How to increase productivity of employees at workplace?

Apr 05, 2024

Looking for ways on how to increase productivity of employees? The answer is quite simple. Automation is the most powerful tool to improve employee productivity.

Agree with it or not but when tedious, burdensome repetitive tasks are automated, your employees can easily channel their energies into the right direction, which is those tasks that need human expertise like planning and forecasting and business decision making from the data.

Enhancing employee efficiency with automation can reap significant benefits for your company like higher response speed, more business growth-driven employee insights and ideas, and much more, which ultimately leads to a colossally increased profit amount for the company. 

Exactly how will automation increase productivity of employee vastly depends on the methods and ways through which technology is implemented and also a percentage of what type of technology is being fostered.

What so ever may be the size and type of the company, automation can bring about a huge difference in business operations, in a positive way.

How does automation help businesses?

Business process automation with the right tools and automation software can drastically change the way you do business.

Some of the primary benefits of automation in the workplace are, a reduction in operational costs as modern servers have a comparatively low operating cost and offer better opportunities for high-quality customer service.

Improved workforce productivity is also an important benefit of automation, as all the data is collected, sorted, and organized by a system, and a lot of time is saved, which is then put to better use.

Furthermore, with less human intervention the possibilities and vulnerability towards human error decrease colossally and this, in turn, reduces all the labor and time which is invested in reworking and correcting those mistakes.

With a more streamlined workflow, startups can move forwards quickly because all the repetitive and tedious tasks have been automated.

Lastly, the most essential benefit of all is that with automation in the workplace, business data can be collected from anywhere, at any time.

Businesses are empowered with features like real-time visibility and automatic integration.

4 ways automation increase productivity of employees

1. Repetitive tasks are taken care of

Employee efficiency is significantly increased with automation taking over all the repetitive tasks.

There are numerous activities in the business that are done over and over in the same way.

Along with this, generally, these tasks do not require much human intervention, which implies that the employees working on those tasks are using their potential and are not reaping benefits from their skills and talent.

With automation, those employees will not be required to invest their time and energy into something boring and will get the space to utilize their potential in areas where more human-centric cumulative productivity is needed.

2. Improved internal communication

Managing new staff manually can be a nightmare and successful business communication cannot only be based on emails nor can everything be planned on a Google calendar.

Manual staff management also means that along the way you would realize that you have been wasting huge amounts of valuable resources, which is also diminishing productivity overall.

This is why there is certain collaboration and communication software in the market that can create a whole virtual workplace, where you can get information on all your employees and their functioning and also communicate easily.

The software would also give you the feature to schedule meetings, and processes and use employee management templates.

This not only improves workforce productivity but also the internal business communication becomes a lot more transparent.

3. Enhanced workplace safety

From the loss of any receipt to major data breaches and malfunction, cybersecurity is an essential aspect of a business.

You can never predict what would happen when, and any business interruption can unexpected loss.

To avoid these risks and data disruptions, a comprehensive workplace protection plan must be implemented and all the employees must be educated about the same.

However, with the help of automation software, certain security measures can be automated, which would remove the risk of losing data because of even any tiny human error.

4. Eliminating redundant activities

Several companies use different systems for the different processes but extract data from the same database.

In the earlier times, manually entering data into every system was the only way to input information, or maybe do the cumbersome data retraction and uploading process.

Along with being heavily inconvenient, manual data entry in several systems will undoubtedly lead to some or the other error, which would disturb the database. 

By employing automation in the workplace, you can terminate all unnecessary data entry. With integrations done in a strategic manner, one database can automatically be used by every system.

What departments of employees gain benefits from automation?

A smooth business process involves all departments working together and seamlessly collaborating.

Automation across different departments can majorly improve employee productivity and profit generation.

Here are the departments which gain benefit from automation: 

Customer service

The workload over the customer service employees can be unimaginably high because they are trying to solve the issues and problems your customers have and simultaneously also handle various customer reports.

This is where automation comes to the rescue and solves all the business problems any customer might possess by providing the employees with all needed information in just one click.

Automation takes your customer service several notches up.

Along with this, all those loads of emails, phone calls, and messages every day, are easily handled by automation software.

Human resource

Automation software is used in human resources to digitize all intensively time-consuming and repetitive tasks like employee onboarding, administration, patrol, etc.

This gives the HR employees the opportunity to pay attention to more objective tasks which are valuable to the growth of the company.

Along with this, all the tedious paperwork is also successfully eliminated from the daily HR process. 

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The accounting department of your business can completely transform with automation.

The financial and accounting professionals will become 10x productive.

Data management has been identified as the most difficult task for any financial team, as their work has a lot to do with gathering information and evaluating it, every day.

Automation can make accounting task completion simpler and the professionals can then focus on more strategic work related to the prosperity of the business.

All the laborious work like data collection, transferring, large-document generation, and creation of valuable reports, all can be done with automation.


All the monotonous marketing tasks can now be automated.

Repetitive functions like email marketing, ad campaign posting, social media posting and so much more, everything can be automated, resulting in increased employee efficiency.

The marketing team can then focus on creating a more personalized experience for each customer.

Once all the data and workflow are streamlined, problems like generating quality leads, keeping customer engagement high, and meeting all the business objectives becomes easier in comparison to the time when automation was not used.

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Sales automation helps the sales professionals by taking over the administrative tasks like calendar management, contact information sorting, and updating, entering data into the CRM.

This gives the salespeople to direct their energies towards closing high potential deals and maintaining profitable relations with the customers.

Along with this, automation helps in managing data in real-time, recording touchpoints, and proactively following up with the leads.


Automation technology is a huge revolutionary tool, to complete time and labor-intensive tasks easily, streamline the business workflow and also give employees the space to use their skills and potential for the best of the company.

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