Advantages of NetSuite integration for small businesses

Looking for a master of all trades to handle your business operations efficiently? Then your company will greatly benefit from NetSuite. Netsuite is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) that helps businesses worldwide achieve growth and profitability by effectively optimizing business processes. Netsuite is emerging as one of the best and most used ERP tools in the world.

What is NetSuite integration?

It means a smooth flow of information between NetSuite accounting software and other systems, such as expense management software, etc. Whenever any new data is recorded in one database, it shows up automatically without any manual interruption. NetSuite integration is a SaaS integration, combining the power of ERP, CRM, accounting, and e-commerce facilities into one package.

When integrated from end to end, NetSuite expense management erases the need to have multiple databases, as a majority of business processes can be carried out, managed, and automated through NetSuite. NetSuite provides hand-coded integrations with other software.

It is still largely preferred by IT developers as it allows one to write customized connectors in any language to instantly integrate with different systems in the business. If coding by hand is time-consuming and costly for your company, NetSuite also offers packaged integrating solutions with popular on-demand enterprise systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Google Apps, etc. Not just this, NetSuite also offers holistic training and consulting services for any integration-related issues.

Features that NetSuite integration provides

No matter what industry your enterprise is in, NetSuite provides a host of features to optimize your business processes exponentially.

Variety of financial operations for your business

NetSuite accounting software runs complete financial processes such as accounting, delivery, and even order management which are all accessible and centrally localized cloud databases.

Universal business administration

NetSuite expense management allows users to deal in multiple currencies, countries, and even languages within a business.

E-Commerce facilities

If you have an e-commerce, NetSuite ERP is equipped with E-commerce functionalities, from order management to selling, merchandising, inventory, support, and much more.

Not just these, your NetSuite integration houses the elements of multiple systems into one. Let’s look at what these are:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

- Upgraded expense reports.

- Stimulates smoother cash flow.

- Superior cloud storage and data management.

- Gain real-time information.

- Cost-saving insights into business processes.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Improved customer service.

- Daily assignment automation.

- Organization of company resources and customer data.

- Efficient communication & team management.

- Data analysis and reporting.

customer relationship management


- Fast-loading UI.

- Unlimited layout control.

- Flexible and formidable updates with extreme security.

- Easy, accessible source code for developers.

- Highly receptive themes and optimization.


SuiteTalk REST web services

You can access NetSuite business objects as REST resources in a typical JSON format that uncovers CRUD operations, business logic, high-geared query features such as SuiteQL, and an OpenAPI 3.0 definition that imparts rich object metadata.

CSV file import

NetSuite offers both developers and business owners an easy-to-use toolset to consume CSV file data from outside sources. You can automate ordinary duties such as job scheduling, building customer contacts, etc.

REST API browser

NetSuite enables developers to use REST web services as a visualizer and inspect its full capabilities. You can use it as a directory for important information such as record properties, schema definitions, response parameters, etc.

Custom REST endpoints

Seamlessly integrate with NetSuite to create your custom REST endpoints using a protected, light, script-based approach with traditional JSON-formatted data.

SuiteTalk SOAP web services

Use any standard programming language to access data and business processes over SOAP XML interfaces assisting a rich set of asynchronous CRUD operations.

Simplify and automate your expense reporting with NetSuite integration

Challenges that NetSuite integration solves for businesses

On any given day, your most important job in a business is to put out fires and solve complex problems that hinder your growth. That’s why you don’t want a temporary fix; you are more interested in a long-lasting solution that maxes out your enterprise’s productivity and performance while keeping your production costs as low as possible. NetSuite ERP is therefore one of the most sought-after solutions in the market today, owing to its superior functionality and a precision-based approach to problem-solving.

Problem of remote-based jobs with no access to physical books

NetSuite is a 100% cloud-compatible solution, which means that your team can access financial books and ledgers from anywhere in the world. This centralized storage of company data comes with high security and can be accessed using the internet or NetSuite’s app from any location, all day, every day.

