Guide on how to sell on Shopee and improve your business sales

Apr 05, 2024

An eCommerce platform that quickly emerged within a short span of time across Southeast Asian countries is Shopee.

It’s a boon for small businesses to sell their products within their country and across its borders in the prominent nations of Asia.

If you have international sales strategies, it’s time to utilize this golden opportunity and sell on Shopee Singapore.

How to sell on Shopee in Singapore?

Follow this six-step procedure to onboard your eCommerce business successfully on the Shopee platform.

1. Register your account

As the first thing, register on the Shopee platform as a seller on their official site. You will need your phone number to register. Later, verify your phone number by entering the one-time code you receive.

Or you can also use other modes like Facebook, Google, or Apple login. Once you sell on Shopee, the revenue will be deposited into your bank account.

Hence, you will have to provide real and relevant information during the account opening. After successful verification, you can access your profile under the seller center.

2. Add products to your e-store

Now is the time to get your goods sold. For utmost convenience, use the Shopee mobile app from where you can add products in the simplest way.

Open the app and select your profile, and select ‘start selling’.

You will see the ‘add products’ option.

Now add pictures from your phone or open the camera to take pictures.

Good pictures and clear and real descriptions help buyers decide faster. Use a good quality camera and the best lighting to capture the product.

3. Fill in the product listing details

Add the product attributes, title, variations, and detailed description that will convince your buyer.

Attributes should carry the product category, type, availability, and pricing data.

Write a detailed description that will explain your product and your brand. This description should answer every question that might arise before selecting a product online.

4. Select payment modes

Include the payment modes you are ready to accept from the options Shopee has given to sellers.

Think from buyers’ perspective and make sure that they will feel confident and comfortable in choosing a payment line. It should be secure, fast, quick, and convenient, without heavy international charges.

The accepted line of payment modes is credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and checks sent through the mail.

5. Choose shipping options

We are in the fifth step on how to sell on Shopee Singapore. Price, being the huge deciding factor, should be included here. As well as the shipping details, as Shopee’s visitors are from other countries too.

Choose your shipping methods and mention the shipping fees, if any. On a side note, free shipping attracts more customers as Shopee sellers in Singapore rarely choose that.

For shipping, Shopee sellers in Singapore use courier services like Ninjavan, Speedpost, or J&T. For lighter products, these sellers recommend Singpost, but you take on the shipping risk when there is no tracking number and Singpost takes no responsibility for lost packages.

Set your product price and include that as well along with the shipping fee.

6. Publish the items

You have successfully updated your product listing and are ready to sell on Shopee now.

Run over the listing once to confirm the given details and hit the publish button to make it go live.

How to improve sales on Shopee?

Adding products and creating your shop are the first steps you take as a Shopee seller Singapore. But there are millions of sellers like you all over the country.

How can you leverage the platform to best other sellers and improve your sales? What does it take to grab the eyeballs of the visitors of this global eCommerce platform?

1. Use Shopee's in-app advertising

If you can spend a little money to further promote your product, go for in-app advertising of Shopee Singapore.

It has two models. Either you select a list of keywords that customers use to search for, bid for it, and promote a related product. Or you can promote related products to your customer searches.

You can always see how well the selected keywords work for you and what is the ROI. They allow a maximum of 5 keywords for bidding for each Shopee seller Singapore. The starting CPC is SGD 0.05 per word.

How to use in-app advertising in Shopee?

Go to the seller center and then to the marketing center. Select ‘My ads’.

If you already have bids running, you will see their performance here in this dashboard.

Click on ‘add keyword’ to start a new advertising campaign.

You can choose the product you wish to promote from your list of products and then choose keywords. While selecting keywords, you will also see the cost for each click for that keyword. You can also add keywords of your choice.

Then set the bidding price and click on ‘confirm’.

Now you will confirm the duration for which the ad will remain live and budget. That’s how you run ads on the Shopee platform.

You can always edit the ad details, budgets, and duration when the ad is live.

2. Leverage Shoppee's "flash sale"

To increase your sales when you sell on Shopee Singapore, you can get them listed under the home page through the flash sale option.

Flash sales on Shopee are the best way to get your products noticed and sold out. It can also bring customers straight into your store.

But this is a privilege given to only the selected Shopee sellers who should meet the following conditions.

Should have a good chat response

Shouldn’t have received any penalty points

Higher shop rating (> 4)

Low shipment rate and high fulfillment rate

How to add products under flash sales in Shopee?

Even if you don’t qualify for the above criteria, you can still purchase a flash sale slot.

Go to Seller solutions. Choose the slot and finish the purchase and make the payment.

Now go to the marketing center available under the seller center and click on the flash sale feature.

Read the terms and conditions and make sure you stick to them while nominating the product.

Now choose the product and nominate them for a flash sale in the given slot. You can choose only one product for each slot.

What to keep in mind while nominating the products for flash sale in Shopee?

The price should have low for that product range. So select the lowest-priced product.

Make sure you have different variations and enough stock under the nominated product.

The picture should be clear, neat, and have a white background.

Must have free shipping.

3. Nominate products on ‘My campaigns’

The Shopee application has a ‘my campaigns’ section that you can use to nominate your products under different campaigns hosted within the application.

Shopee sellers in Singapore assume that these are paid campaigns. But they are absolutely free. Upon nominating your products, you will be able to promote them on main or category pages.

Every Shopee seller gets an opportunity as they keep coming up with campaigns for products from different categories. 

After nomination, Shopee handpicks a few based on the following conditions.

That the posted advertisement has detailed and accurate information.

That you are willing to place an offer up to 10 or 20%

Attractive and competitive pricing of the product .

How to join ‘my campaigns in Shopee Singapore

Open the seller center and go to the ‘marketing center’.

Choose ‘my campaigns’. Submit your product under the relevant open campaign.

4. Use the ‘Top Picks’ feature

Under the same marketing center, you will notice another option called ‘Top Picks’. With this, you can exclusively pick up to 8 items from your Shopee shop and highlight them in your store.

Imagine setting up the front display of your offline store that attracts and brings a customer in. You are doing the same here and creating an opportunity to cross-sell across your range.

Customers who come to buy something different may chance upon another product and change their mind.

How to add top picks in Shopee Singapore

Go to the marketing center and choose Top picks

Select the products and finish the process

For better results and exposure, select pictures of good quality and a perfect title and description. 

5. Promote products with vouchers and discounts

Give more to get more when you sell on Shopee Singapore. You can generate product and shop vouchers and share them with your customers to encourage them to shop more from your store on Shopee.

Product vouchers are applicable for selected products but shop vouchers apply to your entire store. You can create vouchers and make them available on your store homepage.

Reward your customers with vouchers and make them come back for more.

How to create vouchers in Shopee Singapore?

Go to the marketing center and click on vouchers.

Decide which voucher you want to create and create a voucher

Include the details of the voucher and its T&C. Click on ‘save’.

It’s definitely a time-consuming process to set up your store in Shopee Singapore and get it up and running.

However, it isn’t complicated to understand how to sell on Shopee and how to boost your current sales. As a Shopee seller in Singapore, you also spend some to gain some.

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