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Jun 03, 2024

Managing business expenditures effectively is crucial for maintaining the financial and operational efficiency of your business. However, ensuring that every transaction aligns with your corporate policies and budget can be a complex and time-consuming task.

You often run into challenges like unauthorized spending, compliance issues, and budget overruns. With merchant controls, managing your business spends is much simpler. It helps in organizing your merchant payments, improves budget adherence, and ultimately contributes to a more controlled financial environment.

Introducing merchant controls by Volopay

With Volopay’s merchant controls, managing your business expenses is effortless. You no longer have to hustle between manually reviewing every transaction or worrying about out-of-policy spending.

The merchant and category control system at Volopay allows you to set blocking conditions or other specific preferences at various levels, including company-wide, department-specific, and a card level.

Whether it’s about restricting transactions based on merchant category codes or merchant names, you have full control. This ensures that expenses align with your corporate policies and budget, mitigating the risk of unauthorized or inappropriate spending.

Flag rules at Volopay automatically flag your business transactions based on criteria like amount, department, project, or merchant. Together with Volopay, you can free up your finance team from time-consuming reviews and ensure smooth compliance.

Merchant control

How merchant controls can benefit your business

1. Advanced budget management

Volopay’s merchant controls allow you to create criteria that prevent overspending with specific merchants, to ensure that your transactions are in line with your budget and policies.

This feature also empowers your business to proactively reduce debt by setting restrictions on transactions with merchants that may pose a risk to financial stability.

2. Fraud prevention and security

Volopay ensures that only legitimate transactions are processed. Its controlled financial system prevents risky transactions and unauthorized merchants from doing business, protecting your assets from potential fraud. This ensures both peace of mind and enhanced security.

3. Streamlined expense management

Tracking your expenses becomes much easier with Volopay’s merchant controls. You can now categorize expenses and set limits, making it easy to manage your finances and spending.

One of the key features of Volopay’s merchant controls is their ability to categorize expenses based on predefined criteria such as department, project, or merchant category code. 

This categorization allows you to gain insights into your business’s spending patterns, facilitating more informed decision-making and budget allocation.

4. Compliance and responsibility

Stay audit-ready with Volopay’s category controls. Monitor projects to ensure adherence with internal processes and external regulations, and provide transparency and accountability within your organization.

By leveraging Volopay’s category controls, you can establish clear guidelines for expense categorization and approval processes, minimizing the risk of non-compliant spending. This approach helps you to mitigate the potential regulatory penalties and preserve functional standards.

How to use merchant controls with Volopay

With auto-flag rules, Volopay becomes your 24/7 policy enforcer, easing the load of manual evaluations and automatically identifying transactions outside company policy.

Setting up auto-flag rules as an Admin

Start by accessing the settings under the cards module on your Volopay dashboard. Click on ‘spend controls’ to proceed. Under the ‘post spend’ section, locate the ‘expense flag rules’ tab. 

Select ‘create a new expense rule’ to add a new rule or edit/delete existing ones. Also, define the criteria (such as threshold amount) and select a department, project, merchant, or category. Once the criteria are set, click ‘save’ to activate the rule.

From now on, any expense made using a card meeting these criteria will be automatically flagged for review.

Auto-flag rules - Spend control

Reviewing transactions

Transactions can be reviewed from the “Cards > Needs Review” or “Cards > Flagged” tabs. Reviewers, admins, and company managers can access lists of expenses requiring review and those flagged for attention. They can then approve flagged expenses or request repayment for out-of-policy expenses before approval. 

Additionally, in the “comments” option, reviewers can directly ask the user who made the expense to provide further documentation or explanation and host a discussion on the platform itself before making a decision.

With Volopay’s comprehensive merchant controls, managing your business expenses has never been easier or more efficient.


Ditch the hassle of cumbersome expense management and embrace the efficiency of Volopay’s merchant controls. You no longer have to handle manual reviews—you can seamlessly transition to flagging transactions with auto-flag rules while blocking and allowing certain merchants, ensuring timely oversight of spending activities.

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