Best PayPal alternative in Australia for international money transfer

Apr 05, 2024

When it comes to payment processing, Paypal is the biggest name in the market. Its goodwill is unbeatable. However, Paypal charges a high processing fee.

Also, it does not provide appropriate customer support to businesses. Due to this, businesses are often looking for Paypal alternatives in Australia. This article covers the best alternatives to PayPal in Australia. 

What are the best PayPal alternatives in Australia?

1. Braintree

If you’re an established firm planning to expand your business outside Australia, then Braintree is the best alternative to PayPal.

It not only serves as a payment gateway but also provides merchant accounts to businesses in Australia. Braintree comes under Paypal, but they function separately. Neither of the two businesses interferes with the other’s functioning. 

Pros: Braintree functions with 130+ currencies. It is the best alternative to Paypal for foreign merchants.

If your business is dealing with more than AUD 100,000 p/m, Braintree offers a discount on the price. It is compatible with almost all digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Cons: Braintree is an excellent alternative to PayPal in Australia, but it is unsuitable for startups or small-scale businesses. 

2. Wise

Wise is another best Paypal alternatives in Australia. It allows international payment at cheaper fees. Its payment processing is faster in comparison to bank transfers.

Wise allows businesses to open personal accounts free of cost. However, it charges 54 AUD for upgrading purposes. 

Pros: Wise is the best alternative to PayPal if you’re contemplating reducing costs. It is a reputed payment gateway trusted by numerous business owners in Australia. 

Cons: Businesses need to verify their account through “deposit” transactions. You need to deposit some amount in your Wise account for the verification process.

3. Stripe

Another excellent alternative to Paypal in Australia is Stripe. It comes with robust solutions for every kind of online store in Australia.

Its varied features are best suitable for every Australian business planning to expand internationally. However, small business owners may not be much benefitted from the Stripe payment gateway. 


Pros: It contains a diverse variety of features and tools. Stripe gives a refund of fees if a chargeback is not supported. It is best suited for retailers in Australia. 


Cons: This method fails to work when your chargeback reaches 1%. It is not well-suited for small enterprises.

4. eWay

eWay came into existence in 1998. It is one of the most famous payment gateways among businesses in Australia. It is linked with the major banks in Australia.

With its top services, eWay became the best payment gateway among Australian businesses. So, eWay is also considered an excellent PayPal alternative in Australia.


Pros: eWay facilitates payment processing immediately, mostly on the same or the next day. Its customer support system responds on time. 


Cons: In comparison to its global counterparts, eWay is less customizable.

5. SecurePay

Originating in 1999, SecurePay is another Paypal alternative in Australia that provides a merchant account to businesses. It is a derivative of Australia Post.

Around 1 million transactions are processed by SecurePay every day. Also, it assists around 40000 companies. 


Pros: SecurePay is the best alternative to PayPal for startups and small enterprises. It generates fruitful reports. 


Cons: If you’re seeking expansion opportunities outside Australia, SecurePay is not the one for you.

6. Square

If you own brick & mortar stores, Square is the best Paypal alternative in Australia for you. It assists in POS transactions by providing a diverse variety of card readers to users.

It also offers a free card that can be easily connected to portable devices. Square is the perfect alternative for PayPal, even for e-commerce retailers. 

Pros: Square does not charge an additional fee for international transactions. Also, its fees are cheaper for in-person transactions. 

Cons: One of the major drawbacks of Square is that it charges high percentage fees.

7. AfterPay

AfterPay is different from other Paypal alternatives in Australia. It is because it does not serve as a payment gateway. AfterPay ensures that customers are able to pay in installments smoothly.

It allows buyers to place orders through the website and pay accordingly in installments. It is more like Buy Now, Pay Later, which helps in increasing business sales. AfterPay helps in drawing in more customers to the business. 

Pros: It offers smooth integration with Square. It brings in more potential customers. 

Cons: It may subsequently charge a higher transactional fee.

Why consider PayPal alternatives in Australia?

Now that you know the best alternatives to Paypal in Australia you should know why to consider these alternatives. Businesses can benefit from the Paypal alternative in Australia due to the following reasons.

• You require Paypal alternatives in Australia because Paypal’s customer service is poor. Businesses struggle for customer support with Paypal. 

• Online merchants keep falling into disputes with customers over payment through Paypal because it fails to keep a security check. Paypal is inconsistent in terms of security. 

• Another reason for choosing Paypal alternatives in Australia is the high processing fee. Paypal charges high fees for processing payments to clients. 

• Businesses can save on forex charges if they opt for alternatives to PayPal in Australia.  

How does Volopay help with International money transfers?

Volopay facilitates domestic and international money transfers by offering multicurrency digital wallets. Using Volopay digital wallets, businesses can make payments in more than 60 currencies.

All Volopay transfers are immensely secure, and everything is recorded and tracked in real time. Plus, the best facility offered by Volopay is the most competitive FX charges and no extra or hidden charges.

Along with this, businesses can easily and quickly make payments using Volopay virtual cards and use Volopay physical cards internationally to withdraw money. 


Are Volopay transfers refundable?

According to the company's policies, Volopay transfers are non-refundable. 

How many times can one transfer money in a month through Volopay?

Businesses can transfer unlimited times in a month through Volopay. 

Is there a tax on Volopay money transfers?

No, Volopay does not charge any kind of taxes on money transfers. 

Is there a cheaper option than PayPal?

Yes, there are numerous cheaper alternatives to Paypal in Australia, such as Payoneer, After Pay, eWay, and others. 

Is Google pay safer than PayPal?

As per the ratings, both Google Pay and Paypal stand equal in terms of providing transactional safety to the users.