Volopay vs Klear card

Volopay is the best replacement for Klear Card. With corporate cards for everyone, cheaper money transfer rates, accounting automation, Volopay covers all your business expenses!

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What are you missing on with Klear card

Volopay is a one-stop solution that helps you to automate your accounts payable by combining corporate cards, money transfers, and accounting automation. With Klear card, you miss on cashback, budgeting, real-time tracking, and cheap FX rates.

What are you missing on with Klear card

Virtual cards for subscription management

Volopay offers virtual Visa cards in addition to physical cards. You can create unlimited virtual cards and manage all your online payments with great transparency. You can customize every control on the virtual cards as per your need.

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Remittance Services at Wholesale Rates

To make this platform more holistic, we allow our clients to perform remittance transactions. In fact, our rates are way better than local banks. The best part is we do not have any markups, which helps you save a lot on cross-border transactions.

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Volopay vs KlearCard- A Snapshot

Credit Line
No Extra charge for physical cards
Lower (wholesale) rates on international transfers
Free travel service
Wider Merchant Coverage 7/ No lock-in period
A dedicated account manager to help you with your journey
Xero integration
Quickbooks integration
Netsuite Integration

Financial stack for businesses

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Expense management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company.

Subscription management

Manage recurring SaaS subscriptions with virtual cards & smart software.

Invoice management

Collect, track, and pay all supplier invoices. Earn cashback for early payments.

Business accounts

Collect and hold money in 11+ different currencies. Convert FX at low & transparent fees.

Business credit

Get easy and flexible funding upto 100k credit without any personal guarantees.

Corporate travel

Book, manage and report on business travel with cost savings.

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Volopay combines approvals, corporate cards, bill payments, expense reimbursements and accounting automation into one single platform.

Corporate cards

Equip your teams with secure physical VISA cards with built-in controls that will enable them to make payments at any store.

Virtual cards

Generate instant virtual cards to pay for and manage your SaaS subscriptions, vendor payments and online spending.

Vendor Payouts

Make domestic & international money transfers at lowest imaginable rates.

Automate accounting

Volopay syncs beautifully with the accounting software you use daily. Use custom checks for each expense to prepare and sort, verify and export transactions to your accounting software.

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