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Control paid marketing budgets and track spending across channels in a single dashboard.

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Trusted by finance teams at startups to enterprises.

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Centralise online advertising spend for all vendors

Precise transaction tracking

Tracking advertising payments on Google, Facebook, and other major networks is difficult. But every Volopay payment is managed from your dashboard. You'll know exactly what you're spending in real time, no matter where you spend.

Simple & secure payments

Using the same corporate card for all advertising spend is risky and makes campaigns hard to manage. Volopay's virtual cards create unique payment details for each purchase, and aren't linked to your bank account.

Manage subscriptions

Each purchase gets its own virtual card, with the request, approval and receipt stored digitally. You'll always know when a payment is made, by whom, and what your total subscription spending looks like.

Manage subscriptions

Track payments centrally

Every purchase made through Volopay is visible to controllers from one dashboard. You'll know what your team buys in real time, from anywhere. No tracking spreadsheets and no data entry.

Track payments centrally

Track your full marketing budget

Marketing managers need to stay on top of digital advertising, travel, resources, and promotional collateral. Every Volopay payment is assigned to the right person and budget, so you'll always know what you've spent, and what you have left.


Work seamlessly with finance

Finance teams need clear records of every payment made. Volopay saves every invoice and receipt and lets finance teams access these whenever they need them. The helps finance and marketing work together smoothly and creates value for the business.

Work seamlessly with finance

Volopay features and benefits

Quick Onboarding

Load money into Volopay and get going in matter of minutes.

Smart Corporate Cards

Give virtual and physical payment cards to employees.

Mobile App

Conveniently upload receipts and track payments on the go.


Can be setup as per team, projects etc. to track expenses.

Spending Limits

Define custom rights and limitations for each employee.


Access and manage company subscriptions at a glance.

Real-time Dashboard

Stay on top of all the company spending in real-time.

Fraud Detection

Detect suspicious purchases when they happen.

Accounting Integration

Avoid repetitive data entry with a one-click custom export.

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