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Corporate cards are the go-to option for companies looking for a solution to their business expense payment and management woes. These cards are used across companies to manage and pay for all business expenses, starting from simple office supplies to bills, supplies, rent, travel, and much more.

In this sector, a long-standing, major player has been American Express. However, despite being a market leader for so long, does Amex continue to hold its reputation? Has it stood the test of time? And, how does it fare when compared with modern expense management solutions, like Volopay?

Why choose Volopay over American Express?

There’s no doubt about the fact that the American Express corporate card has long been the preferred choice of business cards for countless finance teams across the globe. This reputation, despite being well earned, is being increasingly diminished courtesy of corporate or expense management cards of this era; and, Volopay is one of the top contenders being championed to occupy the space at the top being vacated by the Amex corporate card.

When you compare American express cards with those of Volopay the reasoning behind this circumstance becomes increasingly obvious. Volopay offers a host of services. It’s not just a corporate credit card provider but an all-in-one solution for all your business expense management needs. From cards and expense reconciliation to approval workflows, invoice processing, credit lines and so much more. Volopay’s platform comes equipped with tools that not only improve the corporate credit card experience but also make using these cards a breeze. 

Before we dive deep into a direct comparison, let’s first take a more detailed look at the features that make Volopay such a great option:

Multi currency wallet

With Volopay you can maintain currency wise balances and also use local currency or USD for relevant transactions. You can also convert currencies within the platform without having to pay cross-currency transaction charges. Forex transactions are especially easy and also come with cashbacks.

Physical & virtual cards

Volopay lets you issue your corporate credit cards in both physical as well as virtual forms. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of cards that you can issue to employees. You can easily use Volopay’s web and mobile-based applications to maintain constant control over these cards. You can activate, deactivate, set spending limits, and auto-approvals for these cards with just the click of a few buttons.

Comprehensive spend & card management

The platform that Volopay comes with is another marvel. The software is equipped with a comprehensive expense management system. This system or platform serves as a one-stop shop for managing, tracking, processing, and reconciling all your expenses. Especially for the corporate business card, you can use this platform to see how they’re being used, prevent unapproved transactions and reconcile expenses all in real-time.

Credit lines

Volopay also offers its clients extra credit on card spending. After only a brief and easy assessment process clients can avail credit lines from Volopay which they can again pay back on the platform itself.

Perks & cashbacks

Volopay’s services come with the added benefit of perks and cashbacks. You can enjoy up to 5% cashbacks on all card spending, avail of discounts and offers from partners and so much more.

Customer service

Volopay boasts one the most efficient and effective customer service systems in the world. Customer service and success representatives are present on hand and at all times to address and solve any and every query clients might have.

Spend smarter with Volopay's corporate cards

  • Card limit
  • Rewards
  • Real time visibility
  • Expense management
  • Credit lines
  • Recurring payments
  • OCR features
  • Cashbacks


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