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Adopt a centralised spend management platform for your business and manage and track all your company spending from a single dashboard.

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Upto 12% reduction in overspending

With individual corporate cards for employees, every payment made on Volopay cards can be tracked in real-time by our powerful web software and mobile application. So you get to track every dollar that leaves your company.

Physical cards

Upto 15 hours saved per week on automation

Volopay integrates beautifully with the accounting software you use, and with just one click all your expenses sit into your accounting software, thus saving you from those month-end nightmares.

Zero pending transaction

Upto 10 hours saved per week on workflows

With the ability to create custom approval policies as per your business's spending patterns, companies can operate at their peak efficiencies and can ensure every expense that happens goes through multiple levels of checks.

Real time visibility

Online payments and SaaS management

Generate instant virtual cards for secure online payments. Create burner cards for one-time payments and recurring cards to manage all your online subscriptions from a single dashboard.

Payment approval

No useless points - Quick real cashback

Unlike other cards, Volopay does not offer any useless points or credits. With Volopay, companies get real cashback, directly into their company account and in real-time.

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