8 best eCommerce platforms for small businesses in Singapore

Apr 05, 2024

In recent years, Singapore's eCommerce industry has progressed and reached great heights.

More and more businesses are going online every day, and customers show a preference for shopping online. To retail your products online in this booming market, you should know the best eCommerce platform in Singapore.

Some of these Singapore eCommerce sites have already made it across the borders, while the rest remain serviceable only to Singaporeans.

Best eCommerce platforms for small business in Singapore

The top online shopping platforms of Singapore are not only known for selling products but creating a curated and personalized shopping experience for their customers.

Luckily, of the top eCommerce sites, Singapore has some great options that you can leverage to increase your sales are as follows.

1. Lazada

Lazada easily made it to the best eCommerce platforms for small business list with its high-quality, wide-ranged products, covering the extended South & Southeast Asian zone.

Their online store has everything from fashion to electronics to lifestyle. You name it they have it.

They stay on top of the game with advanced features like virtual try-on, curated shopping zone, and unbeatable low-price zones.

The parent company of Lazada is Alibaba which was also a part of the top best eCommerce platforms in Singapore.

They started their journey by selling electronics and gadgets and slowly expanded their market by selling home furnishing products, clothing, and accessories.

Lazada is also the best place to sell your products online for MSMEs at zero commission rate.

How to sell on Lazada Singapore?

• Create your Lazada seller account with your phone number or Facebook account.

• List your products with pictures and descriptions, and decide the shipping fees.

• Link your address, phone number, bank account, bank statements, NRIC number, and other particulars.

2. Reebonz

Reebonz is a milestone in the world of luxury shopping in Singapore.

Their target audience is Asian buyers who are interested in high-fashion luxury goods.

Every day at 8 pm, the anchor host of Reebonz live streams on Instagram and Facebook from voguish locations of Europe.

In this live stream, they showcase high-end, fashionable products from top brands for sales. People can participate in the live stream and buy products they like. 

Here is how you can sell on the eCommerce website, Singapore:

Sellers can submit a request on their site with the product description and selling price.

Once it’s approved by the website, you can check the status and receive the payment after it’s sold.

3. eBay

Being a pioneer and one of the best eCommerce platforms in Singapore, eBay is a global marketplace that doesn’t need any introduction at all.

Back in the 90s, eBay was one of the companies made out of the dot com bubble burst.

Ever since there has been no turning back as they have grown more successful with an expanded group of users worldwide. 

On their platform, sellers can sell anything, including fashion, home goods, gardens, pets, automobiles, antique things, and even real estate. 

Their buying model is quite different from others.

They actually run auctions where you can bid for a product. Their active buyer network has 150M+ users.

You can sell globally on eBay from Singapore by following the steps below.

• Create a business account with your name, email address, and phone number.

• You will also have to provide your identity and address proof and finish your KYC.

• Log in with your account details. Submit your product details, description, and pictures by clicking on ‘start selling.

4. Qoo1o

Qoo1o is an eCommerce website in Singapore that is owned by eBay.

It has been used extensively for online shopping even before Shopee and Lazada came into existence.

Qoo1o was established in 2010 when online shopping was in its nascent days and spread its roots all over Southeast Asian countries.

They have a wide range of products, including fashion, beauty, kids, and lifestyle. You can even order fresh fruits, dairy, vegetables, and other food staples and snacks.

As an MSME, you can either partner with them or become a seller.

With your personal and contact information, you can set up your seller account within minutes and start displaying your products on one of the foremost Singapore eCommerce sites.

5. Zalora

Founded in 2019, Zalora has quickly managed to become the reliable and best eCommerce website Singapore can have for fashion and lifestyle.

Other than Singapore, they are also serviceable in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

High-end fashion and sustainability hardly go hand in hand or so is a common perception.

But Zalora has made strategies to balance its consumer needs and the environmental impact it leads to. 

Along with providing all-inclusive men’s and women’s clothing collections, they also run a fashion lifestyle blog.

Businesses can advertise with them or sell their products and reach their target market.

Every seller will be given their unique shop within the site and access every tool they need to set up and scale their shop.

6. Carousell

The homeland of Carousell is Singapore, and it has been operating since 2012 with its own sets of regular and consistent users.

It has been the first preference of many online shoppers to buy new and secondhand products.

Being one of the noteworthy online shopping platforms Singapore has, Carousell sells everything under the sky.

To name a few, electronics, properties, cars and vehicles, furniture, fashion and lifestyle, home appliances, and so on.

Any small business can become a seller on Carousell as it gives an opportunity to resell used goods in good condition.

Small businesses can sell their products too. This is a digital classification that gives your product reach across Singapore. 

Along with products, you can also find service providers for home care and renovation and new job opportunities.

7. Ezbuy

Ezbuy has been serving for decades in Singapore and nearby countries and has slowly become one of the trustworthy online shopping platforms Singapore has.

It is a cheap online shopping platform in Singapore where you can buy products from the US, Taiwan, and South Korea.

They are known for their low prices and that’s because they source directly from manufacturers.

From home appliances to personal care products to apparel, you can buy it all at fair prices here.

By consistently offering goods in neat condition, Ezbuy has made it to the best eCommerce platforms Singapore has.

Though they mainly follow the D2C model, small businesses can still sell their products by signing up as a seller on their platform.

8. Shopee

One cannot ignore Shopee when talking about the top eCommerce sites Singapore has.

Since their days of inception back in 2012, they have constantly been playing with technology and introducing new features to ease customers’ shopping experience.

Besides being a busy eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, it is also a place where buyers and sellers can connect.

It allows sellers to set up their shops, sell products online, give offers, promote them, and earn good money.

To uphold the brand name and reputation, they are very careful in approving sellers and constantly monitoring how satisfied users are with the products sold.

You can buy and sell all sorts of goods. Some most desirable categories are home appliances, video games, women's apparel, and health and wellness.

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Get started with Volopay

As a seller, you have numerous number of options to sell your products in Singapore through Singapore eCommerce sites.

But if you plan to manage your finances and vendor payments, you really have fewer options other than going for manual accounts payable methods. 

Looking for a robust, well-engineered, and decently priced expense management software? You are in the right place.

Volopay will have your back and take care of your outstanding bills and business payments.

Here are some of its features you should know about to make an informed decision.

While you are discovering the best eCommerce platforms Singapore is blessed with, get acquainted with Volopay to organize and control your accounts payable from one place.

Corporate cards

This in-built feature is our customers’ favorite.

You can order physical cards or create unlimited virtual cards within the platform and assign them for recurring or one-time payments.

There can’t be a better option than cards to pay automated SaaS application payments monthly.

No longer need the card to pay automatically? Simply freeze or block it.

Business accounts

A business account is similar to a bank account to handle your business finances. Using this, you can send money to local and cross-border vendors or pay your employees.

Traditionally, you will spend a lot to pay international vendors. With Volopay, you can avoid this oscillating transaction fee by preferring multicurrency wallets.

You can cut off excess exchange fees by storing money in a different currency and paying through that.

Business accounts also promote storing business funds in one place rather than having multiple accounts.

Credit line

Short on money? Take major financial decisions by borrowing no-collateral credit from Volopay up to SGD 500,000.

Use the credit to make online and vendor payments on Volopay. Repay it on relaxed terms at the end of the payment cycle.

Be in charge of your finances smartly and improve your credit score at the same time. 

And there are many useful accounting tools that Volopay has to control your accounting in a single application.

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