5 apps to improve your employee data security

Apr 05, 2024

On a typical day, your business uses tons of software to accomplish different tasks.

If there is one application that cannot be replaced or taken out of the system, they are the data security apps.

Businesses leave no stones unturned to spread awareness about employee data security and how sensitive information must be handled.

While it’s necessary for you to trust your employees to remain discreet, it’s also important to use strong employee data breach protection policies and employee data management software.

Why employees’ data security is important for businesses?

If you look at it carefully, it’s the employees who hold and handle precious company data.

They don’t necessarily have to have evil intentions to leak them out.

Even a simple software installation or unsafe surfing can land your data in serious trouble.

Data predators and hackers have their own ways of getting into anyone’s system and taking control of its data and operations, giving no hint to even the owner of the system. 

Owing to the availability of more hacking tools, it gets extremely easy for such malicious online users to hack into strong, private networks.

Employee data security is extremely important, but no other asset is more valuable than your private, sensitive information.

The data thief can get to know your business plans, techniques and tacts, revenue and banking information, and many more and ask for a ransom to not leak this.

When the outside world knows of this racket, it’s your reputation that goes down the drain. Your dealers and customers can stop doing business with you to not risk losing their data. 

So data protection in the workplace is a joint responsibility of both employers and employees to preserve their work ecosystem and deny entry for foreign objects.

Benefits of using data security apps

Data security apps are gaining popularity as the remote workstyle is dominating the corporate world. They are used mainly for the following purposes.

Secure and confidential data

As a part of their tasks, employees interact with other networks through emails, video calls, or virtual conferences.

They use different software, upload and download data, and sometimes use social media as a part of their work responsibility.

You cannot restrict and monitor every business activity through a data security policy for employees.

It can hinder their work and affect their productivity.

Data security apps do what must be done here by keeping an eye on what information they access and if the sensitive data is safe.

Prevent data loss

Data security apps let your employees access only authentic web sources and deny access to unsecured websites that can potentially steal data, especially payment data, passwords, and similar information.

They use strong data protection and encryption algorithms to keep your data safe within a bubble and not visible to the general public.

Helps you establish compliance and data protection in the workplace

Training your employees, using virtual private networks, data jammers, and locking sensitive data in physical cabinets are never enough to safeguard your data.

You need to devise a data security policy for employees to stick to and data security apps to monitor the former.

Do not lose your confidential data

You are one security breach activity away from making it to the hot news headlines.

Customers don’t remember happy and positive milestones for long.

But losing your confidential data will be vividly remembered and drive away your current customers too.

Apps to improve employees' data security


Currentware is a cloud-based employee monitoring and productivity tracking application.

The admin can install the console on their system and control the connected devices in the network.

Not only can they do browsing monitoring and access control, but they can also even add policies and security patches on all connected devices without accessing them physically.

This is one of the best employee data management software to catch unauthorized activities red-handedly and take screenshots to state as proof.


Data theft happens through prohibited activities similar to the usage of external devices like CDs, USBs, virtual drives, etc.

They are screaming alert as they are used to copying or moving files. If this external device contains viruses, it can get transmitted into your corporate network too.

To stop people from indulging in these activities intentionally or unintentionally, tools like access patrol is needed.


Remote working teams are on the rise.

Companies are eager to hire an international workforce and bring diversity and varied perspectives.

Although data sharing and virtual collaboration aren’t a limitation anymore, ensuring employee data security is.

Veriato is the kind of employee data management software you need to strengthen your data protection in the workplace despite working remotely.

Veriato enables employee monitoring and productivity acts as a whistleblower when security breaches happen, and safeguards your whole network from ransom attacks.

As it is a cloud-based application, it’s easy to set up across every device connected to your network.


Used primarily for employee work tracking, access policies implementation, and insider threat prevention, Teramind is available both as a cloud-based application and on-premise software.

Users can enforce employee data breach protection by implementing this software. Teramind acts as a one-stop solution for all employee data security demands.

With advanced cybersecurity features, this can effectively prevent inside-led security breach incidents and send prompt alerts.

Code 42

Code 42 is a cloud-based employee data management software dedicated to identifying and mitigating insider-led data breaches and risks.

It instills secure work habits in your employees’ minds and brings to your attention only the things that breach your policies.

Some of the activities it tracks and detects are emails to personal email addresses, unwarranted and doubtful attachments, suspicious web activities and emails, data exposures, and risks.

Tips to keep your employee's data secure

Apart from using data security apps, here is what a company can do to let their employees safely work and handle the data.

Establish a data security policy

Unless told, employees will keep doing what they like to do.

Craft a data security policy for employees that wouldn’t let interrupt their work in any way.

List down the don'ts clearly with a note of where non-compliance can lead them.

Security policies can have exceptions too for certain teams, depending on their nature of work.

Train employees to avoid phishing attacks

An employee clicking on a phishing email can drag the total company down.

Hence, training is necessary before onboarding any employee and while working too.

Lots of training materials and courses are available on the internet that teaches about employee data security.

Conduct frequent training sessions and assessments for employees to paint a picture of how vicious security offenses are.

Follow recordkeeping laws

Formal regulations and guidelines have been existing so a long to store and maintain records.

By sticking to that, you can prevent providing access to the wrong party internally or externally.

Whether you maintain physical or digital files, sticking to recordkeeping laws and educating employees on the same will enforce data protection in the workplace.

Use encryption software

Encryption is a technology that hides sensitive information when it leaves your network or comes from another network into yours.

Hackers don’t waste any opportunity to tap into this data and know what it is. But no one can read/identify encrypted data.

Large corporations use encryption as a part of their security network to keep their data hidden when it travels on the general web.

Though expensive, they are the data security apps worth investing in cloud based software.

Adopt employee management database software

Employee management database software is a centralized solution through which an admin can control and maneuver anything that happens within that network.

Such technical setup can be expensive to implement at first but turn out to be a great resource to maintain data protection in the workplace.

Understand external partners' data protection practices

Your data isn’t just your data. It includes your clients’, partners’, and suppliers’ data. And every company has its own data protection policies and practices.

While forming a business relationship, you ought to learn and respect their guidelines.

How to protect your employee's data?

When we hire any employees, the first thing to find out is if they will remain loyal and trustworthy.

These are core values that cannot be taught or ingrained while we can always train them how to work.

Employee data security is often overlooked because of its complexity and how it frames employees' criminals even when they commit unintentionally.

Nonetheless, it’s working to create a safe working environment with the presence of data security apps.

With strong employee data breach protection and technological solutions, you can give a hard time for even the strongest vicious fraudster network.

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