Struggle to grow your business with outdated software

NetSuite ERP has tools that you may not need yet but that is to ensure that the expense management software is updated with the latest technology to grow at the pace your business grows. NetSuite is scalable, reliable and 100% dependable. When used with an efficient spend management solution like Volopay, you can effortlessly streamline both your Accounts Receivables and Payables processes.

Using multiple tools to carry out business processes

Businesses usually have to depend on multiple tools and software to carry out different facets of running a business. With NetSuite expense management software, you save a lot of time and money by having all your business transactions in one convenient location. Be it accounting, CRM, or E-commerce functionalities, you can seamlessly transfer information throughout your business, with zero margins of error.

Inability to see your company’s growth and trajectory

Your company might be scaling and growing for the better, but with no tangible information. It is challenging to know what steps you can take next to ensure this progress. With NetSuite integration, you can see real-time live dashboard updates, key performance indicators (KPIs), and comparative data over a definite period to accurately assess your company’s progress. Information can range from customer data, revenue, to forecasts and order delivery management.

4 benefits of managing business expenses through NetSuite

It’s been observed that companies that rely on old and outdated systems struggle with slow progression due to manual input across all databases. NetSuite accounting software is a comprehensive solution to centralize all your data, minimize errors, and automate and simplify your expense process.


A centralized reservoir of information

Like we said earlier, as expenses constantly flow in from multiple departments, employees have to manually update the information into reports, resulting in error and confusion. With NetSuite, all the information is centrally located on a cloud-based platform. This makes creating multiple expense reports easy and hassle-free.


Provides scalable and flexible solutions

NetSuite’s cloud-based framework assists a business to scale exponentially and attain rapid growth. With a new technology, it arms business owners with tools and functionalities needed to grow at an enormous rate without any impediment. The cloud-based structure makes it easier to implement widely through departments and projects.


Seamless integration with other software

One of the best benefits of NetSuite is its seamless integration with software with robust APIs. In expense management, it makes the reimbursement process significantly easier, especially by using an equally efficient expense management software that can safeguard your policies, along with simplifying approval workflows & streamlining accounting.


Significant reduction in data errors and costs

A company’s expenses usually flow in from all departments and projects simultaneously, leading to a significant backlog and errors due to manual data entry. With NetSuite, you can access your financial values in real-time. With all the expenses situated in a centralized database, NetSuite minimizes errors significantly and eliminates any manual data entry, giving you 100% expense control.

Volopay’s integration with NetSuite

At Volopay, we constantly strive to bridge the gap between a business’s processes and operations. Our real-time Netsuite integration eliminates the need for manual data entry. Volopay syncs beautifully with NetSuite accounting software so that all your expense reports are seamlessly compiled and exported within a few clicks, helping you close your books ten times faster than ever.

netsuite integration

Sync all your transactions

Effortlessly sync your transactions with receipts attached the moment payment is processed with intuitive rules and workflows that automatically categorize expenses for merchants, cards, users, departments, etc as soon as they occur.

Not only this, but you can also store all your data and documents, track and categorize all your transactions easily on a single platform, accessible from anywhere. Any changes you make in Volopay will be reflected automatically and instantaneously in NetSuite and vice-versa, thereby eliminating any repetitive data entry and freeing you and your team to do more important tasks!


Is there a limit on the number of NetSuite users I can have?

No, NetSuite supports any number of users ranging from one to more than thousands.

Will there be any maintenance fees after setting up NetSuite integration with Volopay?

No, at Volopay, we believe in no hidden fees for integrations as well as invoice management, vendor payouts, and more.

Can I use NetSuite for my procurement process?

Yes, you can set up procure to pay on NetSuite to buy goods and services at the best price.

Can NetSuite support payroll operations?

Yes, NetSuite can assist you in reducing costs, errors, and ensuring payroll is delivered on time.

Does NetSuite support tax processes?

Absolutely! NetSuite helps finance teams calculate, process, and report taxes as per relevant laws.

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