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Best business travel credit card in India for 2024

Apr 05, 2024

In today's fast-paced business world, the rise in business travel has become a common occurrence, especially in India. As more companies expand their operations and seek global opportunities, travel has become an integral part of their strategy.

Assigning a dedicated credit card to employees for business travel has emerged as an important financial tool for companies. These specialized business travel credit cards offer a range of benefits and features tailored to meet the unique needs of frequent business travelers.

Let's explore the best business travel credit cards in India in 2024 and understand why they are crucial for corporate travel.

5 best business travel credit cards in India for 2024

1. Volopay prepaid cards

Volopay’s corporate cards are the perfect solution if you require a business travel credit card. With the recent introduction of a 20% TCS (Tax collected at source) on international credit card expenses above INR 7 lakhs in a financial year, many businesses were concerned that they will have to pay an extra amount for frequent business travelers after a certain point. 

It was soon clarified that corporate expenses such as an employee traveling on behalf of a company or due to business reasons will not incur the 20% TCS deduction. Even so, many were concerned as to how an expense would be categorized as a personal or business expense. It would take a lot of paperwork and effort to make sure that business expenses are categorized as such. 

To solve this issue and separate personal & business expenses, you need to get corporate cards such as the ones provided by Volopay. Any expense through a corporate card will always be categorized as a business expense.

Our international virtual corporate cards will let you book flight tickets and hotels securely. As part of the finance team, you can also set custom spending limits for each employee's card. 

2. SBI Central Travel Account Credit Card

The SBI Central Travel Account Credit Card offers a comprehensive solution for corporate travel needs. It provides centralized billing and allows businesses to set customized spending limits for individual employees. The card offers rewards and benefits such as accelerated reward points on travel-related expenses and exclusive access to airport lounges. 

3. Axis Bank Central Travel Account card

The Axis Bank Central Travel Account card is designed to simplify travel expense management for businesses. It offers features like centralized billing, customized spending limits, and detailed expense reporting. The card also provides travel insurance coverage and access to airport lounges, enhancing the travel experience for cardholders.

4. Citi Corporate Card

The Citi Corporate Card is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a versatile credit card for travel expenses. It offers comprehensive expense management tools, including detailed reporting

and integration with accounting software. The card also provides global acceptance, making it convenient for international travel.

5. American Express Corporate Card

The American Express Corporate Card is known for its premium features and global acceptance. It offers travel benefits such as airport lounge access, complimentary travel insurance, and rewards on travel-related expenses. The card also provides expense management tools and dedicated customer support for businesses.

Benefits of using a business travel credit card

Benefits of prepaid cards for T&E management

1. Convenient

Business travel credit cards provide convenience by allowing employees to make business payments anytime and anywhere.

With compatibility with mobile payment apps and digital wallets depending on the region, business travelers can easily settle expenses on the go, eliminating the hassle of carrying cash or submitting reimbursement claims at the end of the month.

2. Safe method of payment

Credit cards offer a secure way to make payments during business travel. They reduce the risk of carrying large amounts of cash and provide protection against fraud or theft.

Additionally, some of the best business credit cards for travel offer advanced security features such as EMV chip technology and two-factor authentication, ensuring the safety of transactions.

3. Easy to track and monitor

Business travel credit cards simplify tracking and monitoring of travel expenses. Each transaction made with the card is recorded on a central platform known as an expense management system, allowing businesses to easily track and reconcile expenses. This feature streamlines the accounting process, saving time and effort for both employees and finance teams.

Take control of your business expenses with the help of our comprehensive article on the best expense trackers. Discover top-rated tools that simplify tracking, streamline workflows, and empower financial management.

4. Reduction in manual paperwork and administrative tasks

By using a business travel credit card, employees can minimize manual paperwork and administrative tasks associated with travel expenses.

Instead of collecting and submitting multiple receipts, all costs are recorded in real-time on the expense platform and consolidated in a single statement. This simplifies the expense reporting process and reduces paperwork.

5. Improved compliance and policy enforcement

Business travel credit cards enable companies to enforce travel policies and ensure compliance. By setting spending limits and restrictions, businesses can ensure that employees adhere to the company's travel policies. This helps in controlling expenses and avoiding unauthorized or excessive spending.

6. Better spending control

Business travel credit cards provide businesses with better control over spending. Companies can set individual spending limits for employees, categorize expenses, and monitor spending patterns. This control helps in managing budgets effectively and optimizing travel expenses.

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Factors to consider when choosing a business travel credit card

1. Annual fees and charges

Consider the annual fees and charges associated with the credit card. Evaluate whether the benefits and features offered justify the cost.

Some corporate cards that you come across might have high annual fees and usage charges, but the features and perks they offer might be worth it for your use case.

To make the right decision clearly identify your business travel needs and choose the best card accordingly.

2. Foreign transaction fees

For businesses with international travel requirements, it is important to assess the foreign transaction fees associated with the card. Look for cards that offer favorable exchange rates and low or waived fees for overseas transactions.

If you are a business traveler that specifically travels abroad quite a lot, then you must definitely consider corporate cards with the lowest FX rates or the ones that let you load money into them directly in a foreign currency. This will help you avoid recurrent FX charges for each transaction that you would have had to incur if you spent in your local currency in a foreign country. 

3. Travel network and acceptance

The last thing you want after choosing a corporate card is to realize that those cards are not accepted at certain merchants and locations that you frequently visit and make purchases from.

Ensure that the business travel credit card is widely accepted and supported by major travel networks, airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies. This ensures that cardholders have convenient access to services during their travels. 

4. Travel insurance coverage

Check the travel insurance coverage provided by the credit card. Look for features like trip cancellation protection, lost baggage coverage, and emergency medical assistance to provide comprehensive protection during business travel.

Many of the business travel credit cards that you might feel are expensive may offer all these benefits that can be crucial in cases of an emergency.

5. Customer support and service

Consider the quality of customer support and service provided by the credit card issuer. Prompt and reliable customer support can be crucial during emergencies or when resolving any issues with the card.

A strong corporate card product is always assisted by a strong customer support team. Whether it's during the initial days to help you set up and start using the cards, or any time during your usage that you face problems, make sure to check the reviews by other people regarding the customer support of the card provider. 

6. Additional business features

Some of the best business credit cards for travel offer additional features specifically designed for corporate users. These may include real-time expense tracking, analytics & custom reporting tools, and integration with industry-leading accounting software, making expense management and reconciliation more efficient.

Volopay prepaid cards for streamlined T&E management

Volopay’s business prepaid cards for Indian companies are the perfect solution for business travellers and for managing your overall corporate expenditure for the following reasons:

Real-time expense tracking helps you stay on top of your company expenses. You will exactly who is spending where and make monetary decisions accordingly.

Custom controls such as setting specific spending limits on each card ensure that there is no chance of overspending. 

Volopay cards also ensure that there is a clear distinction between personal and business expenses. This way you can be sure that even if your international travel expenses go above INR 7 lakhs in a financial year, you will not be charged the 20% TCS deduction as they are all corporate travel expenses.

Using Volopay, you also get the ability to create unlimited virtual cards for each employee. This way you can manage all the different kinds of expenses with ease and not have to sort through tons of different expenses in a single card’s transaction statement.

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