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small business tax
How to pay quarterly taxes for small business?

Want to make quarterly business tax payment easier? Capitalize on the power of automation to streamline business estimated tax payments.

Ultimate guide to small business finance management

Want to reach a profitable output every year? Learn some of the small business finance management tips that will be helpful for you.

What are the different type of remittances?

Know the fundamentals of remittance transfer and how companies can make international payments through remit wire transfer.

Invoice vs Receipt - What are the key difference?

Invoices and receipts are documents that are a part of the sales process and have significant differences in what they bring to the table.

Expense management
How to record per diem in expense report form?

A modern expense reporting application can benefit employees and management in efficiently handling per diem costs.

Expense management
Procurement vs purchasing: What are the key differences?

One focuses on transactional functions, while the other is concerned with the strategic process of sourcing products.

operating cost
How to reduce operating costs in business?

Want to reduce operating costs for your business? Learn some of the best tricks and tips to prioritize and reduce business expenditure.

networking capital
How to calculate net working capital for a business?

Calculate net working capital by measuring the current assets with your current liabilities. This can help arrive at an accurate number.

How can your finance team collaborate more effectively?

Empower the finance team with integrated suite of smart financial tools that can help them collaborate more efficiently with other teams.

financial management strategies
6 effective financial management strategies for your business

A successful business plan comes with in-dept financial strategies. Which ensures a smooth flow of funds and finances in the organization.

business structure
How to choose the right business structure?

Most common types of corporations include sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, and partnership. Learn more to see which to select for a business.

business insurance
9 types of business insurance you should know about

In this article find out the list of A-rated small business insurance policies and their providers to decide which works the best for you.

What is year-end audit preparation, How does it work?

In a year-end audit, a third-party auditor assesses the authenticity and reliability of the financial statements and provides advice.

fintech industry trends
7 fintech industry trends to watch out for in the new fiscal year

The future of fintech will definitely include more and more contactless payments. Stay up to date with the latest trends happening in fintech.

secure company financial data
5 ways to keep your company's financial data secure

Business security can be maintained by establishing internal safeguards for business and making small changes in the financial habits.

accounting team
Why businesses should have both accounting and finance team?

Finance team deals with analyzing financial records., accounting team deals with creation of all financial statements both play important role.

accounting automation
Accounting tasks you should automate in your organization

This article can help you understand how accounting automation can help automate manual accounting tasks.

bulk payment system
Benefits of bulk payment system for businesses

Bulk payment systems help businesses with easy salary dispersal, paying out dividends, and issue multiple refunds. Read this article for more.

How to close the accounting books faster?

Closing accounting books is one of the most demanding tasks at the end of every year. This article can help you close books faster.

integrated accounting system
What is an integrated accounting system?

An integrated system of accounting combines all primary functions of the accounting and finance teams. Know more to see how this works.

multi level approval
Everything about multi-level approval for reimbursements

This article will walk through the multi-level approval process. Which can help reduce time spent on manually settling reimbursements.

vendor management software
Common vendor management challenges and solutions

In this article, we discuss some of the common vendor management challenges faced by businesses and solutions for them.

discretionary expenses
What are discretionary expenses and how to manage them?

Discretionary expenses are those expenses made by a business that are non-essential. In this article learn how to manage them efficiently.

ai in fintech industry
Role of Artificial intelligence in the fintech industry explained

Learn how AI has brought in significant contributions toward managing business expenses and detecting fraudulent expenses.

accounting automation
8 key functions every accounting department needs to master

This article walks you through accounting department functions in a company and the expectations accounting team needs to fulfill.

Digitizing payments
How digitizing payments can boost business growth?

Digitizing payments offers high potential payoffs to businesses. Read this article to see how you can boost your business growth with this.

accounts payable management
Accounts payable management for B2C businesses

Upgrading to best account payable procedures is the experts’ recommended solution for instant B2C payments. Read this article to get started.

finance automation
8 financial goals for a business to follow

As a business owner, you must focus on creating easy spending processes, easy bookkeeping, and accurate accounting. Read this article for more.

spend management
How to manage general and administrative expenses?

Read this article to see how an efficient spend management system can help in tracking general and administrative expenses.

corporate expenses
How do unicorns manage their corporate expenses?

Unicorns use spend management tools & accounting automation software which enhances bookkeeping and financial-well being.