How Volopay helped Ksatria Medical Systems

May 07, 2024

About Ksatria Medical Systems

In the vast landscape of the healthcare industry, Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) stands tall as a pillar of innovation and commitment. Their core ambition is to establish themselves as the unmatched provider of budget-friendly software solutions; not just for hospitals but also for clinics spanning the globe.

What were the challenges faced by Ksatria Medical Systems?

Lengthy bank account opening process

Unorganized expense system

Cost control

Manual accounting

As a healthcare system that supports many hospitals and clinics around the world, Ksatria Medical System’s software is an integral part of doctors and patients to get the right information and care that is needed. This means that the software must keep running and must not stop functioning for its user base. 

This involves many individual parts from separate vendors that help KMS keep their software system up and running on the cloud throughout the world. To pay these vendors, KMS employees used personal credit cards and this required monthly reconciliation and the collection of supporting documents related to company expenses. This was an extremely tedious process for the company.

In their beginning stages, they were also facing trouble opening a business bank account as it typically takes around two months to open a company bank account in Australia.

How Volopay helped Ksatria Medical System

Volopay’s quick and easy account opening process

Centralized expense management system

Custom spending limits and cost control features

A system that integrates with any accounting software

Since they needed a business bank account immediately, they decided to use Volopay. KMS is a new company in Australia. It typically takes around two months to open a company bank account in Australia, but we needed one immediately. Fortunately, Volopay provides an excellent financial platform that allowed us to open a company bank account within a week.” - Totok Sudarmanto (CFO)

Additionally, all transactions made by KMS using Volopay’s corporate cards along with the supporting documents can be seamlessly integrated with their accounting system thanks to seamless integration. 

Volopay’s user-friendly interface, budget management capabilities for each expense category, and the ability to set up spending limits on the Volopay corporate card are the reasons why KMS chose to go ahead with the platform.

Lastly, when asked whether they would recommend Volopay to others, they said Yes, we would recommend Volopay to others. It significantly expedites the accounting process, particularly during month-end tasks such as bank reconciliation.

The result

Quick account opening led to more business opportunities

Better accounts reconciliation

Automated syncing of expenses into the accounting system

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