What is automated billing system for SaaS business?

Is your business still running on manual billing processes like spreadsheets or paper files? If this is the case then we guarantee that you know how daunting, labour-intensive, time-intensive, and expensive the system is, along with this many errors. And these are not small errors, these are the ones that can have seriously damaging consequences on your business cash flow and the bottom line ultimately.

Another scenario can be that your business is already using an automated billing system, but there are so many hurdles that your team is facing, that you are having second thoughts about the billing automation. It doesn’t matter how modernised your business is according to the technology spectrum, you should have a basic understanding of the tools that can help your business grow and one of them is an automated subscription billing system.

Importance of automated billing system

An automated billing system is a technology that allows you to automate all the routine and complex billing functions. These processes can be payment collection, invoicing, approvals, dunning, customer-event triggers, etc.

The aim of an auto-billing system is to increase efficiencies in the various business billing processes and streamline them which allows your business to save more money and time. As all automated subscription billing systems are not the same, you have to make sure that you choose the right system to implement for your business billing processes.

This is because billing automation provides you the flexibility to test different pricing and revenue streams and then make adjustments according to the ease of running the business. In today's fast-paced world, it has become crucial to have the ability to make quick changes in pricing and service models to keep up with the fluctuating customer demands and still be able to earn profit.

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6 ways automated billing system helps you scale your SaaS business

Recurring invoices

Repeating invoicing is a critical part of subscription billing. Each cycle, each record is invoiced by its subscription(s). A receipt might incorporate set repeating charges, use-based charges, and additional one-time charges, contingent upon how your memberships are set up.

There could likewise be numerous clients on each record piling up different charges. Numerous organizations begin with manual cycles, utilizing accounting sheets or exceptionally essential charging programming to deal with their solicitations and track installments. However, as client counts rise, and as membership organizations advance their contributions, manual invoicing becomes difficult to scale and incredibly inclined to human blunder.

Dunning management

How regularly do client credit card installments come up short in your membership business? How lengthy does it take your group to circle back to those bombed installments? What's more, in the wake of following up, which level of bombed installments are changed over into effective installments? The dunning system for membership organizations is bigger and ostensibly more significant than it is for conventional organizations.

For a one-time frame buy, installment can be gotten prior to giving an item or administration. In any case, for some membership organizations, items and administrations are given front and center or might be accessible regardless of whether an installment is forthcoming.

Changing subscription plans

Talking about self-administration entryways, automated billing platforms additionally let clients utilize this component to overhaul or minimize their own membership plans. This kills any obstructions to redesign (or minimize), empowering clients to get to the exact thing they need when they need it.

What's more, this smoothed-out process likewise diminishes strain on your business' assets. With an improved client excursion and more opportunity for your staff to spend on basic business tasks like client achievement drives, maintenance falls into place without a hitch.

Managing data

The thought behind an SSOT is to have all basic data in a single spot, modern, and open by everybody in an association who needs it. Having an SSOT keeps your whole group in total agreement with information, and that implies better client cooperation and more educated business direction.

Precise, continuous data is basic to remain significant and serious in the membership business today. Automated billing stages update information in light of data from self-administration entryways, mechanized solicitations and installments, and group information inputs.

Revenue recognition

Search for a recurring billing platform supported by an overall record (GL) for the most ideal outcomes. A GL utilizes double-entry bookkeeping standards to additionally forestall blunders, in a real sense multiplying down on information exactness.

This multi-layered way to deal with income following guarantees your membership business never needs to stress over precise, agreeable income acknowledgment. It additionally gives more granular bits of knowledge into the presentation of your different income streams as it very well may be separated by GL codes, which can illuminate business-forming choices.

Business insights

A SaaS business ought to investigate charging and use the information and concentrate significant data to get the general business wellbeing. Automated billing systems are intended to gather key measurements like deals and income. These announcing abilities help in getting business execution and anticipate future patterns and execution.

Choose Volopay for automating your SaaS billing

Having a firm understanding of the benefits of an auto-billing system takes you to the next step of choosing the right automation platform for your business. We bring to you Volopay, an all-in-one spend management platform which is designed to make your business process easier with faster and less expensive automation.

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SaaS subscription management

We provide virtual cards and corporate cards which can be of great use for LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, and so many other tools. With Volopay cards, you can optimize your subscriptions quickly. Along with this you can anytime freeze or block the cards.

Also get accounting integration, multi-level approval workflow, easy reimbursement process, multi-currency support and so many more, you can not only automate your SaaS billing process but also nurture your business and make it the best.

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