Volopay Tally integration: Sync business expenses seamlessly

One such tool called Tally is accounting software to achieve more efficiency, fewer errors, and easy access to real-time updated information. Small Business Accounting software is a business package tool, and there are various types in these available for different sizes, kinds, and industries of businesses.

The major core features stay the same, other over-the-top features change according to the business system to which the software integrates. Your long-term business goals are essential to be considered when deciding upon accounting automation software. It is obvious that you cannot keep jumping from one platform to another just because things get messy. The software’s flexibility to integrate with other platforms is crucial.

How does Volopay-Tally Integration work?

Volopay is the best spend management platform that allows you to easily integrate all your transactions and expenses with TallyPrime. This integration offered by Volopay would sync all the business transactions you make from the platform and will be automatically categorized and entered into the TallyPrime bookkeeping and accounting system. This seamless integration will help your business terminate all manual coding and data entering and also automate all your expense reports which in turn will make the whole reconciliation process faster than ever.

Tally Integration

How to get started with this integration?

To get started and reap these benefits, you just need to get a Volopay business account for your organization. Once you get your hands on that, you just have to select a default bank account against which all transactions will be marked, set a sync frequency, and determine the rules for auto-categorization and expenses sync. You can then enjoy the error-free and fastest accounting management. 

accounting Integration

Get complete control over your bookkeeping flow

Bookkeeping and accounting are major financial tasks, and once that is taken care of, the focus can be shifted to other important business operations like forecasting and budget creation. 

With the Tally plugin offered by Volopay, your business can enjoy numerous benefits like easy fetching of the company’s master data, this could be Chart of Accounts, GST tax codes, and Suppliers from Tally.

This centralized data access point eliminates the whole tedious process of going through the different files and running all around all over the company to fetch appropriate data. 

Along with this, all transactions made from the platform get automatically synced with Tally, meaning all expenses are accurately recorded and entered into the assigned category immediately with real-time accounting.

This also means that everything is can be auto-categorized; category, supplier, and transaction tag input fields in the ledger can be set according to some rules you set in compliance with your business needs.

Once to customize the accounting aspect in agreement with your business requirements, Volopay seamlessly categorizes and syncs all your transactions. 

Spend less time on closing books & more time on growing your business

Benefits of Tally accounting software for businesses


Inventory management

With TallyPrime business inventory management can become a matter of minutes. Features like multiple stock valuation, godown management, batch, and expiry date, manufacturing and many more can change your business game because the added facility of accurate inventory reports is better.


Invoicing & accounting

TallyPrime can help your business easily record and create invoices along with optimization of invoice components. Along with this, you get multiple billing modes and a host of configurations all with TallyPrime. These features are the very core of accounting automation.


GST & taxation

Every business functions on one side, and GST accounting on the other; it is a nightmare for a business’s financial team. TallyPrime offers facilities to generate GST-compliant invoices within a span of seconds, and also all your GST return filing becomes accurate. Not only this, but using IRN and QR codes, your company can easily generate and print e-invoices. Manage everything from TDS and TCS to payroll and PF with TallyPrime. 


Perceptive business reports

Along with the core accounting integrations features, TallyPrime offers businesses to get more the 400 readily available reports, which contain useful insights and precise data which would help you make effective business decisions. The reporting feature also allows you to customize and change the reports according to your business requirements. This makes Tally a very flexible accounting software for businesses.

Speed up the closing process with automated expense reports

Reconciliation is one of those processes of a business that takes hundreds and hundreds of hours in a financial year. This happens mainly because of all the company policies and approval workflows that need to be followed.

Meaning, that every expense has to be checked against the budget and the spending policies and then approved by different managing people. Clearly, this is a process that requires a colossal investment of time and extensive use of money. 

All this can be can be avoided by automating the reconciliation and expense reporting process using Volopay. Reconciliation can become a cakewalk with accounting automation and autoclassification features. 

Two-way sync

Direct accounting integration comes with a two-way sync feature. This means that any changes made in the accounting software would be updated on the Volopay platform as well, which also applies vice-versa. 


Accounting triggers can be used to auto-classify your transactions by filling the fields as a default based on the mapping rule you choose. Plus, you can also customize the triggers according to your business needs so that you can create variations in the mapping rules.

Reimburse business expenses with Volopay

Convert reimbursements from being a tedious and hectic process to an automated and smooth process with Volopay. Reimburse your employees instantly with the smart features provided by Volopay. Employees can easily claim expenses by just clicking a snapshot of the spend receipt and uploading it along with the reimbursement claim. This helps in dexterously managing employee expense claims. It becomes easier as everything can be accessed and done through one centric dashboard.

ledger expenses

Sync reimbursed expenses into Tally

Every reimbursement gets automatically synced into Tally accounting automation software provided by Volopay; this reduces the time and money invested in manual expense reporting. Furthermore, every reimbursement claim is updated in real-time and is visible to the company admin and the people involved in the approval flow. The expenses which pass the mandatory requirements of your company’s expense policy are put forth for approval.

synced reimbursed expenses
Sync all business expenses in real-time into Tally with Volopay