Best SAP Concur alternatives in India

Apr 05, 2024

Travel and expense management software is an automation system designed to help businesses manage their traveling expenses.

From making flight bookings, and hotel reservations, fixing food and beverages facilities, trip scheduling, travel analysis, and tracking, travel and expense management can do it all.

Corporate travel and expense management software is used by businesses to automate the whole process of sending their employees on business travel. 

Automation and tech-induced processes have always proven to be beneficial for all types of businesses.

Travel and expense management software provides complete control over traveling spending and also helps reduce the cost by eliminating all the major processing costs.

The system aligns the booking and reservations with the company’s travel policies; hence reconciliation becomes easier.

SAP Concur is one such travel and expense management platform which caters to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with automation solutions.

However, there are other SAP Concur alternatives available in the market. Let us give you some options.

Why does your business need travel and expense management software?

Every industry, every business, definitely needs travel and expense management software. This kind of automation platform can help your business get an overall view of the company’s travel spending.

With this, you can prudentially make decisions on the difficulties in this area and take influential steps towards smart travel management. With travel and expenses management software, your organization is provided with features that offer seamless control and administration. The convenience of making reservations and managing expenses using just one platform is a brilliant offer to pass. You can give your employees corporate cards with spending limits, which would ensure that no more than the allotted money would be spent.

Next, the business’s travel expenses policies have to enter into the system, and automatically, all the automation aspects of travel management in the platform would enforce those rules.

Plus, travel reporting and analysis also become easier with the facility of auto-designed and created expense reports. All the expenses made through the platform would be automatically tracked and updated in a database.

Plus, any receipts or bills which did not go through the platform can be scanned and entered for processing. The overall efficiency and coherence of business travel management increase colossally. 

Volopay - The best SAP concur alternative

SAP Concur is amongst the travel and expense management software available in the market. However, there are better SAP Concur alternatives existing, and the best one is Volopay! 

Volopay is a carefully curated expense management solution that can solve all the financial problems of a business.

Specifically for travel expense management, Volopay offers virtual and physical corporate cards that support more than 65 major currencies. Volopay physical cards can be used internationally in ATMs to withdraw money.

Along with this, you get real-time visibility into all spends, multi-level approval workflow, easy receipts information recognition with OCR, and a user-friendly mobile app for raising reimbursement requests and approving claims.

Plus, direct accounting integration for reducing the manual burden of matching receipts and entering it into the accounting books. We have a lot more for your business; just Book a Demo! 

Travel expenses, as stated earlier, are inevitable and constitute as a major spend for any business. Hence, you cannot just blindly make these travel expenses; it would ruin your baseline and leave no money for other important uses.

Evidently, it becomes a basic need to adopt an automated travel and expenses management software which would not only help in organizing all the tasks and procedures but would also provide you with insights and reports for a better future financial decision making and colossally assist in saving huge sums of money. 

What's better than a solution equipped for all your business needs?

Other SAP Concur alternatives in India for travel and expense management

1. Zoho

One of the SAP Concurs alternatives is Zoho. It is a platform that offers aspects of expense management and travel management.

It offers features like seamless local tax laws compliance, direct corporate card sync with expense management tools, smooth coherence with ZOHO’s CRM, employee business expense automation, expense management tools easy to use while traveling, automated and swift approval workflow, and purchase approvals. 

It offers four different types of software subscription plans; the most popular, i.e., the Standard Plus + plan, costs 199INR every month and offers three users.

Along with this, it provides features for travel requests, purchase requests, per diem automation, advanced customization, and receipt auto-scan. 


• Highly interactive and user-friendly dashboard. 

• Accurate travel expense tracking 

• Affordable and pocket friendly for small businesses

• Direct and hurdle-free integration with ZOHO accounting software


• Categorization of expenses is not available, making it difficult to determine reasons for increasing expenses

• Alerts and compliance issues are raised for even moderately similar expenses 

• WhatApp and SMS receipts cannot be scanned, and the receipts auto-scan features don’t give extremely accurate results. 

• ITILITE software, a third-part software, is required for TMC integration (unlike other software that has direct integration with TMC).

2. Fyle

If you wish to go for complete travel and expense management automation, choose Fyle.

Fyle, as one of the alternatives to Concur, offers approval and denial of expense reports and claims, real-time information, and report updates, in-depth analytics for the finance team, secure login into the software, an easy-to-use mobile app that can be accessed anywhere, and an automated policy compliance check. 

Fyle extends three different types of software subscriptions Standard, Business, and Enterprise.

The most popular one is the Business Plan for $11.99 (per user, per month), where all the features of the Standard plan, plus corporate card management with automatic reconciliation, real-time feed update, policy synced approvals, fraud protection and duplicate payment recognition, detailed insights into spending patterns, and behaviors, 24x7 customer support and email communications. 


• Real-time information updates are sent to managers and stakeholders for approval or rejection on the spot

• Expense report submissions can easily be made through Slack, Text Messages, Gmail, or Outlook

• Reimbursement requests can be processed in bulk, even with different receiving bank accounts


• The feature of importing receipts from email is not that accurate

• Mobile application crashes every now and then 

• The report editing feature isn’t available until the approval has come along

• HRMS integrations are limited

3. Expensify

Expensify is another great alternative to Concur. It is a very efficient receipt tracking and expense management software.

The following features are offered by Expensify: Multi-level approval workflow, automatic receipts scanning, PCI-compliant security, flexible HR, travel and accounting integrations, corporate card reconciliation, and distributed user access. 

For 25 SmartScans per month, Expensify does not charge any fee. For unlimited SmartScans and more features, a six-week free trial is provided, after which $4.99 per month (for individuals) gets charged, and for businesses, the price is $5 per user per month. 


• Pricing plans are per month per user basis, and there is also a free plan for small businesses. This makes Expensify very affordable and cost-efficient for small businesses.

• Simple bill payments using the mobile app  


• Expense categorization isn’t very accurate or is prone to a lot of errors 

• Approval workflows are complicated and lengthy

• Duplicate entries and expenses are found many a time

• No designated account manager is provided to customers

4. Happay

Happay is a platform that can successfully automate all expenses, travel costs, and payments under one platform.

Happay is an extremely well-built automation solution that provides various advanced features such as automated compliance with GST, AI-based expense reporting and filing, mobile-friendly booking solution for hotels, air rides, cabs, etc., real-time visibility into spend data, policy enforcement, and breach recognition, 24/7 customer service availability and end-to-end expense management. 

Happay operates on a pricing model that is SAAS based. This means that every business has different needs and pain points which would be solved by Happay with different features customized according to the business; hence the prices would also vary, business to business. 


• Audit trails and 7 years of cloud backup 

• Multi-level automated approval workflow

• Automatic expense data recognition and storage from multiple platforms such as emails, WhatsApp, SMS, etc

• Tight GST compliance and expenses policy enforcement and control 


• The mobile app does not properly support all languages like Japanese and Chinese 

• Lengthy credit cycle 


Itilite is an all-in-one travel and expense management platform that can increase a company’s financial productivity to the next level. Itilite offers policy-synced travel approvals, trip bookings, travel booking management, comprehensive mobile app for on-spot upgrades or fund requirement requests. 

To use the travel booking features of Itilite, businesses have to spend $9.99, and for using the expense reimbursement offering, the price is $7.99


• Supports self and personalized bookings

• Provides real-time travel expense data visibility

• Coherent with policy integrations


• No customization supported

• Card integration unavailable 

• OCR technology is not provided in the mobile app 

Manage your business travel expenses without any hassle