own. With this, selecting the best corporate card provider for your business comes like an unsaid condition.

Hence, to make the decision easier for you, here is Volopay!


Volopay is a complete package of all the features a business would require to handle its finances. Along with accounting automation, reimbursement system, money transfers you get top-tier high secure corporate cards.

Volopay corporate card facilitates you with better and more control over your finances, gives your employees easier access to company funds and real-time transaction details.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of business credit cards?

The Benefits of an American Express business Card are i. It supports your business credit rating, ii. It Keeps business and personal finances separate, iii. Access increased financing and better terms, and iv. it develops business cash flow.

Does using corporate cards help build credit scores?

Utilizing an American Express business card to charge operational expenses can in a roundabout way, assist your personal credit scoring by keeping a low credit usage rate. American Express corporate cards can help your business to maintain a strong credit score.

How long is a corporate card valid?

Your American Express Corporate Card is valid for a duration of 2 years, given you comply with payment terms. Renewal Cards are dispatched a month and a half before the expiry date of your Card. When activated, your new Card is useable straight away.

What am I liable for if my corporate card is lost or stolen?

If you, the employee, report the misfortune or burglary before the card is utilized by an outsider, you can't be expected to take responsibility for unapproved charges made by the outsider. Likewise, assuming an unapproved outsider creates charges on the card before you can report it lost or taken, the most you will owe for the unapproved charges is $50 per card. Assuming you utilize the card in an unapproved way, you are liable for all charges.

How to qualify for a corporate card in Singapore?

The candidate must be at least 21 years of age. The candidate ought to be an entrepreneur as well as an individual with the chief power of a Company/Business with a valid UEN. The organization should be enlisted in Singapore (with ACRA). Companies should be in the activity for essentially various years.

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