How Volopay helped CHSHGLOBAL solve expense management related challenges

Jun 26, 2024


CHSHGLOBAL, incorporated in 2023, is a private company based in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India. Classified as a non-government entity, the company focuses on computer programming, consultancy, and related activities, positioning itself in a dynamic and competitive sector of the IT industry​.

CHSHGLOBAL is currently navigating its phase of growth and establishing a strong market presence​ with great prowess​. The company aims to leverage local talent and address regional IT needs while potentially expanding its services beyond the immediate area​​.

As a newly established entity, CHSHGLOBAL's growth and market impact required a strategic financial control partner, and that’s where Volopay came in.

Challenges faced by CHSHGLOBAL

CHSHGLOBAL faced significant operational challenges in its early stages, primarily related to expense management. As the company focused on its core and growth-related activities, the necessity of an efficient financial tracking system became increasingly evident.

According to the CEO, Sandip Biswas, the company initially managed all expenditures manually, a process that was not only labor-intensive but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. This manual tracking required meticulous attention to detail and substantial administrative effort, which diverted valuable time and resources from core business activities.

The lack of a structured expense management system led to several problems:

Time consumption

The manual process of tracking and managing expenses consumed a considerable amount of time.

Error prone

Manual entry and tracking increased the risk of errors.


Difficulty in maintaining organized records led to financial management issues, such as a lack of spend tracking.

Increased costs

The difficulties and errors in manual tracking resulted in higher operational costs.

These challenges posed significant obstacles to CHSHGLOBAL's growth and necessitated the search for a more efficient solution to manage its financial operations.

Solution provided by Volopay

The adoption of Volopay provided CHSHGLOBAL with a comprehensive solution to its expense management challenges. Volopay is an expense management platform designed to automate and streamline financial processes, significantly improving operational efficiency.

The key features of Volopay that benefited CHSHGLOBAL include:

Automated expense management

The platform automates the tracking of expenses, reducing the manual effort required and minimizing errors.

Physical cards for employees

Employees received physical cards, enabling them to manage their expenditures efficiently. This feature empowered employees and simplified the monitoring of individual spending.

Real-time reporting and insights

Volopay offers real-time reports and detailed insights into spending patterns, aiding informed financial decision-making and better control over expenses.

Customer support

Volopay provides exceptional customer support, including direct assistance via call, WhatsApp, as well as email—an aspect that is particularly valued by growing enterprises. This constant and direct support ensured a smooth transition and ongoing support for the company.

By integrating Volopay, CHSHGLOBAL was able to streamline its financial processes, reduce inefficiencies, and achieve significant cost savings. The automation provided by Volopay allowed the team to focus on their core activities, enhancing overall productivity.

Would CHSHGLOBAL recommend Volopay and why?

CHSHGLOBAL's CEO highly recommends Volopay, emphasizing its transformative impact on its operations. The recommendation is based on several factors:

Significant time savings

The automation of expense management processes saved the team countless hours each week, freeing up time for more strategic business activities.

Substantial cost savings

The company managed to save approximately 70% of the extra expenses that were previously incurred due to disorganized spending.

Empowerment of employees

The physical cards provided to employees streamlined their expenses, improving overall financial management within the company.

Outstanding customer service

Volopay's customer service, particularly the direct support they received, was heavily endorsed by CHSHGLOBAL. This facility ensured that any ongoing or future issues were promptly addressed with minimum fuss.

The CEO's enthusiastic endorsement of Volopay reflects the platform's effectiveness in optimizing both time and financial resources for CHSHGLOBAL. As the company continues to grow, the streamlined processes and cost savings facilitated by Volopay will be crucial in supporting its expansion and ensuring long-term sustainability.

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