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Best prepaid business cards in Singapore for 2024

Apr 05, 2024

In today's ever-evolving business environment, possessing trustworthy business prepaid cards can have a significant, positive impact on organizations. Prepaid cards provide a convenient and flexible method for handling business expenses, guaranteeing improved financial control.

However, it is essential to make the right choice when selecting a provider to fully capitalize on the advantages. By carefully choosing a provider, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance financial management, and experience a sense of security, knowing their finances are in capable hands.

What is a business prepaid card?

A business prepaid card is a payment card that is loaded with funds in advance and can be used for various business expenses.

Unlike traditional credit cards, these prepaid cards do not require a credit check or a linked bank account. They offer convenience and flexibility in managing business expenses, allowing users to control spending through customizable limits.

Business prepaid cards are widely accepted for purchases, online transactions, and even cash withdrawals, providing a convenient financial tool for businesses.

Unlock the benefits of business prepaid cards with our comprehensive guide. Discover how business prepaid cards can revolutionize your expense management.

Benefits of using a prepaid business card

Simplified expense tracking

Prepaid business cards can significantly simplify expense tracking. Every transaction made with a prepaid card is recorded, providing a clear overview of business expenses.

This feature allows for streamlined bookkeeping and effortless tracking of spending, making it easier to manage budgets and prepare financial reports.

Flexibility and convenience

Business owners can load money onto their prepaid business cards whenever needed, providing the flexibility to manage expenses efficiently.

This feature is particularly useful for controlling spending, as funds can be allocated according to specific budgets or project requirements.

Improved cash flow

Prepaid cards can also contribute to improved cash flow management.

By using prepaid cards, businesses can avoid delayed payments and maintain a better handle on their financial resources.

This proactive approach to cash flow helps ensure smooth operations and the ability to seize opportunities as they arise.

Easy to load and withdraw

Additionally, prepaid cards are easy to load and withdraw funds from.

Many providers offer multiple loading options, including online transfers, bank transfers, or cash deposits.

Likewise, withdrawing cash from ATMs using prepaid cards is a convenient option for businesses needing physical currency.

Enhanced security and fraud protection

Business prepaid cards provide an enhanced level of security and protection against fraud.

Unlike cash, which is susceptible to loss or theft, prepaid cards can be swiftly reported and deactivated if misplaced.

Furthermore, the best business prepaid cards offer additional measures to prevent unauthorized transactions, such as approval workflows and bank-grade data encryption.

Help separate personal and business expenses

Lastly, prepaid business cards help separate personal and business expenses.

By using a dedicated card for business-related transactions, entrepreneurs can maintain clear boundaries between their personal and professional finances.

This separation simplifies accounting processes, minimizes confusion, and ensures accurate financial reporting.

5 best business prepaid cards

1. Volopay

Volopay is a provider of one of the best business prepaid cards in Singapore. They offer a comprehensive expense management solution tailored for businesses.

Their key features include real-time expense tracking, multi-currency wallets, customizable spending limits for employees, automated receipt capture, and seamless integration with accounting software.

Volopay also provides free-of-cost virtual prepaid cards for online transactions and physical cards for in-person purchases.

2. Wise

Wise, previously recognized as TransferWise, offers a business prepaid card that enables cost-effective and easy international transactions.

Key features of this card include competitive exchange rates and transparent fees, resulting in more affordable cross-border payments for businesses.

The Wise card permits businesses to store and handle multiple currencies within a single account, streamlining international operations.

Additionally, it provides real-time notifications and seamless integration with well-known accounting platforms. Wise empowers businesses in their international endeavors by offering efficient and cost-effective global financial management.

3. Aspire

Aspire is a digital business account provider that offers a business prepaid card as part of its services. Their key features include quick and hassle-free account setup, instant expense tracking, and virtual cards for online transactions.

Aspire also provides a range of tools and features for expense management, such as the categorization of expenses and the ability to attach receipts digitally.

4. DBS

DBS, a prominent Singaporean bank, also provides one of the best business prepaid cards in Singapore. The DBS card has been designed to meet the requirements of businesses of various scales.

