Aadhar consent

1) I voluntarily opt for Aadhaar OVD KYC or e-KYC or Offline verification, and submit to the bank my Aadhaar Number, Virtual ID, e-Aadhaar, XML, Masked Aadhaar, Aadhaar details, demographic information, Identity information, Aadhaar registered mobile number, face authentication details and /or biometric information (collectively, “Information”)

2) I am informed by the bank that,

a. Submission of Aadhaar is not mandatory, and there are alternative options for KYC and establishing identity including by way of physical KYC with officially valid documents other than Aadhaar. These include coming to the bank branch with any two of the other KYC documents like PAN card / Passport/ Driving license/ MNREGA Card /Voter id card etc. The process for the same is available at all branches of the bank. All options of establishing identity were offered to me by the bank.

b. For e-KYC/ authentication /offline verification, Bank will share Aadhaar number and / or biometrics with CIDR/UIDAI, and CIDR/UIDAI will share with the Bank, authentication data, Aadhaar data, demographic details, registered mobile number, identity information, which shall be used for the informed purposes mentioned at point 3 below.

3) I authorise and give my consent to the bank (and its service providers), for the following informed purposes:

a. KYC and periodic KYC process as per the PML Act, 2002 and rules thereunder and RBI guidelines, or for establishing my identity, carrying out my identification, offline verification or e-KYC or Yes/No authentication, demographic or other authentication/ verification/ identification as may be permitted as per applicable law, for all accounts, facilities, services and relationship of/through the bank, existing and future;

b. Collecting, sharing, storing, preserving information, maintaining records and using the information and authentication/verification/identification of records: (i) for the informed purposes above, (ii) as well as for regulatory and legal reporting and filings and /or (iii)where required under applicable law;

c. Enabling my account for Aadhar enabled payment services (AEPS);

d. Producing records and logs of consent, information or of authentication, identification, verification etc, for evidentiary purposes including before a court of law, or any authority or in arbitration.

4) I hereby acknowledge that the bank shall maintain the logs of my consent for the purpose as provided at point 3 above. 

5) My consent is being taken in accordance with the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and rules and regulations framed thereunder. 

6) I have further been informed that the bank shall not share my e-KYC or Aadhaar number with other entities. 

7) I understand that the Aadhaar number and core biometrics will not be stored / shared except as per law and for CIDR submission. I have downloaded the e-Aadhaar myself using the OTP received on my Aadhaar registered mobile number. I will not hold the Bank or its officials responsible in the event this document is not found to be in order or in case any incorrect information is provided by me.

8) The above consent and purpose of collecting Information has been explained to me and available to me in my local language.