How Volopay helped Dathena

Apr 05, 2024

About Dathena

Dathena is a deep-tech company that provides an A.I. Driven Data Discovery and Classification platform, bringing a new paradigm to data privacy and security solutions.

In a world of ever-growing information, regulation, and consumer privacy expectations, enterprises around the globe rely on Dathena to identify, classify and control their sensitive data, reduce risks, and enhance the data protection framework.

Leveraging the power of modern AI technologies, Dathena delivers breakthrough, petabyte-scale solutions with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and speed that build consumer trust in a digital world and ensure the “privacy and data security protection journey.”

Founded in 2016, Dathena has offices in Singapore, Switzerland, France, and New York City, Dathena employs more than 80 people, including the world’s top data scientists and information risk experts.

The challenge

The Dathena team used bank debit cards from a single account for all their employee expenses.

This posed a great risk as all the transactions were happening from a single account, and managing those was a mess for the managers. The managers/accountants had to run to after their employees requesting them to submit their expenses receipts on time.

However this is something the employees were always a little less proactive towards, and this made end-of-the months no less than mayhem for the accounting teams.

The solution

In January 2020, Dathena came to know about Volopay and onboarded right away after the product demo. After onboarding, they distributed individual Volopay cards to their employees.

The managers were able to prefix budgets into individual cards as per requirement and also track the spending in real-time. On the employee side, they could just request funds with a few clicks and the managers were able to approve/reject them on the go.

Jeanie (Accountant at Dathena) said "With Volopay, we can assign budgets for the cards and have the expenditure approved by their manager before finance processes them. It has helped to ease the approval level and better accountability of the expenses by the card owners while the company is able to monitor the spending".

With Volopay, now the team didn't have to run after their employees for their expenses receipts. The employees just uploaded the expense details on the app itself, easing the month-ends for the accounting department.

Moreover, the ability to sync all the transactions with Xero, helped them eliminated the necessity for more data entry, thus saving them significant working hours that were previously spent attaching the supporting and creating the entry in the accounting system.

The result

Streamlined Expense Flow: With individual cards for every employee and real-time approvals before payments, the way team Dathena made their expenses was simplified and organized effectively. Employees had a greater understanding of their budgets while managers could enforce the expense policies with great control.

Employees' Spend Independence: The employees feel empowered as they could make spending decisions on their own, and didn't had to pass through multiple desks for making a single expense, all of this, without the managers compromising on control.

Real-Time Visibility: The managers were able to track all the expenses in real-time, and could ask their employees for more spend details, if required, all of this on a single dashboard.

Savings (Money): With the introduction of the Bill Payment feature, Volopay provided us with cheap FX rates allowing us to save significantly on our domestic and international transactions.

Savings (Time): With the elimination of manual data entry, team Dathena was able to save considerable working hours and the managers were able to focus on tasks that really mattered. This improved the overall productivity of the company.

What Volopay provided Dathena

Payment cards: Physical and virtual cards for all the employees, therefore they spend and you track in real-time

Support: Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us anytime and we'll be there for you

Accounting integrations: Volopay integrated all their expenses to the accounting software they used daily, thus automating their entire financial process.

Receipt matching: Classification and matching of receipts as you pay. So now no hunting for missing receipts!

Intuitive Dashboard: A user-friendly and intuitive dashboard to track all your employee expenses in real-time.

Quick Onboarding: Sign up in minutes and shift all your business expenses to Volopay in just a few hours.

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