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small business tax
How to pay quarterly taxes for small business?

Want to make quarterly business tax payment easier? Capitalize on the power of automation to streamline business estimated tax payments.

Ultimate guide to small business finance management

Want to reach a profitable output every year? Learn some of the small business finance management tips that will be helpful for you.

What are the different type of remittances?

Know the fundamentals of remittance transfer and how companies can make international payments through remit wire transfer.

Invoice vs Receipt - What are the key difference?

Invoices and receipts are documents that are a part of the sales process and have significant differences in what they bring to the table.

Expense management
How to record per diem in expense report form?

A modern expense reporting application can benefit employees and management in efficiently handling per diem costs.

Expense management
Procurement vs purchasing: What are the key differences?

One focuses on transactional functions, while the other is concerned with the strategic process of sourcing products.