Volopay vs Corporate cards

Volopay is a free solution to manage all your company expenses in real-time, so you never have to process another expense report. The perfect physical and virtual cards for all your business spends!

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What are you missing with your corporate cards

At Volopay, we provide customizable spend limits, automated expense reporting, real-time tracking, and better budgeting with corporate expense cards. An all-in-one solution!

What are you missing with your corporate cards

Integrate with accounting software

When it's time to reconcile and report your expenses, Volopay integrates smoothly with your accounting software to keep your books up to date and accurate, for auditing ease.

Integrate with accounting software

Complete control over your budgets

With your conventional corporate cards, there is no precise tracking of your budgets. With Volopay, you can track the when, why, and where of your money, in real-time, and on a single dashboard.

control over your budgets

Unlimited cards for every employee

With Volopay, you can give each employee a separate Volopay card, and can prefix budgets in them. This terminates the need for sharing cards, thus increasing employees' independency and spend transparency.

Unlimited Cards

Reinvent the way your company spends

Issue individual cards to every employee, and release or restrict funds in real-time, integrate with major accounting software and let automation do the reports for you!
Allot physical and virtual cards

Unlike corporate cards that are limited, you can distribute employees their own individual Volopay cards. You can create temporary virtual cards to feed certain timely projects.

Track your money in real-time

You get real-time insights whenever a spend is incurred, thus increasing transparency into your business expenses. Plus, now you never have to process reimbursements.

Configure and set budgets

Create specific budgets according to the card holder and requirements. Whatever be the requirements, set budgets for individual tasks or group tasks!

Just save more!

With lowest transaction rates, and rewards and cashback on every spend on your Volopay cards, you just save a lot than your bank cards!

Subscription Management

With Volopay, you get the flexibility of managing all your recurring payments for online subscriptions, and that too on a single dashboard!

Seamless financial integrations

When it's time to reconcile and report expenses, Volopay integrates smoothly with your accounting tools to keep your books up to date and accurate.

Streamline bill payments

Pay your domestic & international bills faster With Volopay cards, plus you get to save more on FX Transactions!

Mobile application

Volopay app is intuitive—even beautiful—by design, with a user-friendly interface. And it functions the same, no matter the device.

Volopay vs Corporate Cards - A Snapshot

Corporate Cards
Complete control over your budgets
Unlimited cards
Configure each card and set budgets
Integration with accounting Software
Cashback and rewards on spends
AI to detect savings and frauds
Auditing ease
Hassle free quick on boarding
Automated recurring payments
Requirement for manual inspection of receipts
Requiring manual data feed

Financial stack for businesses

No more switching between multiple bank accounts and tools to run your smart business. We have combined great software with every service you are using a bank for, to produce a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Expense management

Manage and track every dollar that leaves your company.

Subscription management

Manage recurring SaaS subscriptions with virtual cards & smart software.

Invoice management

Collect, track, and pay all supplier invoices. Earn cashback for early payments.

Business Accounts

Collect and hold money in 11+ different currencies. Convert FX at low & transparent fees.

Corporate travel

Book, manage and report on business travel with cost savings.

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