A complete overview of Volopay business accounts

Volopay is the ultimate financial control center to manage your vendors, spending, cards, reporting, and finances. It is a contemporary multi-currency business account specially designed to help your company manage its money with corporate cards, worldwide money transfers, credit, expense reimbursements, and automated accounting.

From admin work to expense reconciliation, we are the expense-management software that does it all. Volopay business account is the best traditional business account replacement. We aim to make life easier for businesses by automating tasks like subscription payments, travel expenses, employee reimbursements, accounting management and a lot more.

Volopay business account features

With the Volopay digital business account, you can eliminate the whole tiresome task of jumping on one account from another. There is no need to have multiple bank accounts, credit cards, expense software, and money transfer accounts. This is your one-stop-shop for making deposits, payments, and tracking all your business transactions with no limits and minimum fees.

multi currency wallet

Multi-currency business account

While creating an international multi-currency business account, your primary concern is to have fast and simple payment solutions to manage your business expenses and payments. With Volopay, you can easily open a multi-currency business account online.

Enjoy the benefits of holding money in 100+ different countries and making transactions in real-time faster than ever. Currencies you can hold include USD, EURO, SGD, etc. Your global Volopay account helps you make expenses and collect payments in the same currency and facilitates you with the ability to avoid futile conversion problems.

global payments

Low-cost international payments

Volopay operates at the cheapest possible rates for all the FX transactions around the world. Hence, your business can save more money on your cross-border transactions. Presently, you get the facility to send money across 100+ countries in their local currencies.

For local currency transactions, a NON-SWIFT method of transaction is used. Along with this, you can always make expenses and receive payments in USD, which involves using the SWIFT method.

expense management

Expense management software

Open a business account with us and enjoy the benefits of all the expense management advantages that come with it. Digitize all your financial processes, track all expenses from one place, and automate tasks like invoice processing, expense reporting, and approvals.

You also get corporate cards and virtual cards on your business account to facilitate easy and fast payments. Set limits on your cards and freeze or block them immediately in case of fraud. Moreover, enjoy easy employee reimbursement and real-time transaction visibility with our expense management system.

Physical cards

Easy account opening

Onboarding at Volopay is a hassle-free and simple process. Traditional bank accounts require long lists of documents. Processing those documents and completing all the formalities takes another few days; our business account opening process is its total opposite. With just a few clicks and minimal paperwork, you can easily create a business bank account.

accounting integrations

Accounting software Integration

Your Volopay account can smoothly integrate with accounting software in just a few clicks. All the transactions get easily synced into your accounting software with the correct triggers. Integrate Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc., accounting software with your Volopay account. Along with this, you also get exclusive partner benefits with other major HR, payroll, and ERP softwares.

expense details

Enhanced security

While choosing a business bank account for your organization, one major concern is the security of funds. With Volopay, your funds are kept safe in a bank account that confirms the proper international guidelines. Apart from this, we employ bank-level security and access protocols. Your privacy and fund security are our responsibility, and we ensure that all your data is highly secured.

Open a Volopay business account

Online account opening

The online Volopay business account opening process is extremely simple and takes just a few clicks. Sign up for a demo with us, and our team will guide you through the whole process of opening a business bank account and ensure smooth onboarding.

Minimal documentation required

The online Volopay business account opening process is extremely simple and takes just a few clicks. Sign up for a demo with us, and our team will guide you through the whole process of opening a business bank account and ensure smooth onboarding.

Get started with Volopay

Take the initiative to make your business a smart one by opening a Volopay business bank account. A business account is all your organization needs; with its quick setup, it eliminates all the hassle and automates most of the tiring work so you don’t have to do it.

Virtual cards
Say goodbye to inefficient payment processes