How do virtual cards help in subscription management?

With the explosion of web-based, SaaS subscriptions in the cybersphere, companies now have more online subscriptions than ever before – utilizing tools to maximize profitability, but it doesn’t always end in their best interest.

By giving your employees the accessibility to create their own departmental or team tech stack using business credit cards, you risk paying for SaaS subscriptions your company doesn’t need, without knowing who is the billing owner. Virtual card being more secure than physical cards is revolutionizing the recurring billing management for organizations with utmost transparency and security.

Manage subscriptions with virtual cards

Managing SaaS subscriptions the ol’ business credit card way is challenging, to say the least. Not only is it hard to track recurring payments and know exactly what you are being charged for, but it is also nerve-wracking to not know when you have to renew or upgrade your subscription; or worse, not know when to cancel your free trial before you end up paying for it!

On top of not knowing who authorized which subscription when using credit cards, you also risk losing your company’s monetary resources in case the SaaS software company you have subscribed to experiences a big data breach. For efficient and secure recurring billing management, Volopay virtual cards for subscriptions are the best course of action for you.

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Why should you switch to virtual cards to manage all your online subscriptions?

Eliminate unnecessary spend

How many times has your finance department seemed frazzled because they just couldn’t keep up with the duplicate or similar SaaS subscriptions that your teams subscribe to? When your company is paying for Asana and Slack at the team level instead of getting a huge discount by simply subscribing to one of them at an enterprise level, only then do you get the full picture!

Volopay empowers your finance team with a transparent view of all your SaaS subscriptions so you can track recurring payments from the get-go, not just at the end of the month. Find out common subscriptions between different departments’ tech stacks and weed out the unnecessary spending effortlessly.

Save hours every month

Does your business calendar look like a total mess, with more subscription renewal, upgrade, and cancellation reminders than actual revenue-generating meetings? Manually paying for subscriptions is a chore, but not anymore! With Volopay virtual VISA cards, you can set autopay features for recurring subscriptions.

Just load your virtual card with a balance and set the recurring amount with the expiration date. The card will automatically update itself with the set amount at the start of each month, ready for auto-renewal! This can shave valuable time off of your finance department which they previously had to reserve for this mundane task. Also, say goodbye to late fees forever!

Easy to cancel one vendor without affecting all other payments

When you are using the same credit card for marketing, sales, and tech SaaS subscriptions, it is almost impossible for you to set a budget and calculate your expenses, unless you use yet another recurring bill tracker. What’s more, if your card’s security is compromised (either due to fraud or a software data leak), you will have to block your card to save yourself from theft, but that also means you’ll risk your other subscriptions by taking away the payment source card.

Volopay lets you create unlimited (yep, you read it right!) virtual VISA cards with their unique 16-digit number and CVV, backed by VISA’s unmatched security features. Not only are our safety features reliable, but in case of fraud or a SaaS company’s data breach, you can simply freeze or block your card. Since Volopay virtual cards for subscriptions are pre-loaded and therefore do not have direct access to your business account, your resources are 100% safe under all circumstances.

Control over payments

We understand that sometimes automation might feel like putting things in motion over which you might end up losing control. But with Volopay virtual card, it is exactly the opposite. With Volopay, you not only get the freedom to set and track recurring payments, but you also get access to a live dashboard, with real-time insights into your virtual card spending. Volopay helps you assign cards to particular employees, access their spending habits, and get a true picture of every dollar that leaves your company.

Our user-friendly UI provides quick access into your virtual cards repository, and customize and edit (and even freeze or block) according to the company’s needs at the very moment. With Volopay, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the driver’s seat, with scalable subscription management software right by your side!

Cashback on FX transactions

If your business uses SaaS subscriptions that are charged on foreign currency, then you very well know the sting of rising FX conversion fees! Volopay virtual cards’ USP lies in its never-before-seen amazing cashback on all FX transactions. Volopay offers up to 5% cashback on FX spend, bringing in more money than what’s going out in conversion!

Manage SaaS subscriptions with virtual cards

How do virtual cards make subscription payments easier to manage?

Burner card and recurring subscription card

Want a free trial period but do not want to share your sensitive business credit card details? Volopay provides virtual cards for subscriptions - both recurring and one-time! Create a single-use burner card for a one-time payment or for a trial period and recurring cards for subscriptions that your team loves using!

Budget accuracy and transparency

Empower your finance team and managers with a company-wide transparent view of all virtual cards. Your team gets an overview of the card along with other crucial information such as card owner details, type of card (one-time or recurring), pre-loaded funds and how much of it has been used, etc.

One card per vendor

Never estimate your vendor spend ever again. With Volopay, you can make unlimited virtual cards for all your SaaS subscriptions across different revenue channels and company-wide organization systems such as Ahrefs, LinkedIn sales navigator, Facebook ads for Sales and MarTech, and Slack, Dropbox, Asana for project management and organization.

Block and freeze the virtual cards

Worried about fraud or privacy breaches? Simply block or freeze your Volopay virtual VISA card and isolate the incident to just one card and one vendor. Your other funds are safeguarded, thanks to virtual cards!

Centrally manage all subscriptions

No more subscription silos! Volopay brings all your departmental subscriptions onto one live dashboard with a clear view across all your SaaS tools. Track all recurring payments and subscriptions in one place. Create unlimited virtual cards, pause and cancel as necessary.

Insufficient recurring fund notification

Don’t you just hate it when other applications give you notifications about SaaS expiring due to nonpayment after it expires? That’s not the case with Volopay. Get advance notification about insufficient funds for recurring subscriptions so that your work doesn’t have to suffer!

Why choose Volopay?

Volopay virtual cards can manage all the SaaS subscriptions with subscription management software that saves them time and makes them money through unbelievable cashback opportunities! Enjoy the fastest way to pay online, with Volopay.

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