How to create an expense report for your business easily?

Keeping up with expenses is a tough job for most businesses. Tracking, recording, and evaluation of all incurred expenses come under the basic responsibility of the financial business management department. However, businesses can avoid the risks of financial damages and troubles by maintaining an efficient small business expense report.

By keeping a track of all operational expenses, businesses can prepare effective plans for themselves, foresee any barriers that may arise in cash flow, and make sure that significant expenses such as vendor payments and payroll are initiated on time.

What are small business expense reports?

A small business expense report is often described as a document that keeps a track of all your operational expenses. The interrogations such as why, when, how, and by whom for all the expenses, along with proof in the form of receipts are a part of small business expense reports. 


It makes easy for you to assemble a record of all the payments that your employees initiate, which assists your business in filing expense deductions. 


An employee would generally pass an expense report form to you along with the attached receipts once he is done with making business purchases. In case it works with the per diem expenses and other demanded criteria, businesses are ought to compensate them at a later date.

small business expense reports

Expense reports assists you in two objectives

- Find out the compensation amount for your employees for the operational expenses they bear on behalf of your organization.

- Assembling those expenses vividly that you can avoid taking an account of on your business tax return.


With the guidance of a small business expense report, you are expected to track expenses your employees bear in the interest of the association. It incorporates: involving their private vehicle for business purposes, attending meetings, or engaging clients.


Whenever you prepare an expense report, you are expected to give a reference regarding all the costs mentioned in it. Additionally, you should join each receipt associated with the mentioned expenses. It offers straightforwardness to your association's accounting framework by assembling each cost classification-wise.

What does expense report have?

There are essential points of interest that you'll expect to incorporate for employees to concede remuneration from your organization. The points of interest referenced underneath will help you in noticing down your costs in a superior way which later demonstrates valuable in case of an audit. Also, it supports securing and dissecting your budget plan to focus on the impending fiscal year.

Employee and administrator name

The contrast between who is bearing costs for the organization's benefit and who they're answering to should be clarified. A bookkeeper can check repayment costs and assume they request the employee to go for a specific explanation.

Employee ID number

The representative ID number confirms who's documenting the report and assumes that the number is related to any of the affiliation's areas of expertise. Small businesses are more averse to producing a worker ID number, yet they are expected to have an arrangement that perceives the division where a representative offers administrations.

Name of the division

Direct recognizable proof of the division in which you work ought to be thought of regardless of whether you have the enrolled administrator's name and the ID number. Whenever required, this can likewise succeed a worker ID piece of the cost report.

Purpose of the excursion

Record the specific motivation behind why operational expenses require spending. Purposes, for example, business gatherings, client gatherings, purchasing supplies for organization use, and so forth, are thought of. Make certain to be essentially as sure as conceivable in portraying the point of your excursion.

Timeframe for costs of doing business

Notice the timetable in which you went for business purposes. Outlay rates modify per annum, so referencing the year gives a careful depiction of the amount you ought to spend in a specific period.

Description of the cost

Notice what points of interest you bought and where you bought them from. To give a striking portrayal, attempt to refer to the total location of the store you purchased an item from. As such, the affiliation finds how far you went for business.

Company card data

While building costs, write down the name of the organization card you utilized. An advanced record offers simplicity to a worker for following instalments and referencing them progressively.

Category of the cost

Underline assuming that this use relates to inadvertent charges or housing and suppers. It's smarter to be pretty much as coherent as attainable in getting what each expense falls under. Ask your administrator on the off chance that you have any inquiries while finishing up this piece of the expense report.

Total costs

Notice all costs from an affiliation trip, keep up with receipts for each cost, and pass it to your bookkeeper for endorsement. Without a trace of documentation, your costs can't be repaid. In this way, saving receipts are a warning and ought to be referenced independently in the private company expense report.


A mark from a bookkeeper and a worker is the best answer for claiming the precision of costs to be repaid. In straightforward terms, the mark is last except if changes should be done inside the report. A director generally guarantees the precision of things bought, the cost, and the purchase area by cross-checking a cost report.

Eliminate paperwork with advanced expense reporting software

Expense report layout

You should have a clerk assisting you with producing an expense report format related to following your employee's spending. Have a glance at this expense report template in excel to assist track and report your expenses.

expense report layout

Expense report template

Employee Name:

Timeframe of expense: From, to...

Employee ID Number:

Manager's Name:

Business Department:

Purpose of Business Trip:

Business Expenses:


Account Paid:

Description of Expense:

Category of Expense:

Subtotal of Expenses:

Total of Employee Reimbursement:

Employee Signature:

Date of Employee Signature:

Manager's Signature:

Date of Manager's Signature:

How to prepare an expense report?

Google knows the perfect answers for all your doubts. You’re spoon-fed for options when it comes to conveniently installable alternatives. However, Microsoft Excel also allows you to explore some expense report templates.

You might be wondering if an online general template is the best choice for your association?

Here’s a list of essentials that you must include to create an expense report

- Name, project name, department, and contact details

- Names or codes for expense itemization

- Date of incurred expense 

- Reason of expense

- Receipt in support of expense

- Actual expense amount, i.e., how much the organization

has to reimburse.


A to-do list for employees

- Protecting all receipts related to costs of doing business.

- In the event of manual data entry, note and report a solitary receipt at a time.

- Offsetting receipts with comparing ventures and costs.

- Chasing expense report submission deadlines.

- Approaching the financial department in case of the violation of rules and regulations or delayed reimbursements.


Things to consider by the finance groups

- Requesting that employees submit expense reports for reimbursements.

- Manual confirmation of receipts both computerized and paper.

- Looking at consistency issues and strategy infringement.

- Dissecting and illuminating costs to organization proprietors and related partners.

- Dealing with the fury of the IRS in the event of resistance.

