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Volopay is one of the best business accounting software in the Australian market. We’ve got corporate cards for everyone, automated accounting, cheaper money transfer rates, powerful integrations, multi-currency wallets and so much more. Volopay is the best choice for businesses looking to move up from Divipay’s deficiencies.

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Trusted by finance teams at startups to enterprises.

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Volopay vs Divipay - in a nutshell

  • Physical cards
  • USD cards
  • Departmental cards
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • Accounting integration triggers
  • ATM cash withdrawal
  • Custom card termination
  • Talenox integration
  • TruTrip Integration
  • Recurring payments
  • Exchange funds b/w currencies
  • Receive payments
  • Tally integration
  • Deskera integration
  • Zohobooks integration

One upgrade to solve all your AP issues

Volopay is the only upgrade you’ll ever need to manage all your accounts payable processes. You get a comprehensive, fully integrated business accounting suite that comes equipped with state-of-the-art expense management features. Volopay provides end-to-end support to help your company grow at a lightning-fast pace.

Corporate cards that are safe, easy-to-use & highly powerful

To make the payment and accounting experience as seamless as it can be, Volopay offers corporate cards that come equipped with cutting-edge technology on par with, if not better than, the best in the market. While Divipay only gives you virtual cards, with Volopay you can issue cards in both physical and virtual forms. In fact, you can issue an unlimited number of virtual cards with Volopay. Another upgrade Volopay gives you on Divipay is the ability to load money and spend using USD cards while incurring no FX component charged for USD spends.

Comprehensive corporate card control

On Volopay corporate cards you can set and customize controls that help track every single penny that leaves your company, in real-time. With access to complex and highly customizable approval workflows, you can ensure all company expenses are always kept under close control. The difference with Divipay lies, primarily, in the fact that these controls are far more customizable and detailed with Volopay (especially with regard to approval workflows), and because of this the control you have over expenses is increased even more.

Comprehensive accounts payable software

Divipay cards are linked to a dashboard that lets you control and track card spending, allocate budgets, create expense reports, auto-record expenses in the general ledger, auto-categorize transactions, and set up payments reminders. With Volopay, on the other hand, you get a dashboard that can do all that plus a whole lot more. For instance, you get multi-currency wallets to store and pay with different currencies, across the globe. You can even exchange funds between these currencies on the platform itself. 

The Volopay dashboard also lets you assign, block or freeze cards instantaneously. The dashboard even gives in-depth insights and actionable analytics on company spending. This can help your teams can see how much the company is spending with each vendor, so they can easily organize expenditures and determine whether there is sufficient ROI.

Trigger-based accounting integrations

As the number of software companies can use to boost productivity has increased so has the need for smooth integration capabilities. With accounting integrations, for example. You typically have to go through a step where transaction category, codes, etc. have to be manually selected before the integration moves forward.

Most expense management platforms, including Divipay, process integrations in this manner. In contrast, Volopay lets clients use the unique feature of accounting triggers to automate this step. Finance teams can use this facility to set triggers for particular cards, vendors, budgets, or users and let the software itself manage the auto-filling for all future transactions.

No hidden costs & competitive rates

We strive for authenticity and complete transparency. Hence, at Volopay, we strictly follow a no-markups and no-fine print policy. Our pricing structure is easy to understand and comes with no hidden costs whatsoever. Even the remittance rates we provide on FX transactions are best in class, much more reasonable than typical bank rates. To make our services accessible we have created custom plans that fit the needs of all companies, no matter what their operational scale is.

Customer service that is always at your service

Customer service is essential, especially when it comes to software that helps you manage your money. Far too many expense management providers fail to honor this requirement to its fullest potential, including Divipay.

To avoid this and establish ourselves as a standout performer we at Volopay have put together a customer service team and system at your beck and call 24*7, 365 days of the year. Many an accolade has been won thanks to our customer service team, making us the best at customer support with the happiest clients in the industry.

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