What is Paytron Australia and its alternative?

Apr 05, 2024

Paytron, a fintech payments platform founded by Jaco Paytron and François Henrion, was released at a time when the financial sector was going through one of its most turbulent periods. 

Australians have been using the Paytron system as a state-of-the-art digital payment platform for some time now. It's a consolidated hub where bookkeepers, business owners, and managers can keep tabs on all the money coming in and going out.

The article includes detailed information about Paytron Australia, beginning with a brief overview of its background and progressing to a discussion of the benefits that the system can provide to residents of Australia. The article then goes on to provide the best alternatives to Paytron.

What is Paytron Australia?

Paytron was conceived while the global pandemic was beginning and financial instability was at an all-time high. Paytron Australia was created as a means by which accountants might automate routine duties at a time when the pandemic and market uncertainty was at an all-time high. Since then, the startup has developed to the point where it can help CPAs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations with a wide range of payment concerns. This is achieved through the administration of accounts payable, international transfers, and payroll, as well as the automation and processing of payments.

The payments company Paytron has had great success alongside the growth of its technology, including being named "Fintech Startup of the Year" at the annual Fintech Awards and getting funding from Commbank's Xcelerate program. It all started with the simple idea of automating payment processes with computers Jaco and Francois, the company's co-founders, first met in the early 2020s. Several people were shoring up their workplaces at the time in anticipation of the COVID-19 storm.

Both business people had spent some time working in the industry and had come to the same conclusion: the financial resources available to small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) and accountants were inadequate. 

At a time when all business processes were becoming digital, Paytron created a payments dashboard. Customers could use workflows on this dashboard to send in their bills and get them approved faster. After the establishment of Paytron, payment processing was simplified using PIN payments for small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Progress made by Paytron's major customers like Jaycar Electronics, George Pharmaceuticals, Selina, and Dermalogica has been instrumental in Paytron's rapid expansion over the past two years. Despite this, Paytron as a product has undergone significant change alongside this growth.

The software can centrally approve invoices for a business, such that some costs are approved immediately for select employees while others are routed to the CEO for final approval. By using this technique, businesses have been able to save countless man-hours on administrative tasks and have eradicated any potential for human error. To protect its customers from the potential for financial fraud and security flaws associated with the market's standard payment methods, the company has also established a completely closed payment ecosystem for some payment operations.

Given that it safeguards the customers from the dangers of financial fraud, this is an area in which Paytron takes a special interest. To address what has become an urgent problem for workers everywhere, the organization is now offering its services to businesses in the area of employee reimbursements. According to him, establishing reliable business associates has been crucial to the expansion of the company over the past two years and beyond. To facilitate the ability to take foreign payments and automate their business processes, Pin Payments, a provider of online payment services, has partnered with Paytron Australia.

To have such excellent partners like Pin Payments, who have been so supportive and instrumental in Paytron's growth thus far, has been one of the great fortunes of the company. 

Features of Paytron

Companies can take advantage of Paytron's many payment processing management features, which include:

●  Invoice management

Invoice management is an important internal business function that is intrinsically linked to a company's purchasing process. It covers the handling and management of bills from external vendors and suppliers.

● International transfer

To avoid paying a bank's transaction fee while exchanging currency, users can make "international transfers" to send money abroad.

●  Automated invoice capture

This function makes it possible to avoid keying in information by hand. With the use of AI, we are able to extract every little piece of information from the invoices and set up the appropriate payments. As a final step, you should double-check and validate the payments.

●  Approval workflows

This feature streamlines team collaboration and increases operational security throughout the payment acceptance process.

●  Batch payments

When businesses use a batch file to handle a large number of payments at once, they can reduce the time spent on payment processing.

●  Payroll payments

Users only have a single click to finish processing payroll, and no bank ABA files are needed.

●  Card payments

Companies can choose between American Express, Visa, and Mastercard when making purchases. Invoices can now be paid in this way, increasing cash flow and providing other benefits. It also removes restrictions that some credit cards have on where they can be used.

●  Multi-currency business accounts

With a Paytron business account, people can now receive, hold, and transfer funds in any of 37 different currencies.

●  Corporate cards

Corporate cards have a number of features. One day is all it takes to get the go-ahead for your company without having to put up any personal collateral. After their application is approved, they will have the flexibility to issue, stop, or revoke cards as needed instantly. Paytron's cards can be used with either Apple Pay or Android Pay.

If accountants, business owners, and managers in Australia are searching for a more streamlined and efficient method of managing payments, Paytron seems to be a promising new platform that could bring substantial benefits. Australian firm Paytron created the original Paytron system.

Volopay —The best Alternative to Paytron

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