Best Kodo alternative in 2024

Looking for a corporate card that never misses any employee expense? Also, helps you manage your GST and TDS deductions, accounts payable, and vendor payments, preventing expense leakages? Volopay is all up for it!

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Trusted by finance teams at startups to enterprises.

Meet our customers

If you are a business owner, Volopay is an ideal solution for you

Volopay was envisioned to help businesses manage their disorganized business expenses. Our automated expense management software performs routine bookkeeping tasks with no errors to unburden your accounting department. We make it easy for you to send invoices, make payments, and track expenses – keeping your employees and vendors happy.

Easy onboarding

Customer satisfaction is at our core. Our easy-going onboarding allows clients to access our software at the earliest opportunity with no hassles. 

Happy employees

Improve employee engagement by providing a software solution that leaves no room for errors and helps them focus on high-value tasks. 

Costs saving

Get hands-on enterprise features at competitive prices, or let’s say, at the lowest prices.

Features designed for your business needs

  • Accounting integrations
  • Accounting automation
  • Recurring payments
  • GST and TDS fields
  • Submission policy

Reasons to switch to Volopay

Accounting integrations

We offer accounting integrations with platforms like Zoho, Tally, Xero, Netsuite, and Quickbooks to enhance data sharing and provide real-time visibility. It helps eliminate duplicate efforts by syncing your transactions across the platform and ensuring high data accuracy. 

By integrating two softwares, you can easily avoid overlapping activities by centralizing them and making consistent data sets. This allows you to gauge your current financial status and make informed decisions based on it. Additionally, you boost employee efficiency by making them work on software that allows seamless integration, helping them unload work burden and increase productivity. Data integrity between the software helps maintain error-free accounting and financial reporting.

Multicurrency wallet

Volopay’s multicurrency business account allows you to hold, receive, and spend money in different currencies. To improve the global reach of businesses and facilitate overseas transactions, users receive separate wallets for each currency they deal in. Currently, we support payments in more than 65 currencies to 100 countries. 

Our platform does not charge any transfer fees for transactions, meaning you do not have to pay any SWIFT or processing fees. You can send and receive money in your local currency, with no markup for foreign transactions, saving FX fees. Companies stamp out the need to maintain multiple bank accounts for various currencies through our platform. Users can easily manage domestic and international vendor payments from a single application with almost negligible charges.

Accounting automation

Accounting automation helps companies move past the manual entry system, filled with human errors. Our AI-based software automates accounting tasks like invoice capturing and processing, reconciliation, payment approval, expense reporting, syncing of transactions, ledger accounts, and more. 

Through smart triggers, you can auto-fill information for similar expense categories and types. They help you auto-populate fields based on cards, vendors, departments, and location. This allows your accounting department to save time; otherwise, they have to do it manually for each transaction. 

The auto-syncing of transactions enables users to set how often they want to extract data from their accounting software. It helps ensure there are no discrepancies between the data of our platform and the user’s accounting software.

Recurring payments

Every business has a few fixed payments to be made every month to the same vendor. The accounting department spends considerable time filling in the exact details and transferring the payments each month. 

Volopay rescues your accounting department from the repetitive nature of payments. With the help of our platform, users can enable automated bill payments that get deducted at a specified date. It helps identify unpaid invoices, creates reminders for upcoming payouts, and ensures timely bill payments. With real-time reporting capabilities, every transaction can be traced as they happen.

International vendor payments

Unlike Kodo, Volopay offers seamless and inexpensive overseas transactions. Companies can make international vendor payments through our global business account without transaction and conversion fees. Since our software supports payments to more than 100 countries, users can make seamless money transfers to global vendors. 

Similarly, you can track all your domestic and international transactions from a single dashboard, thereby improving payment visibility.

GST and TDS fields

Taxation is always a hassle for businesses when managing it through outdated softwares. The manual method of accounting calls for manual entering of GST amount for every transaction – soaking up a majority of time and energy. 

Our software auto-calculates the GST amount based on the invoice total and applicable GST rate. Users need not calculate it manually before entering the invoice – they can simply upload the total amount and let the software calculate it. Similarly, by selecting the TDS category, the amount to be paid is also automatically calculated based on the gross total. 

Department-wise spend control

To declutter your organizational spending, our platform divides employees according to their departments, i.e., sales, marketing, and more. It helps departmental managers to manage spending at a team level. Each department has its own spending limit and budget limit based on their requirement. 

This helps in the breakdown of team-wise expenses and allows one to comprehend each department's spending patterns. Companies can modify budgets and cut down unwanted costs based on spending habits.

Real-time visibility into business expenses

With Volopay’s dashboard, you can get an overview of your expenses from anywhere at any time. Every transaction that you and your employees make using Volopay corporate cards or on the platform itself to pay your vendors is automatically recorded. You never have to worry about card misuse or missing vendor payments. 

Not only that, but you can also gain better insights into your business expenses when you have real-time visibility. Reduce fraud attempts, be on top of all your payments, and allow Volopay to help you analyze your data to make more well-informed business decisions.

Ready to onboard with Volopay?