This checklist was just a basic suggestion. However, you are advised to prepare a business expense report which meets your requirements. It becomes a futile, time-consuming operation for all stakeholders involved if you don't.


How does automation improve expense reporting for your business?

Eliminates paperwork and error-ridden reports

Managing the expense report spreadsheets manually is a tough part of the job for your employees and the finance department. The paper receipts are to be stored by your employees to file their expenses. On the other hand, the finance team spends a lot of time on the verification of paper receipts and passing approval of expense reports for reimbursements. Also, manual work is associated with unexpected errors.

Imagine a situation where your employee submits the exact expense report, but your finance department enters the wrong data while manually transferring the reports from the spreadsheet to the accounting system. Automation of the expense report process eliminates the risk of human errors. The finance department just needs to click a picture of the receipts and upload them directly to the portal with expense report software.

The finance department can gather the report once the accumulation of expenses is fruitful. It takes out feverish assignments and diminishes wellsprings of mistakes. Regardless of whether mistakes continue, your finance manager can undoubtedly follow them, which is normally troublesome with paper records.

Improves policy compliance rates

Keeping up with consistency and presenting travel expense policies turns into an imposing undertaking without a trace of a legitimate expense report app. It's intense for the finance team to follow and guarantee consistency for exchanges being moved into a spreadsheet when numerous costs appear together. This requires manual exchange of every cost against the travel expense policies.

Manual use handling can likewise intend that out-of-strategy charges show up out of the blue, and your finance team winds up discounting your laborers for policy violation. Your cost report programming can be modified according to your association's travel arrangements.

The framework is intended to automate flag and banner costs that are against the travel regulations. The approvers would be notified in case of policy violation as and when they appear. This further adds to the simplicity of your finance team. They can inspect the consistency of the costs continuously and acknowledge or object to them in a couple of snaps.

Prevents expense fraud

Expense reports are prone to theft when the employees submit them manually. The manual cost process adds to the turmoil, which offers the ideal setting for deceitful practices, for example, gathering together mileage charges and presenting a similar receipt two times. Controlling these fake exercises is a difficult situation as you should distinguish suspected asserts and circle back to the related employee to redress the issue.


Automation presented by the expense report app is a straightforward method for stopping such cost misrepresentation. It can precisely follow where the copy sections showed up and inform the submitter (and their approver) to either correct or eliminate the cost. Also, an upgraded work process adds to straightforwardness by permitting a twofold audit process. After the approver's review, it gives an extra audit before reimbursing the costs.

Speeds up approval and reimbursement

Without proficient expense report programming, the finance team and superiors invest a great deal of energy checking every representative's expense report manually and moving tasks starting with one approver then onto the next. It prompts a postponement in the reimbursement process. Suppose, a group of representatives has quite recently gotten back from an excursion supported for business purposes.

Before long, your finance department will have a greater part of receipts to set up a cost of doing business reports. They'll need to check the fitness of every cost referenced in the receipts by matching it against the approach. Assuming they skirt a receipt erroneously or put off an envelope for certain days, there goes the employee's expense report for repayment. The manual intercession can be decreased by introducing an expense report application and redesigning the endorsement work processes.

With an approver's endorsement of a report, the assignment is consequently moved to the following approver in line. It advises them to satisfy their job in the endorsement interaction. When every one of the endorsements is gotten, the finance manager can review and pass the expense report for repayment with a couple of snaps.

Increases visibility

Employee expense reports when prepared manually confine the continuous visibility of costs- the insight that you accumulate after drawing out data from a few sources could be extremely old. To screen when and where the association's abundance is being utilized, the finance department of your affiliation would expect essentially seven days to dissect the records and accumulate a precise operational expense report.

You ought to be fit for examining and seeing information as the occasions happen to make rushed, informed choices. Manual administration of costs influences information exactness and limits your visibility into your affiliation's income. Most expense report programming offers broad reports on trips, costs, repayments, strategy infringement, and a few others. You can utilize the policy violations report to figure out the top strategy violators in your organization inside a couple of snaps.

In addition, you can depend on the monthly expenses reports investigating your employees' spending behavior. Aside from settling on speedy choices, these reports help your travel and finance unit to work together to shortlist the ideal vendors for inn networks and aircraft transporters. Together, they can arrange the best arrangements and deals from the sellers. Finally, you can monitor your income and screen your affiliation's monetary exhibition.

How does Volopay help in expense reporting?

Uplift your business game with Volopay's online expense reporting software. We, at Volopay, an all-in-one spend management solution, offer you the perfect option to automate your expense reporting procedure right from the time an expense is initiated to the final stage when it is completely a part of accounting, and a report is compiled by finance team.

Employing Volopay will assist you in getting rid of manual paperwork. It helps in saving your valuable time, transforms the entire process, and offers you the power to efficiently manage and track your organizational expenses.


How often should expense reports be submitted?

Expense reports ought to frequently be submitted either month to month or quarterly. A month-to-month expense report helps track all the spending an affiliation has made inside that phase. It recognizes regions where the organizations can slice to boost benefits.

Are expense reports taxable?

The government offers tax refunds to its citizens if the situation of over-taxation arises. It implies that reimbursement also occurs in the form of tax refunds. Unlike any other reimbursements, taxes are not implied on expense reports.

Who can create expense reports?

Admin users: They can prepare and make changes in expense reports.

Expense approvers: On behalf of the employers, expense approvers can prepare an expense report. 

Basic users: Employees are exposed to the chance of preparing expense reports for their reimbursement purposes. Well, the employers must turn on the expense reports toggle to avail this opportunity. 

Are receipts required for expense reports?

Receipts are considered quite significant while preparing expense reports because they serve as proof for the expense report excel. The employees are suggested to pin the receipts in the expense report for reimbursements.

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