Notable features of their offering include the ability to personalize spending limits, receive real-time transaction notifications, and seamlessly integrate with their digital banking platform.

Moreover, DBS business prepaid cards offer enhanced security measures, including SMS alerts for transactions and the option to temporarily block and unblock the card. By utilizing DBS, businesses can effectively handle their finances while benefiting from the convenience of a reliable banking partner.

5. American Express

American Express offers a business prepaid card that provides businesses with flexibility and convenience. Their key features include expense tracking, cash flow management tools, and customizable card controls.

American Express business prepaid cards also offer rewards programs tailored for business spending, allowing businesses to earn points or cashback on eligible transactions.

With American Express, businesses can benefit from their extensive network and renowned customer service while managing their expenses effectively.

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Tips for using business prepaid cards effectively

1. Track and monitor expenses

Regularly review and track expenses made with your business prepaid cards. This practice provides visibility into spending patterns, helps identify any discrepancies, and allows for effective budget management.

2. Issue cards for specific purposes

Assign prepaid cards to employees based on their roles or specific expense categories.

For instance, provide separate cards for travel expenses, office supplies, or client entertainment. This allocation ensures better control over spending and simplifies expense categorization.

3. Integrate with accounting software

Choose a prepaid card provider that offers seamless integration with accounting software. This integration streamlines the expense management process by automatically syncing transactions and eliminating the need for manual data entry. It saves time, reduces errors, and provides real-time visibility into financial data.

4. Have a strong expense policy

Establish a clear and comprehensive expense policy that outlines the dos and don'ts of using prepaid business cards.

Communicate the policy to employees and ensure they understand the guidelines for appropriate card usage. This policy helps set expectations, prevents misuse, and promotes responsible spending.

Learn how to create an effective employee expense reimbursement policy that saves time and enhances compliance. Check out our comprehensive guide on expense reimbursement policy to know the best practices and expert tips.

5. Monitor employee spending habits

Regularly review employee spending habits and patterns to identify any potential issues or deviations from the established expense policy.

Monitor transactions, check for any unusual spending patterns, and address any discrepancies promptly. This proactive monitoring helps prevent fraudulent activities and ensures compliance with company policies.

Why Volopay cards is the best solution for your business?

1. Safe & secure

Volopay prioritizes the safety and security of businesses' financial transactions.

Volopay business prepaid cards come with advanced security features, including bank-grade encryption and multi-level approval workflows, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.

2. Instant approval

Volopay offers instant card approval, allowing businesses to quickly access the benefits of their prepaid cards without delay. This streamlined process saves time and enables businesses to start managing their expenses promptly.

3. No hidden fees

Volopay is transparent with its pricing. There is a straightforward fee structure with absolutely no hidden charges, providing businesses with clarity and confidence in managing their prepaid card expenses.

4. Easy to use

Volopay prepaid business cards are user-friendly and designed to be easy to navigate. Businesses can quickly load funds onto the cards, make payments, and monitor transactions effortlessly, simplifying their financial management processes.

5. Access to higher credit

The cards offered by Volopay allow businesses to access higher credit limits, providing greater flexibility and support for their spending requirements. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with varying or higher expense needs.

6. Unlimited virtual cards

Businesses also get unlimited Volopay virtual cards at no additional cost, enabling them to have separate cards for different purposes or departments. This feature enhances expense management, allowing businesses to track and control spending more effectively.

7. Employee cards

Volopay allows businesses to issue employee cards, empowering their teams to make authorized purchases while maintaining expense control. With individual spending limits and real-time tracking, businesses can effectively manage employee expenses.

8. Accounting system integration

Volopay seamlessly integrates with popular accounting systems (such as Xero, Quickbooks, etc.), streamlining financial processes. This integration enables automatic syncing of transactions, simplifying expense tracking and reconciliation, and reducing manual data entry.

9. Real-time tracking

Volopay provides real-time tracking of expenses, giving businesses instant visibility into their spending. This feature allows for better control, as businesses can monitor transactions as they occur, enabling timely adjustments and accurate financial reporting.

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