How Volopay helped Upmesh

Apr 05, 2024

Volopay helped Upmesh save money & time to focus on what really matters?

Upmesh is on a journey to reinvent how people shop. With the exponential boom of live commerce over the past few years, they’ve embarked on a mission to make online shopping much smoother for live streamers. The shoppable live stream API allows for a productive combination of entertainment and shopping. 

The interface automatically captures comments as orders and processes them in a consolidated manner. Payment gateways make it easier for customers to buy products quickly and with absolute guarantee of safety.

They also help manage other aspects of e-commerce, such as customer support, product & delivery information, as well as inventory.

But true to their mission, they do more than just offer software. They intend to help businesses grow and reach their desired markets.

Upmesh’s offerings include a proprietary mobile application that allows live sellers to create their own personalized overlays without the need for technical knowledge, loyalty programs, unique growth plans, seller networks, as well as promotions. With their help, live selling has become not only possible but also scalable and efficient. 

Going beyond where the initial use case was expense management, Upmesh was able to go further and take advantage of the corporate card solution. They feel it’s a real godsend.

It gives the flexibility to not only give a claims budget to each of their staff but also to be able to issue them cards and give card flexibility where they have an allowance of their own. Upmesh sees itself evolving in its use of Volopay across, really, the lifespan of the company.

Expense management before trying out Volopay

As with most startups, the key team members were handling the majority of the expenses. Over time, as the team and client base grew, this became a hassle. Instead of being able to focus on the primary tasks associated with their jobs, they were dealing with a mountain of receipts, invoices, and reconciliations.

Shawn Teow, the COO and Co-Founder, explains that roughly 15-20 hours a month was spent on expense-related paperwork alone. 

It also became difficult to manage employee expense budgets and claims. Since many team workers were working from home, their allowances were not easily trackable. Accounting also became a growing issue. 

Upmesh’s clients, vendors, and employees also happen to be spread across the globe. International payments needed to be processed manually, and the time and money expenses were extremely high and unmanageable.

The challenge

1. Manual management of receipts, invoices, and other accounts payable documentation.

2. Manual processing of reimbursements and claims. 

3. Extra effort is required to manage claims budgets.

The solution

1. Account dashboard for total control and visibility of expenses.

2. Multi-currency wallets for improved SaaS management.

3. Smooth, round-the-clock customer service to tackle obstacles.

4. Corporate cards to handle employee expenses.

5. Xero accounting software integration for direct reconciliation.

The result

1. Significant time and money savings on expense management.

2. Easily reconciled expense claims from employees.

3. Scalable expense solution to manage growing budgets and teams.

4. Accounts payable and receivable are automated.

How Upmesh uses Volopay for expense management

In order to address the primary concern that Upmesh had, they started using Volopay’s Bill Pay dashboard.

An all-in-one control panel for accounts payable, receivables, and other business payments, it automated a majority of their payments. The ability to create multi-currency wallets also made it possible for them to easily payments in both USD (mostly SaaS spends) and SGD.

Once the main use case was solved, Upmesh also found themselves using Volopay’s corporate cards. This offering allows admins to assign physical cards and unlimited virtual cards to their employees.

The cards are linked to the company’s expense policy and controlled by the same control panel, so there is no possibility of overspending. Reconciliation is instantaneous since the transactions are recorded in real-time. The software has a plugin for Xero, so all the data feeds directly into Upmesh’s accounting software of choice.

These cards also made it possible for Upmesh to easily disburse work-from-home allowances to their employees. The allowance was put on their cards (physical or virtual). These cards could be used like any other card, and funds could be requested any time through the Volopay mobile app. Since these expenses were now predictable, budget planning could be based on intelligent forecasts.

Why Upmesh recommends Volopay?

Volopay helped Upmesh save money, save time, and focus on what really matters. Volopay’s dashboard gave them absolute control and visibility over all their spending, and any payments and reimbursements became one click of a button.

Moreover, the customer success team from Volopay constantly ensures that their needs are being met. Great care is taken to oversee that everything is taking place as intended, and any special requests are always addressed and discussed in order to meet the client’s needs. 

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