How to sell on Lazada Singapore - Step by step guide

Apr 05, 2024

Lazada is an online sales channel that is gaining immense popularity.

This sales channel is a must for every business which sells its products online because it has an immensely huge customer attraction range.

More and more businesses each day are integrating with the platform, which means that the competition has become ever more difficult.

There is fierce competition between all the sellers on Lazada and becoming the top seller can be colossally tricky and difficult.

If you wish to sell on Lazada Singapore, you need to take all the right steps to first become a Lazada seller in Singapore and then implement some sales techniques to rank among the top sellers. 

How to start selling on Lazada?

Curious to know on how to sell on Lazada? To become a verified business to sell on Lazada Singapore, your business either needs to be physically located in any of the following six countries

Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia, or the products you deliver and store should be done in any one of their distribution hubs.

1. Create a seller account

To create a seller's account on Lazada, visit the official website and click on the “sell on Lazada” option. A new page opens up where you click the option of “become a seller now.”

Fill in all the necessary details as asked on the screen. Once you submit your seller application, Lazada sends you a contract. It takes almost 1 week before your selling on Lazada Singapore account gets approved.

After you get the contract, read the terms and conditions, sign it, and then send it back. Voila, you then become an approved Lazada seller in Singapore.

2. Add your products on Lazada

You can add your products either one at a time or all together in a large quantity. To add your products one by one follows the given steps

Find the “Products” option in your seller's account.

Click on the dropdown menu arrow and select “ Add Products.” 

Assign a category that would best define the products you sell.

Be careful when category selection, because putting the product in the wrong category would destroy your whole presence. 

• Then fill in all the product information like description, images, pricing, and any other details if required. 

To upload your products all at once, follow the given steps: 

Again, the top bar section in your seller’s account and click on the products option. 

Choose the “ Add Products” option from the dropdown menu. 

The next step is to click on the “Import Products” option. 

Then choose the “ Download Template” section and decide upon a category template for your product. 

Then select the level 2 “product category.” 

You then get an option to create an excel template and once you are done you can save it. 

Upload the template from the “Import Section.” 

3. Manage your store performance

Once you become an approved Lazada seller in Singapore, you have to follow a LazMall Seller Performance Assessment Cycle.

These are some performance metrics that are implemented to assess the quarterly performance of your business on the platform.

This has proven to provide useful and critical insights to measure the potential and predict the future of the products your business sells on Lazada.

4. Ship you products

Lazada provides two main shipping options for businesses to deliver their products.

The first option is to ship your products through the Lazada Global Shipping service or the other option is to make deliveries through a self-managed delivery service/platform.

With the second option, you have to directly ship your products to the customers and manage the related details.

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Tips to become a top Lazada seller

1. Adopt a multi-channel sales strategy

To become a top-ranking Lazada seller in Singapore, it is essential to step to make use of various channels. Multi-Channel Sales Strategy takes you towards the customer instead of you waiting for the customer to find you on Lazada.

There are numerous channels you can utilize for your benefit to write content and advertise your product on the platform, such as

Social Media Platforms - Use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., to spread awareness about your product. Post regularly on these social networks to engage your target audience. 

Paid Advertisement - There are various platforms like Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords which are designed to help you create ads and keep a track of their performance.-

Amalgamate your closing sales on Lazada or other sales channels according to your benefit. Keep a lookout for promotions offered on shipping fees and discount codes offered by any platform.

You can then lead your customers to that platform, so they can enjoy shopping at your store. Lazada often offers promotions, watch out for those. 

Blogs and Webpage - Another useful place to gather an audience is through blogs and web pages. You can post articles on anything and everything related to your product.

This helps people find your product through organic searches, which in turn increases the awareness of your product.

2. Optimize your product listing

While putting your products up for sale on Lazada make sure that every product is attached with all complete details related to it.

Add detailed product descriptions, and clear images taken from various angles, and include an appropriate title. While writing a product description add as many points as possible, however, strike a balance between too many and too less.

Write the description in bullet points, and divide it into sections to enhance the readability, so that the customer can browse through it quickly and still get all the information needed.

It would be even better if the description can have additional image illustrations. Along with this do not forget to include the product keywords in the title and the description.

Because if you don’t your customers would naturally never be able to reach your product or understand it. Using keywords increases the chances of your product appearing on search result pages.

In case your company sells multiple products, make sure to categorize those products and make different listings so that the customers can easily navigate through your product listing and have seamless access to your page. 

3. Invest in Lazada’s advertising services

Lazada is an extremely versatile platform that can shoot up your sales not just by presenting your products but also by the different services offered by the platform to sell on Lazada Singapore. 

Lazada advertising services can colossally enhance your shop’s strategy, which in turn would increase your sales from the Lazada platform.

Along with this, the services, help you expand your customer base. With Lazada’s affiliate partners, it is assured that your business can receive a huge amount of new customers and also get a great Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Utilizing these services will take your business to many more shoppers and your product page would appear on the Recommendations section in Lazada searches on Product pages, which would of course bring in a lot of traffic to your page.

4. Use Lazada’s selling resources

Becoming a LazMall seller can prove to be a huge advantage for your business. All your products get a LazMall badge which acts as a good impression stamp for customers.

With this, you also get included in the brand-dedicated channel offered by Lazada, which means higher page visibility and more customer attraction.

Not only this, but you also get exclusive access to the Mage Campaigns and LazMall campaigns barter program.

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Be equipped with the best technology and boost your business growth

Working with the best tech stack and all the required information is crucial to excelling in any field, especially when it comes to selling products online.

As a business, you have to look for ways to increase your sales and also reduce costs. This is where you need to start and one of the most effective areas to save money and streamlines all your expenses is “ Payments.”

Make payments on different platforms like Lazada, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc., by paying through virtual cards specially assigned to make marketing and subscriptions. 

The best place to get such virtual cards and also reap the benefits of many other of all the business finance management features.

Direct accounting integrations, low-cost international transfers, corporate cards, an easy reimbursement system, and much more, is Volopay. Join Volopay and enjoy all these benefits. 

Manage your vendor payments through a single dashboard